Audio Autopsy – August 2017

Audio Autopsy – August 2017

01/08/17  ||  Global Domination

Vallenfyre: Fear Those Who Fear Him


Habakuk: Hold on, when did these guys turn into Nails, almost? 8

Myrkrarfar: This album will crush your face, your limbs, your intestines and your soul. This is about as perfect as death metal can get. Slithering doom parts that make you feel like getting sucked into a black hole. Crusty up-tempos that grind your mosh into shreds. (No, that doesn’t make sense. Fuck you.) Gregor Mackintosh’s monstrous growls, perfectly placed in a grimy yet punchy production. Man, this is so good I’m almost waving the 10 card. 9

Desultory: Through Aching Aeons


Habakuk: Somebody still likes At the Gates. 7

Myrkrarfar: Quitting while they’re ahead, Desultory deliver a fine death metal platter filled with crushing riffs, pummeling drums, soaring melodies and sharp arrangements. Let’s hope the corpse is re-animated before this aching aeon is at its end. 8

Entrails: World Inferno


Habakuk: Somebody still likes Entombed. 7

Myrkrarfar: Well done Swedeath with no surprises and no boners. OK, small boner. 7

Igorrr: Savage Sinusoid


Habakuk: Remember that Soulfly album where they mixed all kinds of world music in? This is that album as if recorded by Anaal Nathrakh. 8

Myrkrarfar: Absolutely insane yet somehow fascinating, and at times even enjoyable in a twisted way. Definitely not for the light-hearted (or sane). Check out “Houmous”! 5

Municipal Waste: Slime and Punishment


Habakuk: Still waiting for their formula to get old! 8

Myrkrarfar: Despite the Red-Bull-meets-Duracell energy, this crossover thrash gets old pretty fast. 5

Suffocation: …Of the Dark Light


Habakuk: I salute them for continuously redoing “Breeding the Spawn” material. Unfortunately, the regular songs don’t stick too well. 6

Myrkrarfar: Dying Fetus and Origin, take note. This is how you write technical yet INTERESTING DO YOU HEAR ME FUCKING INTERESTING AND LISTENABLE death metal. Thank you. 7

Vintersorg: Till fjälls del II


Habakuk: A fitting entry into AUGUST edition. 6

Myrkrarfar: When folk melodies and blackish metal meet pop sensibilities and über-polished harmonized vocals – surprise! – a pretty decent record is born. 7

Carach Angren: Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten


Habakuk: I am sure these guys have a bit of a following, but personally I don’t need the symphonic bits this prominently. 6

Myrkrarfar: Ambitious and majestic, yet super corny at times. The orchestral arrangements are as professional as your mom, but the lyrics sure need some work. Like your mom. Stand-out track: “Charles Francis Coghlan”. 6

Dying Fetus: Wrong One to Fuck With


Habakuk: The old mixture: Bad-ass slam riffing, horrible weedlyweedlywoo interspersed. Definitely enjoyable, but in small doses. Rrrrrooff woof! 7

Myrkrarfar: Who, your mom? 5

Iced Earth: Incorruptible


Habakuk: Good to see that some bands definitely are able to recover sustainably. This is their third solid album in a row, with that lucky pick of a singer. 7

Myrkrarfar: Listening to “Incorruptible” is like watching Friends; time passes, you’re slightly amused, but still slightly annoyed that nothing better was on. 5

Tankard: One Foot in the Grave


Habakuk: Solid shit, guys! A step ahead of the try-hard stuff on the latest albums. 7

Myrkrarfar: One foot in the grave is exactly what Tankard have had throughout their career. Amazingly, the other one stays out. 5

Broken Hope: Mutilated and Assimilated


Habakuk: Doesn’t sound much like the Broken Hope of old, but some straightforward, relentless death metal doesn’t hurt anyway. 7

Myrkrarfar: I’ll just quote my Mom: “It just sounds like RWOOOOH RWAAAH ARGGHHHH ROWOOOH all the time. The “singer” sounds like he’s regurgitating his innards, heard through a sewer drainage pipe.” My Mom is wise. 4

Merrimack: Omegaphilia


Habakuk: Mackened Death. 6

Myrkrarfar: Professionally done yet extremely derivative black metal. I need more than this to be moved; catchiness and passion, for starters. 5

Stone Sour: Hydrograd


Habakuk: I had to check if this really was the Slipknot guy’s band. Sounds a bit like Alkaline Trio, but not in a good way. 3

Myrkrarfar: First half: boring and average, with the occasional shitfest. Second half: interesting and eyebrow-raising, with the occasional stunning hit. Uneven was the word. Clearly, they placed all the “safe” songs at the beginning and buried the more experimental (and better) tracks on the “B” side. Pussies. 6

Origin: Unparalleled Universe


Habakuk: This will never cut it for me, sorry. 5

Myrkrarfar: What’s the point of having an old-school production if you still trigger the fuck out of the kicks? Also, I’d rather listen to riffs and melodies instead of fretboard exercises. Origin, you suck. 2


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