10 years of domination

We were Global Domination. The only metal site you needed. We were the rulers. Seriously DE-motivating. Unable to be taken by ass. Now we are a blog rather than a … Continue reading

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Audio Autopsy Class6(66) – Swedeath Veterans in ’95-96: Suck or Not?

Audio Autopsy Class6(66) – Swedeath Veterans in ’95-96: Suck or Not? 20/05/19  ||  Global Domination “Left Hand Path”. “Like an Everflowing Stream”. “Dark Recollections”. “Penetralia”. “Nothing But Death Remains”. “Into … Continue reading

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Golden Age Of Metal: 1986

Thrash completely dominated the year, as, if we only see saw “Pleasure”, “Reign”, & “Puppets” in ’86 alone, it would already be one of the greatest years for the genre, but add in everything else, and ’86’s status as the absolute peak of thrash is cemented for all time.

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Audio Autopsy – May 2019

Audio Autopsy – May 2019 01/05/19  ||  Global Domination Misery Index: Rituals of Power 7.0/10 Habakuk: I doubt the lasting power a bit, but a new Misery Index is always … Continue reading

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Golden Age Of Metal: 1985

Celtic Frost: To Mega Therion We arrive at ’85 with Celtic Frost’s “To Mega Therion”, an absolute classic of 1st wave black metal, and easily the band’s greatest moment, beyond … Continue reading

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Audio Autopsy – April 2019

Audio Autopsy – April 2019 01/04/19  ||  Global Domination Overkill: The Wings of War 7.3/10 Habakuk: I put an Overkill record in the wine cabinet and saw bottles jump to … Continue reading

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Golden Age of Metal: 1984

The records I’ve covered in this entry ended up making 1984 one of the biggest watershed years in the history of heavy metal, and, instead of turning out to part of some nightmare-ish dystopian era like Orwell predicted all those years ago, what we got instead was the true beginning of The Golden Age Of Metal, baby!

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Golden Age of Metal: Introduction

The Golden Age of the genre would not begin until a bit further into the decade, when we not only began consistently getting an unprecedented (and unmatched ever since) amount of great, classic albums, but also records that would prove to be genre-defining to the biggest, most important styles of modern Metal, as the style really developed, diversified, and expanded outside of Britain to become a truly global(ly dominate) phenomenon.

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Audio Autopsy – March 2019

Audio Autopsy – March 2019 01/03/19  ||  Global Domination Soilwork: Verkligheten 7.0/10 Habakuk: A blend of a lot of influences tied together by good songwriting, among which In Flames is … Continue reading

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Audio Autopsy – February 2019

Audio Autopsy – February 2019 01/02/19  ||  Global Domination Sulphur Aeon: The Scythe of Cosmic Chaos 6.8/10 Habakuk: Well this isn’t bad, but Cthulhu certainly deserves better. 7 Myrkrarfar: Hypocrisy sent an … Continue reading

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Audio Autopsy – January 2019

Audio Autopsy – January 2019 01/01/19  ||  Global Domination The Monolith Deathcult: Vergelding – Dawn of the Planet of the Ashes 6.8/10 Habakuk: Win win win. These are actually only 4 … Continue reading

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