Audio Autopsy – February 2018

Audio Autopsy – February 2018

01/02/18  ||  Global Domination

Domgård: Ödelagt


Habakuk: Olde-fashioned black metal. No wrongdoing here. 7

Myrkrarfar: One of the best black metal albums of the last 20 years. Rather; make that one of the best albums, regardless of genre, of the last 20 years. Raw and melodic, frosty and groovy, chaotic and minimalistic, atmospheric and catchy – there’s nothing this album doesn’t do exceptionally well. Couple that with a great, characteristic production and a fully passionate delivery, and there’s nothing I can do but give this full marks. These riffs, melodies and vocal lines will haunt your dreams forever! 10

Ziv: Image is an integral part of black metal. So is nostalgia. Unfortunately these two ingredients don’t always make for a memorable and quality experience. 6

Aggressor: These old church burners show how it’s supposed to be done (according to me, the trve black mëtal connoisseur) with distinct songs, riffs and melodies – very old school in other words. 7

Degial: Predator Reign


Habakuk: This sounds like it should be investigated much more deeply. I have been looking to fill the defacto gap left by Angelcorpse for quite some time. 9

Myrkrarfar: If you’re gonna be worshipping something, “Altars of Madness” ain’t too bad a choice. 7

Ziv: Cryptic Swedish death metal that’s reminiscent of Tribulation’s “The Horror”. Another “cult” act to add to the heap of clone “cult” acts. 7

Aggressor: SSSLAAAAAY…. wait… no. Ok, but pretty damn close when it comes to some riffs and all solos. Still sounds more like Slayer than Slayer nowadays. 6

Evilfeast: Elegies of the Stellar Mind


Habakuk: I am trying hard to understand the love this gets but I cannot get myself to score it above a 7. I am not enough of a black metal wizard.

Myrkrarfar: Icy cold black metal full of ghastly, eerie synths, all soaked in the darkest abysses found in Tolkien’s world. Worship or die! 9

Ziv: An utterly shit name (shame on you boys) doesn’t always mean an utterly shit band. Risible name aside, Maliciousbanquet are a pretty decent early Dimmu Borgir clone. 6

Aggressor: A nice synth album with some black metal playing in the background. 6

Morbid Angel: Kingdoms Disdained


Habakuk: I seriously question why people still let Erik Rutan produce their records. Good to see Tucker back on vocals though. For fans of “Gateways” this might do it. 7

Myrkrarfar: Don’t be fooled; just because “Illud Dildo In Anus” sucked doesn’t mean this pile of mediocre mangling is tits. No techno, more death, just average. 5

Ziv: Trey and company are back in full force laying waste to the trolls waiting for them to fail. The blistering riffs, arrangements and top-notch musicianship are slightly held back by a somewhat dubious mix that takes a while to get used to. 9

Aggressor: While not being as bad as the last album, the drums are STILL IN YOUR FUCKING FACE all the time while trying to listen to the songs hiding behind the dry wall of percussions. Well, there isn’t much hiding behind there anyways. 4

Chaos Moon: Eschaton mémoire


Habakuk: Chaos yawn. 6

Myrkrarfar: They’re obviously good at building atmospheres and soundscapes, but the fact that the majority of the song parts have no melodies or riffs, just chordal playing, makes the overall impression rather anonymous. Black metal muzak? Not quite, but it’s a shame the immaculate and passionate instrumental and vocal deliveries don’t get to shine as much as they deserve. 6

Ziv: Dreamy, ethereal, yet aggressive USBM that still manages to sound harsh and uncompromising. 8

Aggressor: They seem to have used the e-bow more often than a pick during the recordings and what they got was a pretty a cozy wall of eerie sounds. 5

Jess and the Ancient Ones: The Horse and Other Weird Tales


Habakuk: A bit like Witchcraft, but presumably more interesting in the long run due to a more nuanced female vocal delivery. 7

Myrkrarfar: Trying to be cooler and better than they have the capacity for, Jess and her gimps simply don’t bring it. 4

Ziv: This type of music makes me long for silence. 5

Aggressor: These are pretty straight-forward songs for being this genre I guess and the result is a very pleasant acid trip, guided by the voice of an angel. 8

Desolate Shrine: Deliverance from the Godless Void


Habakuk: Actually not too bad atmospheric death metal, recorded in a ship container. 6

Myrkrarfar: Hail entropy, equalizer of all and birther of creation. Your disciples do well, but I’d rather have me some more memorable stuff. 6

Ziv: A hodgepodge of black, death and doom metal, Desolate Shrine’s instant appeal wavers with subsequent plays, revealing a stark lack of musical substance. 5

Aggressor: There are some riffs that stand out, but for the most time it feels like I am drowning in a pretty compact wall of sound, much like the album cover actually. Very symbolic. 5

