Audio Autopsy – October 2017

Audio Autopsy – October 2017

01/10/17  ||  Global Domination

Portrait: Burn the Worldportrait-burn_the_world


Habakuk: I think this is a step down from earlier stuff. 7

Myrkrarfar: Drenched in malevolent atmosphere, “Burn the World” lacks immediacy and a great vocalist for loftier heights. 6

sincan: I really enjoied “Crimen laesae majestatis divinae” after it was released, but it was a long time since I last gave it a shot, however it feel like it was yesterday I heard “Darkness forever” or “Beast of fire”. The album after that, “Crossroads” and now this, is not entirely coming up to the same memorable songwriting. With that said, it is still rather good. 7

Ziv: Heavy metal akin to Judas Priest, old Helloween and yes, inevitably, Mercyful Fate. Perfectly executed and rich in dark atmosphere, Portrait are more than a simple emulation of past. They have their sound and this album furthers it. 9

Aggressor: This is kind of right up my alley, but unfortunately it doesn’t stick that well. 7

The Haunted: Strength in Numbersthe_haunted-strength_in_numbers


Habakuk: One of the few modern thrash bands that bring any sort of identity to the table. 7

Myrkrarfar: An impressive energy drives “Strength in Numbers” most of the way, despite the slight conformity dragging it down a bit. Some vocal variety would’ve been nice. 7

sincan: It sounds okay, but in the long run it’s like it never takes off. 6

Ziv: A fine return to form, even though this has never been a band I gravitate towards. Modern metal sans le douchiness that most bands seem to adhere to. 7

Aggressor: There is some serious ass-kicking going on on this album. 7

The Lurking Fear: Out of the Voiceless Gravethe_lurking_fear-out_of_the_voiceless_grave


Habakuk: Lovecraft references – never a bad idea. 7

Myrkrarfar: No lurking about here, just straight-forward pummeling, ov death. A nice, grimy album where the spirit of Autopsy docks with Swedeath and crust. And what’s a good pizza without crust? Huh?! 8

sincan: Nothing new is done here, just well executed music with semi fun songwriting. 6

Ziv: An enjoyable release by these Swedish death metal stalwarts. The Lurking Fear’s sound hark back to an era in Swedish death metal predating 1993. As good as it is, there is something lacking. Maybe a sense of authenticity? 7

Aggressor: Sounds just like supergroups usually do. Kinda like the musicians’ ordinary bands but a bit poorer. 6

Venom Inc.: Avévenom_inc-ave


Habakuk: Say what you will about these grandpas, this is fun. 8

Myrkrarfar: Motörhead meets Accept. So…Venom. Certainly the best Venom album since the 80’s. 6

sincan: They bleed metal, do you even understand how cool that is? 5

Ziv: The dreadful artwork bears a stark warning. Listener be wary, for you have entered a musical plane devoid of artistry and full of contrived blandness. Avé Sterculius, the god of crap. 5

Aggressor: Whoa, I was not prepared for this. Simple, but effective riffs, catchy songs and some helluva brutal vocals by Demolition Man. 8

Der Weg Einer Freiheit: Finisterreder_weg_einer_freiheit-finisterre


Habakuk: Mhmmm… if you get over the pretentious German intro, this actually turns into some solid, noisy modern black metal. 7

Myrkrarfar: Best black metal I’ve heard this year. Melodic yet uncompromisingly brutal. Epic yet immediate. Fantastic stuff! 9

sincan: A lot is going on, but not enough interesting stuff, which makes this a bit wall of sound kind of thing. 6

Ziv: Very polished black metal. But what it lacks in grittiness, it makes up for in atmosphere. 6

Aggressor: Don’t make a joke about “Arbeit macht Freiheit”, don’t make a joke about “Arbeit macht Freiheit”… well, suit yourself for naming your band to something that sounds like a Nazi propaganda slogan. 3

Paganizer: Land of Weeping Soulspaganizer-land_of_weeping_souls


Habakuk: Enjoyable Swedeath, but I won’t go batshit crazy about it. 6

Myrkrarfar: Sounds exactly as expected, above average Swedeath with absolutely no innovative ideas whatsoever. 6

sincan: This album surely got some serious riffing on, you don’t. 7

Ziv: Meat and potatoes Swedish death metal, by the king of meat and potatoes Swedish death metal. 6

Aggressor: There sure is a lot of old school half tempo death metal on this album. Nice. 6

Svartsyn: In Deathsvartsyn-in_death


Habakuk: Checks all the right boxes for me: Black [x] Death [x]. But probably checks “Black” with a bigger sized pen. 7

Myrkrarfar: Going-through-the-motions black metal. Nothing special, moving on. 4

sincan: Not fully the putrefaction I was hoping for, still relatively ok. 7

Ziv: Grim, harsh black metal oozing with hypnotizing atmosphere and multidimensional riffs. Quite a master class in black metal given by this scene veteran. 8

Aggressor: All the songs end exactly the same abrupt way with the same cymbal. Otherwise this is your typical nightmare soundtrack. 5

Incantation: Profane Nexusincantation-profane_nexus


Habakuk: No no good Sir, this must be a misunderstanding, I was looking for InNOVAtion! 7

