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Bathory: Blood on ice

Quorthon, the Grandfather of Epic. That enigmatic and seclusive
genius who created some of the first (and best) black metal in history
and later went on to pursue heroic viking themes, thus being an ancestor
for two metal subgenres: black metal and viking metal (though I hate
the term).

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Class6(66): Germthrash

Swedes have Swedeath, Germans have Germthrash. Everybody has Class6(66). At least we’re working on it.

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Class6(66): Swedeath

Swedish Death Metal What would be more fitting to start with for a Class6(66) revival? That’s right, nothing. So there you go: Edge of Sanity: Purgatory afterglow Edge of Sanity: … Continue reading

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10 years of domination

We were Global Domination. The only metal site you needed. We were the rulers. Seriously DE-motivating. Unable to be taken by ass. Now we are a blog rather than a … Continue reading

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