Audio Autopsy – April 2017

Audio Autopsy – April 2017

01/04/17  ||  Global Domination

Immolation: Atonement


Habakuk: Happy to hear that Immolation really left their twisted mid-phase behind (which a lot of people loved). Me, I am a big fan of the last four albums, including this. 8

Myrkrarfar: One usually thinks of atonement as something peaceful. Think again. 7

Ziv: Immolation have always had their own sound and atmosphere thus placing them somewhat on the death metal sidelines. Wavering very slightly from their tried and true formula, this new opus crushes every release this month and then some. Dark, brooding and cynical, this is the soundtrack to the apocalypse of our own making. 9

Hexx0r: Ye shallt atoneth for ye haveth not bangeth thine head enough! 6

Overkill: The grinding wheel


Habakuk: Can’t give them enough kudos for actually staying AWESOME with age, and keep in mind these guys started sometime around ’81. No contest among their thrash brethren. 9

Myrkrarfar: If Bobby was a Satanist, would he be called Blitzkrieg? Heh heh, heh heh. This thrash ain’t bad but it ain’t any fucking great, either. 5

Ziv: Overkill. You love ’em or you don’t. If you do, this new album pretty much surpasses the last two. Sure they haven’t invented the wheel on this one but it packs quite a wallop relegating the latest Kreator to the bargain bin. However it’s a bit too long (an hour of the Blitz is hard for just about everyone) and the track order seems a bit off. Killer nonetheless! 8

Hexx0r: Positively surprised by their groovy and energetic delivery. Overkill do what they have masterfully done for a long long time, nothing wrong with that. 5

Iron Reagan: Crossover ministry



Myrkrarfar: To get me excited about this platter of political crossover, at least two of the following three criteria need to be met: 1. I’m drunk, 2. I’m witnessing it live, and 3. I’m 15 years old. Right now, unfortunately, it’s a strike on all three. 4

Ziv: More of a force to be reckoned with live, these crossover stalwarts deliver the goods with another powerful album full of catchy riffs and cool lyrics. And yet, as with Municipal Waste, the replay value remains low. 7

Hexx0r: This is anger and attitude channelled properly. Still, nothing new or mind-blowing. 6

Sinister: Syncretism


Habakuk: I had already written them off after they butchered all those covers on their last one, but apparently the blunt and one-dimensional approach isn’t so bad with their own material. 7

Myrkrarfar: Etremely humdrum, unimaginative and dull growls. Pretty cool songwriting. With another vocalist I could really dig this. 6

Ziv: In 2012 Sinister hit a high point in their career with “The Carnage Ending”. Now it seems that they are just trying emulate that album with more or less success. Nothing new, nothing bad, and nothing too exhilarating. 6

Hexx0r: Brutal death delivery with some positive quirkiness to give that personal sound. A little odd in a good way. 6

Persefone: Aathma


Habakuk: Considering I am not a big progressive fan, this is quite tolerable. 6

Myrkrarfar: Ambitious shred prog that I can fancy during my weaker moments, but it gets a little tiresome after a while. Next time: more perse, less fone. (Perse is Finnish for ass.) 6

Ziv: As Yoda would say: “Clone of Opeth are you. Skilled with instrument are you. Memorable you are not.” 5

Hexx0r: Skilled and balanced prog metal infused with a variety of styles ranging from fusion to death metal. Complex yet coherent and imaginative song structures with kick ass sounds. 7

Benighted: Necrobreed


Habakuk: I really don’t care guys. 5

Myrkrarfar: A Schwarzenegger movie clip. A song titled “Cum with Disgust”. A relentless barrage of brutal, crazy deathgrind slaughter. What’s not to love? 8

Ziv: Benighted is Jean Pierre Dupont’s favorite band. JP is also very proud that France finally has its own pointless, vacuous, derivative death/grind band to add to the international coalition of pointless, vacuous, derivative death/grind bands. When he goes to the Hellfest (dressed in a fucking cow costume) he’ll be able to converse with other dildofans of the genre and feel part of something before going back to his bleak Saint-Etienne suburb where no one gives a fuck. 3

