Audio Autopsy – June 2017

Audio Autopsy – June 2017

01/06/17  ||  Global Domination

Necrowretch: Satanic Slavery


Habakuk: Vader riffing and a black metal tinge. Yes and yes. 8

Myrkrarfar: Necrophob…Necrowretch have obviously listened to Swedish death/black metal from the 90’s. Necroph…wretch do it very well, especially the maniacal vocals tickle my fancy. Next time, to aspire for higher grades, the Necroph…obic clones Necrowretches could try to infuse their sound with something a bit more of their own. 7

sincan: During the first second of this album I could hear that this was about zero fucking around black metal with a lot of homage to the old good times of the genre, the atmosphere is really well composed, with one minor issue, the drums getting too much room in the production, but as I said, that is only a minor issue. The entire album is great but it lacks some stronger, more memorable, tracks to be a total killer. 8

Ziv: Necrowretch’s unyielding path to death metal supremacy gets closer with every release. Setting aside technicality, Necrowretch’s brand of death metal is closer to early Necrophobic or Dismember. A hypnotic listen!  9

Vampire: With Primeval Force


Habakuk: A bit of a Possessed vibe, if that is at all possible in 2017. 7

Myrkrarfar: Such a fitting album title. Thrash ’til death! 8

sincan: This album has a more or less perfect death metal sound, but unfortunately the songwriting is not as good as one could hope for to make this into the superb album it could be, or maybe it just needs its time? 8

Ziv: Punishingly old school, in Vampire’s world anything metal past 1994 never happened. And thank fuck for that cause in this post-nu metal/emo/metalcore/everything-needs-“groove” wasteland this is quite refreshing. And if you want to be truly old school buy yourself a physical copy. Jonathan Hulten’s artwork adds a whole new dimension to this release. 8

Azarath: In extremis


Habakuk: Even though I already know them, there is zero to recognize. I guess this is what we call genre (in this case black/death) music. 6

Myrkrarfar: Inferno shines behind the kit, and this barrage of no-nonsense brutal death metal is a more cathartic experience than my morning bowel movements. Instawin. 7

sincan: Well executed music, sometimes reminding me about Nile, but gets a bit repetitive after a few tracks. 7

Ziv: Blistering old school death metal from Poland. I hear a bit of Deicide and Morbid Angel melody-wise with some black metal undertones. The unpolished production is perfect, adding a somber, uncompromising atmosphere. Absolutely killer! 8

Nightbringer: Terra damnata


Habakuk: Nightbringer, Warbringer, Borebringer. 6

Myrkrarfar: Chaotic and passionate black metal, with some subtle atmospheric keyboards. I could dig this, if it weren’t for the dramatic overuse of high-pitched tremolo leads on guitar. Ears get worn out pretty quickly. 6

sincan: Rather melodic black metal from the States lacking some sulfur and blood-stained dirt. 6

Ziv: Not afraid to show their European black metal influences (ex. Emperor’s “In the Nightside Eclipse”, the French and Greek scenes), Colorado’s Nightbringer still manage to have their own sound. Stellar musicianship, with all three guitarists blending melody and dissonance, these guys show that black metal done right becomes art. 9

The Doomsday Kingdom: The Doomsday Kingdom


Habakuk: Strip Judas Priest of the most enjoyable bits, add a barely tolerable vocalist… ALL THE PIECES WERE IN PLACE, alas, 5.

Myrkrarfar: Leif Edling doom sounds the same in all of his bands (Candlemass, Krux, Avatarium, this), the only difference being the vocalist. Niklas Stålvind does a good job, and what’s not to love with Edling doom? 7

sincan: The album starts rather promising, reminding me of High on Fire, but then turns less interesting, but overall it is a good one. 7

Ziv: Another Leif Edling doom band. As with his other side projects it’s too long, the riffs are shallow, and the lyrics are a pile of truly remarkable gibberish. 6

Body Count: Bloodlust


Habakuk: I always thought they were awesome in a pretty weird way. Still are. 7

Myrkrarfar: Groovy riff n’ rap with an attitude and no trace of songwriting. 5

sincan: This album shows one thing, rap/hip-hop gets trillion times better with real instruments instead of a stupid repetitive beat made in a Gameboy or whatever. It feels like this album loses its energy after about half of the tracks, but overall it’s rather good. 6

Ziv: As much as I enjoy Ice T’s lyrics, the tough guy bravado wears thin after a few songs. 6

Mastodon: Emperor of Sand


Habakuk: They preserved the catchiness of their softened-down phase and resurrected some of the old fervor. This is no “Leviathan” but damn it’s good. 8

Myrkrarfar: Not enough hooks and the ones present are extremely reminiscent of previous hits. In other news, the grand big boss of all mobsters in the world has been crowned the MastoDon. You’re welcome. 6

sincan: I was not impressed with their last album, not at all, this since I seldom am pleased when a band transforms into a more easy listened version of themselves (it’s seldom the other way around). I was not surprised, nor thrilled, about this album being in the same fashion. 5

