Audio Autopsy – May 2017

Audio Autopsy – May 2017

01/05/17  ||  Global Domination

Obituary: Obituary


Habakuk: Say what you want, but this is some solid stuff, with some songs above average even. This is coming from one who hasn’t cared about Obituary for years. 7

Myrkrarfar: Thrash metal: “Death metal, I am your father.” Death metal: “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssss!!!” The product of this family affair is an assault of an album with the right aggression and attitude. Mosh! 7

sincan: This is how you do it proper. Skip all those boring sterile executed über technical modern life-ened death metal moves and just fucking riff that shit. Oh and the epic journey at 1.55 minutes into the track “Sentence day” should do your day, if you’re not full of manure. 8

Ziv: Sticking to their tried-and-true but rarely failing formula, Obituary’s eponymous album simply slays from start to finish. Yes, they’ve done it all before yet somehow manage to sound fiercer and tighter than ever. 9

Lantern: II: Morphosis


Habakuk: Another positively nasty-sounding death outfit with their weak point being the vocals. 7

Myrkrarfar: This black/death is as dirty and rotten as my crotch, which is quite a fucking lot. The vocals are a bit monotonous, but the dark atmosphere permeating Lantern’s sophomore is more than enough to close the deal. For fans of good music. 7

sincan: Finally something dirty and sulphur-reeking in this rather blunt AA edition, black/death of no trends and with an atmospheric semi old school production. 8

Ziv: Replete with dense, cryptic atmosphere and surreal musical soundscapes, the only thing holding back Lantern’s second release is the somewhat monotonous growling. 7

Evocation: The shadow archetype


Habakuk: I guess it’s death metal month, and Evocation come out on top somewhere! 8

Myrkrarfar: A successful blend of the Stockholm and Gothenburg sounds, “The Shadow Archetype” shows that Evocation belong in the upper echelon of Swedeath. Harsh growls, groovy drumming, gloomy melodies, heavy riffs – it’s all there. Me likey. 8

sincan: If you long for melodic death metal from the old days but with a rather up to date touch, this might totally be your cup of fermented fungus, if not, well, it’s not for you I guess. 5

Ziv: Is this the same Evocation that released those excellent demos in the early nineties? Apparently yes. Unfortunately, this is no cause for excitement though, because what you get is a pretty pedestrian take on older school Swedish death metal creating but a lukewarm enthusiasm to these ears. 5

Cut Up: Wherever they may rot


Habakuk: There is some pretty decent death metal in these dudes. Surprises there aren’t. 7

Myrkrarfar: Reasons to whine: the drum sound is too polished. Reasons to jizz: everything else. This is how death metal should be done. 8

sincan: I wish their soundscape included a bit more rot and filth, this is a bit too modern and uninspiring in my humble opinion. 5

Ziv: Your basic meat and potatoes brutal death metal, complete with generic compositions and moronic lyrics. Fans of Benighted, behold! 5

Havok: Conformicide


Habakuk: Someone likes their Coroner. They aren’t making such a shabby impression of it though, just the vocals could be completely different for all I care. 7

Myrkrarfar: It’s pretty impressive how diverse this album is, without it ever losing touch with its thrash foundation. A mighty fine stew brewed in the fires of the HaWOK! 7

sincan: This is a rather odd one in my book were thrash meets premature lyrics dealing with teenage radical philosophy and ethical questions, or something. 5

Ziv: Ironically, this thrash metal album conforms to all the “rules” and thus misses that extra spark which makes the difference in a sea of interchangeable thrash clones. 6

Memoriam: For the fallen


Habakuk: Much too Swedish-sounding for a Bolt Thrower clone. I’ll stick to the original. 6

Myrkrarfar: I’m guessing the mastering engineer has impaired hearing, as the hi-end treble is cutting through marrow and soul with the piercing spike ov Satan. Other than that, I really dig this massive slab of thick, dense death metal. 7

sincan: Well executed death but I think that it lacks some more interesting song writing, it is hard to stay focused throughout the whole album. 6

Ziv: Was expecting more than a bland mix of watered-down Bolt Thrower and not-very-good Cerebral Fix. In the words of Dom DeLuise: “Nice. Nice. Not thrilling, but nice.” 6

Svart Crown: Abreaction


Habakuk: A lot of Ulcerate meets a bit of Mastodon. Cool shit! 8

Myrkrarfar: Soreness from crunches, is that it? 5

sincan: I’ve listened to this album a couple of times now, but I can hardly remember much. It sounds rather ok, but the songs just don’t stick. 6

Ziv: Svart Crown continue in the grand tradition of ho-hum black/death metal releases that pullulate in the underground. They have their own sound but not quite enough to make me want to explore this release or their back catalogue any deeper. 6

Saille: Gnosis


Habakuk: “Symphonic black metal” I read, and only then did I notice the symphonic elements. I dig that subtle approach actually. 7

Myrkrarfar: Yes, Satan, I hear you. No, I’m not into that kind of stuff. Please put that thing away. If you wanna seduce me with romantic ballads, “I am sailleeeeeeng” just won’t cut it. Still, I’m a little intrigued… 6

sincan: You know that you’re in deep shit when you FINALLY get some black metal in the AA and it’s “symphonic”, well, it’s not a turd in the ear, but it is not that fun either. 6

