Audio Autopsy – January 2018

Audio Autopsy – January 2018

01/01/18  ||  Global Domination

Cannibal Corpse: Red Before Black


Habakuk: Groovier than I’d expect from the Corpse these days. 7


Ziv: Offering nothing new yet sounding fresh and timeless, CC’s new album gives us all a master class in death metal. Pummeling, brutal, and uncompromising. 9

Aggressor: Maybe the gateway did its thing, cause this wasn’t half bad. 5

Taake: Kong Vinter


Habakuk: Plods along nicely. 5

Myrkrarfar: Hill Satan. 9

Ziv: Raw with an icy production, Taake’s newest is one of his best. A brilliant mix of traditional Norwegian black metal, outlandish prog riffs and unconventional arrangements, this one needs a few spins to be understood. Don’t listen to the naysayers! 8

Aggressor: So you can actually make black metal riff-heavy with a lot of groove to it, and still sound like a dark winter forest? Cool. 6

RAM: Rod


Habakuk: Priest Worship with a high awesomeness grade. 8

Myrkrarfar: I’m gonna ram my rod up yours if you don’t start writing catchier shit. 6

Ziv: It was going to be hard to top 2015’s “Svbversvm”, but with “Rod” Ram continue down their path of brilliance albeit in a more varied and murkier sort of way. 8

Aggressor: The weak Rob Halford imitation and the dumbass lyrics aside, it is very hard to resist the charm of this retro trip. 6

Witchery: I Am Legion


Habakuk: Dayum, I really need to catch up on some Witchery! 8

Myrkrarfar: When the groove doesn’t kill you with axe I get bored and bad things happen. Beware, because I AM LEGIONELLA 6

Ziv: This month’s AA had so many killer releases that the new Witchery somewhat paled in comparison. Fans of the band would do well to check it out. 7

Aggressor: After first feeling a bit refreshed by the fastly grinding black/thrash metal I kinda grew tired of it pretty quick. Fortunately, there were some hooks here and there that refreshed my interest. 6

Blaze of Perdition: Conscious Darkness


Habakuk: If you need a fix of spheric black metal, these Poles will have you covered for a bit. 7

Myrkrarfar: Hail Satan. 8

Ziv: BoP specialize in unmemorable black metal that may appeal to their limited amount of fans. 5

Aggressor: So this is what happens when black metal dudes smoke weed. Nice. 5

Cavalera Conspiracy: Psychosis


Habakuk: I can’t shake off the recurring feeling that the quality of Max Cavalera’s output is somehow correlated with that of his teeth – and quite ostensibly he got himself a new set. 6

Myrkrarfar: Misleading title; to be able to have a “psychosis”, I think one needs a brain, no? 5

Ziv: Maybe the Cavalera Brothers and Sepultura should get back together and release a truly great album. Or not. 7

Aggressor: The Cavalera brothers are as groovy as always, maybe just a little bit forgettable as always as of lately. 6

Converge: The Dusk in Us


Habakuk: High intensity, but staying interesting all the way through. Nice! 8

Myrkrarfar: I am not convinced. And when we’re dealing with hardcore (of sorts), that’s a major malfunction. 4

Ziv: After the ridiculous Converge-gate uproar, I was worried that Converge had gone completely emo. Rest assured that they’re just as savage, except older, darker and wiser. Comes with age. 8

Aggressor: I don’t know if some guys coming together in the garage to make cool noises on their instruments is always such a good idea, and a lot of the songs here sound like that. 3

Electric Wizard: Wizard Bloody Wizard


Habakuk: This sounds like a time capsule from the 70s – Are you a wizard? 8

Myrkrarfar: What’s a stoner’s favourite kind of drums? The BONGos. You’re welcome. 4

Ziv: EW haven’t sounded this raw in a while. Jus is certainly no Dio, being even more limited than Ozzy but his vocals fit the cryptic atmosphere possessing this album. 8

Aggressor: Making your whole band a Sabbath reference doesn’t automatically make it good, especially with the whiny vocals on top of it all. 3

Loch Vostok: Strife


Habakuk: I would have expected a bit more bleakness than “your boss gave you a bonus” lines. 5

Myrkrarfar: Finally, a successor to Scar Symmetry’s magnum opus “Pitch Black Progress” – über-melodic and semi-progressive/technical metal with a meaner side. The growls really hit my balls in the right spot. 7

Ziv: If modern-day Enslaved had an annoying little brother high on candy and soda pop he would be called Loch Vostok. 4

Aggressor: Interesting-sounding (in a good way) mid-tempo heavy metal. The vocals sometimes remind me of Blaze Bayley (which also is good, since I am not a Blaze-hater). 7

F.K.Ü: 1981


Habakuk: Quality abounds, but for this old school shtick it’s almost a bit too well done for my tastes. 6

Myrkrarfar: The Ünderwear have always smelled the best when the songs are kept short. Small doses for small minds. 6

Ziv: Short, to the point, but characterless thrash metal. 5

Aggressor: Old guy jumping on the “singing about how amazing the 80’s were”-train. Sure, I can tag along. 6

Beast in Black: Berserker


Habakuk: Competent and formulaic pop metal – but let’s take a step back for a sec. Have we really come this far that people clone _Battle Beast_? 7

Myrkrarfar: Dude can sing. Dude can shred. Dude can dance? No one knows-DAH-DAA-DA-DAH 6

Ziv: Here we have a Greek singer backed by a Finnish band specializing in FM power metal fit for a Disney movie, replete with the genre’s drab cliches all the way down to the artwork. 1

Aggressor: Eurovision song contest in a box. Luckily there are distorted guitars, so it’s ok to love this …right? 8

Aosoth: The Inside Scriptures


Habakuk: Black/death melange that has ingredients of what I like (e.g. atmosphere), but pushes that kind of buzzing sound a bit too much for its own good. 5

Myrkrarfar: As grimy as my balls, and nearly as sinister. 7

Ziv: Aosoth’s supposed swan song delves even deeper into their realms of darkness, mental affliction, and hatred. 8

Aggressor: Hm, the guitars on this album seem to have been replaced by bees…. no… NOT THE BEES! 2

Annihilator: For the Demented


Habakuk: I’m sure there is a target group for modern, highly-produced, clean-singing thrash, but I’m not in it. 4

Myrkrarfar: This slightly above average thrash album made me so demented I don’t know what to write so I’ll just 6

Ziv: Meh. Jeff’s mustainean-like snarl ruins the limited potential this album never had. 5

Aggressor: To say that this is Jeff’s best vocal performance ever maybe doesn’t actually say that much, but yes, this sure is. The songwriting seems to have taken a step forward to its former glory, as well. 7

Moonspell: 1755


Habakuk: Bringing back Portuguese as a metal language. 7

Myrkrarfar: Don’t go aggro, dudes. You Goth better. 5

Ziv: A daft, pompous, miserable trainwreck of an album salvaged only by the decision to sing in Portuguese. 4

Aggressor: The good songwriting and clean arrangements are somewhat halted by the monotonous vocals. But there are some really good songs on here. 6

The Unguided: And the Battle Royale


Habakuk: They write a song about the Heartbleed Bug? Exciting! 2

Myrkrarfar: And the barb-wired dildo findeth its rightful place in thy anuses, despicable advocates of insipid excrement. Fuck thee. 1

Ziv: And here we have it. Metalcore and power metal have melded into a new putrid subgenre. Allow me to go puke. 0

Aggressor: I think it’s actually some kind of achievement to write chorus melodies this bland. But there are some synth riffs and guitar solos that glimmer through once in a while. 4

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