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AC/DC: Dirty deeds done dirt cheap

Suddenly, AC/DC weren’t just punks anymore, but a bunch of dangerous,
dastardly devilish ruffians, set out to mock and ultimately destroy the
status quo worldwide.

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AC/DC: Highway to hell

“Highway to hell”: Everybody and their mother knows this track. If
they don’t you need beat them severely with a giant pink dildo – with
sparkles and sequins. Overplayed to hell, it still doesn’t get old. If
you think it gets old, well, I hope you like dildos.

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AC/DC: Powerage

“Powerage” is a fantastic example of rock and roll from down under,
let alone the entire planet. I would even dare say Universe, but I’d be
interested in hearing music from other bipedal sentient life-forms that
developed off of the same genetic material as us.

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AC/DC: Back in black

“Back In Black” is an album that will never disappoint you. I
seldom find myself really yearning to listen to it, yet every time I do I
come to the same conclusion: this is a fucking fantastic album.

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