Ziv: While Saille is competent and even slightly enthralling at times, they offer nothing new to the black metal spectrum. But it’s not overly symphonic, and might be something to check out if you have the will and time. 6

Fen: Winter


Habakuk: This ain’t bad if you bring some patience and like atmospheric XY metal. 6

Myrkrarfar: Passionate howling at the moon, with some mushrooms in the system. The fungi provide both pros (otherworldly visions) and cons (meandering and loss of cohesiveness). Pack your tents, lads – we’re going camping! 6

sincan: I really enjoyed “Carrion skies”, their previous album, and was rather thrilled to dissect this little fucker and I must say that the previous album came out stronger but hey, don’t cry, just inject alcohol into your eyes and turn the speakers to 666, then start the track “IV (Interment)” and then?  7

Demonic Resurrection: Dashavatar


Habakuk: I think this is the first time I hear a metal band from India, and they are pretty good at their epic/melodic sort of thing. And the cover art suits them better than the Cro-Mags! 7

Myrkrarfar: Certainly the best Indian prog death album I’ve heard. Also, coincidentally and probably not very surprisingly, the only one. Big plus for the sitar and tabla inclusion. 7

sincan: Let me tell you a story, no I shall not. The album cover I found on Google, with about three pixels, looked a bit promising, but the rather symphonic elements in the first track made me scared, however, I survived, but I was not fully pleased, which of course is a rather hard fucking thing to accomplish. At least I didn’t vomit, I guess that is good. 6

Ziv: You would think a concept album based on the ten incarnations of Vishnu, played by an Indian symphonic black metal band called Demonic Resurrection would sound awesome, right? Think again. 4

Woe: Hope attrition


Habakuk: If you really need a black metal fix, here’s a black metal fix. 6

Myrkrarfar: Yes, it can black. No, it not awesome. Like mine engrish? 6

sincan: Woe the fuck are you and wye are you not funnier? 5

Ziv: A black metal band from Brooklyn that doesn’t look or sound like ultrahipsters jumping on the latest underground bandwagon? And a cool cover to boot? Consider “Hope Attribution” this month’s surprise release. 7

Wolfheart: Tyhjyys


Habakuk: Very unobtrusive, epic-ish death metal. I could probably listen to this for quite some time longer and wouldn’t mind. Quality is high, but nothing really sticks. 6

Myrkrarfar: This has to be the most horribly compressed album I’ve ever heard in my life. No distortion, but everything – especially the guitars – are so compressed that there’s absolutely no nuances, no accents, no oomph. Pity, since these songs don’t suck too bad. 5

sincan: With an intro tricking you into believing you will soon be having your fist in the air during a gray and stormy mountain journey the hopes goes up but it doesn’t turn into that infamous mountain ride, instead we get a melodic night with keyboard backing, meeeeeh. 5

Ziv: Another AA, another Finnish melodic death metal band. It’s somewhat better than the rest, but still high on the boredom factor. 6

Pallbearer: Heartless


Habakuk: I have run out of Paul Bearer jokes. 6

Myrkrarfar: Shitty vocals detract from the crushing atmosphere, leaving me singing to my crotch: “You’re hot and you’re cold”. As per usual. Fuck you, guys. 5

sincan: I really liked their last album, “Foundations of burden”, and was actually looking forward to this release, however, it is like as if they extracted all the easy listened dreamy pink clouds out of their music and made an album just out of that. Maybe it’s a grower, but it sure doesn’t feel like one and I don’t think I will get back at this album without someone else forcing me with a rusty spoon. 5

Ziv: Sometimes beautiful music can be ruined by a singer’s vocal style. In Pallbearer’s case, the emo vocals ruin the already trivial instrumental groundwork. 5

Steel Panther: Lower the bar


Habakuk: While I could look past their joke getting a little old, I can’t really deny that their songs aren’t very great. 5

Myrkrarfar: I’m not one to advocate censorship, ever. Still, I’m curious about how awesome Steel Panther would be with more toned-down lyrics. ‘Cause the music is top-notch, and though I love juvenile cock jokes as much as the next idiot, I just can’t help but facepalm my way through this record. 5

sincan: I don’t know if it is even possible to lower that bar! 1

Ziv: Steel Panther’s music in itself is pretty sweet. On this new one, you can hear bits of Extreme, Warrant and Van Halen, amongst others. These guys know their stuff and are top-notch musicians. Unfortunately, the not-even-funny, puerile lyrics kill it for me. Imagine if the Wayans brothers remade “Planes, Trains & Automobiles”. 5

Blaze Bayley: Endure and survive (Infinite entanglement, pt. II)


Habakuk: You can’t blame the guy for lack of endurance. But for everything else. 4

Myrkrarfar: I couldn’t endure and survive this record in its entirety. Blaze is like a monotone machine of mediocrity, his voice vomiting vapid verses with a vicious vibrato. Crawl back into your hole, old man. 2

sincan: Dramatic, almost narrative vocals, heavy metal clichés and very uninspiring drums, but it doesn’t truly suck! 6

Ziv: I endured but barely survived Blaze’s horrible vocals. 3


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