Ziv: Mastodon continue their downward spiral to mediocrity. Any riff that sounds good is immediately ruined by the soaring US mainstream radio vocals and easy chord progressions. The words ‘plodding’ and ‘kawaii’ come to mind, and that can’t be a good thing. 4

Ancient Ascendant: Raise the Torch


Habakuk: Moving from melodic death to Kvelertak. Two things I find mildly entertaining, and now this is smack dab in the middle. 6

Myrkrarfar: Genre splicing at its most intense. Like some parts (the slower, more epic melodic tuff), hate some parts (the obnoxious screams and moronic growls). 5

sincan: Raise the “meh”. 6

Ziv: Slightly melodic death metal with not much going for it. Too modern. Too clinical.  Too boring. 5

Nightrage: The Venomous


Habakuk: The eternal opening band. 5

Myrkrarfar: Late 90’s Arch Enemy are back! Late 90’s In Flames are back! Behold, as the new band Arch Flames release their debut album “Clayman Burning Whoracle’s Bridges”! Highly original! Sarcasm aside, this is better Swemelodeath than any of the sound’s originators have done in ages. 8

sincan: Is melodic death metal still relevant? Well, on this release I have to say no, it feels more like a superficial rock cliché instead of a diverse journey to hell. 4

Ziv: Melodic Finnish death metal played by Greeks.  5

Warbringer: Woe to the Vanquished


Habakuk: This band sounds great. On paper. 5

Myrkrarfar: Relentless thrashing that could’ve used even more of the epic melodic parts. The vocalist’s snarl gets old after a while as well. Good energy, though. 6

sincan: Straight forward thrash with some attitude in it, maybe not enough for being a Warbringer but hey, Punchbringer? 6

Ziv: Twash of a more agwessive nature but all in all this is pwetty bland stuff. Warbringer seems to be stuck as the opening band on a six band tour package. 5

Trial: Motherless


Habakuk: Annoying vocals (Swe). 4

Myrkrarfar: I like this new trend of darker heavy metal, the guitar work especially closing in on Dissection-esque malignancy. Despite a good vocalist, my boner’s still shy. Bolder themes may be needed. 6

sincan: I don’t really know what to say, this AA is full of decent bands instead of utter shit, which makes it hard to come up with things to pinpoint more than “not good enough”. Here is another example, decent heavy metal. 5

Ziv: Classic eighties metal replete with a shallow-toned, almost-shit vocalist. Intriguingly, I find myself somewhat converted. 6

Deep Purple: inFinite


Habakuk: Beefy dad rock. Pretty cool actually, and they turn fucken 50 next year. 8

Myrkrarfar: Geezers sounding like geezers. 4

sincan: I feel a bit sorry for saying it, but this album is mostly boring and sounds tired. 4

Ziv: Deep Purple released some amazing albums in the early seventies but this newbie is a far far cry from that golden age. A more pedestrian album than “inFinite” would be hard to find in DP’s career. Ian Gillan sounds bored and his voice seems to be aided with effects. Not surprising considering the snoozefest of riffs he had to work with. Maybe it’s time to really call quits, guys.  4

Novembers Doom: Hamartia


Habakuk: I am not depressed / enchanted / mystically enclined enough for this shit. 5

Myrkrarfar: OK doom. The clean vox need more power and/or charisma, especially if they are meant to be the driving force in the songs, which I guess they are as they are ridiculously highly mixed. 5

sincan: Deathened doom or doomened death needs a massive dark atmosphere but Novembers Doom doesn’t fully succeed in creating one, this along with clean vocals struggling to fit the soundscape makes this rather blunt. 5

Ziv: Well, fans of Opeth’s “Blackwater Park” period should rejoice with this album. Personally, I’ll just move along. 5

Ghost Bath: Starmourner


Habakuk: Endless doodling black metal, but what lowers the score additionally are the fucking vocals they intersperse. Leave them out to add something to your 4

Myrkrarfar: Yeeeeeeeeeeeah no. 2

sincan: How do you want your bathtub? Filled with ghosts? Well, here is your chance then, it also comes with some post infused metal and mechanistically spontaneous shrieks IIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. 5

Ziv: This is absolute shit. Maybe a fan of Deafheaven would get this and even that’s pushing it. 1

Dead by April: Worlds Collide


Habakuk: The three word name and the musical ingredients raise all the warning signs. Then it remains surprisingly tolerable albeit ultra-poppish. 5

Myrkrarfar: There’s a special place in hell for people who make other people listen to Dead by April. Sorry, amigos! 0

sincan: Super fluffy rainbow unicorn sweet music of life. 3

Ziv: The band’s moniker says it all. Emotional metalcore with sugarcoated melodies that’s really just teenage drivel of the very worst kind.  0


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