Feared: Svart


Habakuk: Forgotten. 4

Myrkrarfar: Another Feared “album” short enough (24:56) to feel more like an EP than a full-length. Groovy riffs that sound like decent leftovers from the last Haunted record, but the moodier and more melodic bits provide a nice contrast. The vocalist is nice, but the lyrics are not (“should I stay or should I go”? Please go.) Uneven is the name of the game, but the highs are pretty nice. Next time at least 35 minutes, yes? 6

Ziv: Competent yet insipid modern thrash/groove metal, or whatever the kids call it these days. 5

Aggressor: I could have bet my ass that this was a black metal album when I first looked at it and saw the title. Instead it was a groovy, thrashy and heavy album with not a single song over four minutes long. 6

Nortt: Endeligt


Habakuk: Nortt spectacular, but gloomy doomy fun fun fun. 6

Myrkrarfar: This is like watching paint dry, while someone is killing a cat in super slow motion. Thank god I dozed off after a while. 2

Ziv: Although delighted upon first listen, after multiple spins my initial enthusiasm dwindled down a bit. From an 8 to a 6

Aggressor: Oh my god, you have to play faster dude! And while you’re at it: play some Creedence also! No, but this is a good soundtrack while paying the bills or when you are out of chocolate and the store has closed. 6

Diablo Swing Orchestra: Pacifisticuffs


Habakuk: Either I am getting old or there are a few styles too many on this album. 6

Myrkrarfar: “Lady Clandestine Chainbreaker” with its cabaret-meets-Tori Amos style is the only song I’ll come back to on this ambitious yet unexplainably plain prog salsa metal record. 5

Ziv: The Dicklick Scheiss Orchestra will undoubtedly please swathes of imbeciles resplendent in their metal shirts, thinking this aural cack makes them edgy cause it’s a perfect blend of shit metal, shit pop and shit swing. Isn’t that quaint? 0

Aggressor: Who would ever have thought that you would feel the urge to snap your finger while doing reviews for a metal site? This swing/broadway metal is some crazy shit indeed, and I like it. 8

Deinonychus: Ode to Acts of Murder, Dystopia and Suicide


Habakuk: I can dig some of the music, but you get what you pay for with “suicidal” black metal: Acts of hysterically bad vocals. 6

Myrkrarfar: To think that despair could be so boring. 4

Ziv: Doom/death metal that teeters between moderately enjoyable and mildly boring. 6

Aggressor: I hereby name this album “The spoiled kid crying becaus he didn’t get his candy”. 3

The Faceless: In Becoming a Ghost


Habakuk: The Diablo Swing Orchestra virus is spreading. 5

Myrkrarfar: Rifftastic and harmonically enticing songwriting. A drum sound borrowed from the Lego aisle of Toys R’ Us. A groovy and extremely ballsy flute (!!!) solo. Schizophrenic hurtling from one genre to the next. Cool bass licks. The most brutal Depeche Mode cover you’ve ever heard. Love or hate? Yes. 6

Ziv: This is rather all in bad taste. Perfect if you need unending cringeworthy moments in your “I don’t know what the fuck is going on but this must make it avant-garde” extreme metal. 3

Aggressor: How about recording some songs next time instead of just the song ideas and finger exercises? 2

Krallice: Go Be Forgotten


Habakuk: …and I seriously question why people still let a toaster produce their records. 3

Myrkrarfar: Seems like Krallice like to highlight their good stuff by mostly spewing out garbage, creating contrasts by way of qualitative divergency. Here’s a newsflash for you: fuck that. Doesn’t work. Sounds like shit. 3

Ziv: Disgustingly dissonant riffs ruined by vocalizations that sound like a teenage boy throwing a tantrum. 5

Aggressor: The first two songs are just kind of chaotic, but then all of a sudden it all evolves into some pretty epic lo-fi black metal and some synthy instrumentals (but still with some chaos thrown into it). 5

Operation: Mindcrime: The New Reality


Habakuk: Operation: Namedrop. 3

Myrkrarfar: Geoff is starting to sound like shit. That is the new reality. 3

Ziv: When this album finished playing, the shuffle mode went straight to Pink Cream 69 and was pretty rockin’ compared to what I’d just heard. Not a good sign. 5

Aggressor: When you have to name your band after that one hit record you made just to justify your presence in the music industry, maybe you should try to work harder to make some actual songs instead of this pretentious bogus. 3

Asking Alexandria: Asking Alexandria


Habakuk: Chester Bennington is turning in his grave a bit. 4

Myrkrarfar: “Hello, my name is Ass-King and I’m an alexandriac.” “Hello, Ass-king!” “I’ve been without AA for a week now, and I’m starting to feel the horrific effects on my body and mind subside. The tribal chest tattoos are fading, my urge for Red Bull Vodka is at an all-time low, and last time I picked up my guitar I didn’t immediately crouch into the crab stance.” “Badass, Ass-King!” 2

Ziv: Heavy emo pop for a bubblegum generation. 1

Aggressor: I suppose that if you throw in all the trends that are going on in the pop world, when it comes to vocal arrangements and such, on the same album and just call it “metal” or “core” (or whatever term that appeals to the kidz these days), this is exactly what you would get. 2

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