Myrkrarfar: The Ghostbusters character best to describe this death metal album would be Slimer. And maybe a Neanderthal crossed with a bulldozer. A Bulldozerthal. 6

sincan: Incantakenomore, just kidding, I can take some more. 5

Ziv: Let’s face it, Incantation’s sound will never really change. But this is death metal played with such passion and dedication that still outdoes most bands pullulating the scene. Oldschool death metal that still sounds remarkably timeless and fresh. 8

Aggressor: This incantation is going to fail due to the dead you are going to raise are going to have a hard time making out the words. 2

Marty Friedman: Wall of Soundmarty_friedman-wall_of_sound


Habakuk: This just in, c/o Marty Friedman:–50983 4

Myrkrarfar: Marty is one of my all-time guitar gods, and this is another quality album. Something is still lacking, and it just might be vocals. 6

sincan: From time to time the listener is taken on a melodic journey full of emotion-triggering guitar fingering, but sometimes it’s less interesting. 6

Ziv: ’80s guitar heroics with a bit of Japanese cheese to take the edge off. There’s definitely a lot worse in this month’s AA. 6

Aggressor: There are quite a lot of reminders on this album of why Marty was the best guitarist that flanked Dave Mustaine. 6

Accept: The Rise of Chaosaccept-the_rise_of_chaos


Habakuk: Haven’t they made this album before, better? 5

Myrkrarfar: German metal that is corny in that patented German way. Dig the guitar solos and Tornillo’s voice, but the songs just don’t stroke me in the right way. 5

sincan: Harmless and for some, cozy, old man metal. 4

Ziv: On this new release, veterans Accept sound, at times, more like AC/DC than Accept. But here’s the thing: they’re not AC/DC. They’re Accept and their lyrics really suck. Check out “Koolaid” and “Analog Man” as prime examples of prosaic genius. 5

Aggressor: Now Accept also have a song about one of the most cliché subjects in metal ever – Jonestown, and they even named the song Kool-aid… fuck. Thankfully the music is not as tired as the lyrics. The “new” Accept’s albums actually seem to only get better and better. 8

Leng Tch’e: Razorgrindleng_tche-razorgrind


Habakuk: Well done, but too polished for my grindbuds. 7

Myrkrarfar: As furious as it is, “Razorgrind” shows an impressive amount of variety. Probably the best grind I’ve heard this year. 7

sincan: If Donald Duck was screaming in a band, it would maybe sound like this. 4

Ziv: Third division grind for grindtards. 5

Aggressor: What is that thing that doubles the ordinary growl vocals? Gollum? A dying gremlin? A Danish dude drowning after a shot of helium? 2

Akercocke: Renaissance in Extremisakercocke-renaissance_in_extremis


Habakuk: Those vocals. Change and come back please. 5

Myrkrarfar: I haven’t been this confused since your mom turned out to be your dad. Yeah, I don’t know either. Prog black folk heavy death fusion metal. What the fuck. 4

sincan: I mostly hear pretentious boring semi cookiemonster blackened progressive avantgardness. 5

Ziv: Music-wise, Akercocke’s first release in ten years is not bad. Not bad until the dreadful guttural growls and clear vocals kick in. No thanks. 4

Aggressor: EVERY metal-genre in one album (and in every song), and not in a blend, but sewn together to a Frankenstein’s monster. Most parts are good on their own, but yeah, this is schizophrenia in metal form. 4

Thy Art Is Murder: Dear Desolationthy_art_is_murder-dear_desolation


Habakuk: Thine art is great metal not. 4

Myrkrarfar: Not the worst deathcore album I’ve heard. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean much. 4

sincan: Thy art is modern deathened core. 4

Ziv: Retardo toughguy deathcore high on the death metal, undermined by the core, and low on inspiration. 4

Aggressor: Can you even make music sound dryer than this? Monotone, but groovy. 6

Leprous: Malinaleprous-malina


Habakuk: Oh god. Who ever thought that those whiny vocals contribute to anything else but grease on the skip button… 3

Myrkrarfar: What’s the difference between pretentious and ambitious? Is pretentious a negative word? Is Scandinavian prog the new black? I know only one thing: Leprous have failed to captivate me, until now. And Einar Solberg is a helluva singer. 7

sincan: Livin malina loca, this is not exactly the typical AA band, lounge vocals and rock and metal vibes from the strings. 5

Ziv: What does this file under? Shit pop prog with a lame ass vocalist that sounds like a budget Shakira impersonator? Some will scream genius, but let’s face it, this blows in new monumental ways. 0

Aggressor: Sounds kinda exactly like Muse, without the catchiness. Maybe these guys’ muse got lumpy skin, big wounds and one arm fell off. 4 

Quiet Riot: Road Ragequiet_riot-road_rage


Habakuk: Not quiet enough for my taste. 3

Myrkrarfar: Dude can sing, but ain’t got no style of his own. Much like the band. 5

sincan: More like road party with booze, girls girls girls, and time to go to bed early. 3

Ziv: Here’s a band that should’ve given up in 1984 after “Condition Critical”. Circa 2017, vocalist Jason Turdbin’s weaker than weak vocals totally annihilate the already low potential Quiet Riot’s rehashed and watered compositions had. 2

Aggressor: Not as cheesy as I thought, for a band that for the most of their career have been pretty damn cheesy, but yeah; it’s pretty damn cheesy… 4

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