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(Pre) Golden Age Of Metal: The Early 80’s

1983 (Def Leppard: Pyromania) No, I’m not covering “Pyromania” because I feel it was the best metal record of the year that also saw the release of “Holy Diver” (although … Continue reading

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(Post) Golden Age Of Metal: The Late 90’s

1999 (Opeth: Still Life) By ’99, Opeth had already done a TON to expand the definition of what death metal could be, not content to merely deliver the musical brutality … Continue reading

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(Post) Golden Age Of Metal: The Early 2000’s

2004 (Mastodon: Leviathan) By 2004, Mastodon had already proven themselves as a bright, upcoming force in the metal world with “Remission” a few years earlier, a surprisingly dark, abrasive, but ultimately … Continue reading

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(Post) Golden Age Of Metal: The Late 2000’s

2009 (Swallow The Sun: New Moon) By ’09, Finland’s Swallow The Sun had carved out a nice little niche for themselves as one of the brightest stars shining in the … Continue reading

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(Post) Golden Age Of Metal: The Early 2010’s

2014 (Behemoth: The Satanist) Although they’ve come to be known as THE biggest blackened death metal act working today, Poland’s Behemoth actually started out playing a purer style of BM … Continue reading

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(Post) Golden Age Of Metal: The Late 2010’s

Classic metal didn’t just completely cease to exist after the Golden Age, which is why I’m starting this series to catch us all up on what’s been going in our beloved genre since then.

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Golden Age Of Metal: 1994

Because of the amazing impact that the Golden Age had on the genre, as long as greasy, long-haired youngsters are respecting their musical elders, taking inspiration from the Golden Age, and taking this music that we all love forward into new directions in a bright future, metal will never, EVER die! Now, thanks for all the viewership you’ve gifted me with here, and toodles to all, finally.

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Golden Age Of Metal: 1993

Marduk’s “Those of The Unlight” and Rotting Christ’s “Thy Mighty Contract”, proved that non-Norwegians could black out with the best of ’em, while over IN Norway itself, a number of genre icons putting out some big sophomore efforts, including Immortal’s “Pure Holocaust”, Burzum’s “Det som engang var”, and Darkthrone’s “Under a Funeral Moon”, showing that the movement was only get stronger, and would peak very soon, as we’ll see next time…

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Golden Age Of Metal: 1992

’92 also saw the release of a couple of debuts from future black metal icons, including Immortal’s “Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism” and Burzum’s self-titled debut, all of which were records that officially inaugurated the breakthrough of the 2nd wave of black metal.

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Golden Age Of Metal: 1991

’91 is most notable for seeing the peak of old-school death metal, as, in addition to all of these classics, even Darkthrone was getting in on the action with “Soulside Journey”, just before they kickstarted the 2nd Wave of Black Metal, but that’s a discussion for next entry, eh?

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