Hexx0r: Angry, dirty, precise and, once you get over the pig squeals, quite enjoyable – just like my hangover morning toilet sessions. Brutal! 6

Nidingr: The high heat licks against heaven


Habakuk: I kind of see the appeal here, but in the end I am a bit too annoyed to let it work. 5

Myrkrarfar: The high heat didn’t lick mah balls well enough. The generic shouting didn’t help, either. 4

Ziv: Very modern sounding Norwegian black metal, more in line with recent Mayhem or a less cerebral Dodheimsgard. The vocals are kind of a let-down – too theatrical and grand-guignol – rendering this album frustrating and pointless. 5

Hexx0r: I like how Nidingr manage to find a rather unique sound with their gritty death metal-esque approach to black metal. Accompanied with lyrics from Norse mythos and haunting session vocals from Garm and Myrkur, their style is not the usual blackened death metal that’s being made a fair lot nowadays. 7

Ex Deo: The immortal wars


Habakuk: I can dig this, and I still don’t understand why Kataklysm are so shitty in comparison. 6

Myrkrarfar: As faceless as your mom’s…eh…no, I don’t have a punchline for this joke. Neither did your mom when I told her…eh… 4

Ziv: Ancient Rome deserves a more fitting tribute to its past glory than Ex Deo – a mediocre, latter-day Rotting Christ clone. 5

Hexx0r: Like testosterone-filled, sweaty and ripped men in short skirts heaving massive swords and axes at each other in an arena to the beat of symphonic, bombastic death metal? Then this is for you. 5

Mors Principium Est: Embers of a dying world


Habakuk: Yesss. This is pretty much a copy of Be’lakor, and I like those guys! 7

Myrkrarfar: Second-rate melodeath fans no flames, only embers of a dying interest. 4

Ziv: Is there anybody out there who cares enough about all these mediocre, interchangeable, Finnish melodic death metal bands to actually listen to and own every release of the sort? Anyone? 4

Hexx0r: Embers of a Boring and Faceless World. On previous albums their sound was a lot more distinct and interesting. No more. Everything they do is ok; nothing more, nothing less. Unfortunately. 5

Battle Beast: Bringer of pain


Habakuk: It took me some time but I think I dig that stupid pop metal style…just that this isn’t a particularly great example. 6

Myrkrarfar: Sabaton meets W.A.S.P. meets Bonnie Tyler. Adding a rasp to your voice doesn’t always help, especially if it makes you sound more constipated than Bruce Springsteen. Also, drum kits usually have cymbals, Mr. Mixing Engineer. 4

Ziv: Battle Beast: Bringer of  lame. 3

Hexx0r: Professional. Well-played. Generic. Boring. 4

Soen: Lykaia


Habakuk: Sounds a bit like Witchcraft-like stoner rock with a very slight black metal feel. 7

Myrkrarfar: If I wanted to hear a bunch of retards rip off Opeth and hire that dude from System of a Down as vocalist, I’d be delighted. Luckily, I have good taste. 4

Ziv: This type of watered-down Scandinavian pop prog almost makes me yearn for early Dream Theater. But then I remember Unearthly Trance just released a killer new album and put that on instead. 2

Hexx0r: Your lack of originality is disturbing. 4

Six Feet Under: Torment


Habakuk: These days there is one guy in the world that manages to out-suck Chris Barnes time after time: Chris Barnes. Too bad, the music is fine. 5

Myrkrarfar: I was about to write that Barnes smoked one…million too many joints, but then I remembered he’s always sounded like this. At least there are some fun riffs. 5

Ziv: Maybe Chris Barnes should have a studio guy do his vocals and still get credit for them. The growls of yore are really no more. 4

Hexx0r: Once the great undead, now plain dead. 2

Edenbridge: The great momentum


Habakuk: The name suggests even worse. 4

Myrkrarfar: This generated no great momentum in my pants. 3

Ziv: For once a symphonic metal band with a decent vocalist. Sabine doesn’t sing in the cheap operetta style this genre is known for. Yet who am I kidding, this still blows pretty hard. 3

Hexx0r: Pretty ok (Turunen-era) Nightwish copy but not nearly as interesting. So much drama that even the sistah’s be rollin their eyes. A plus for the massive production and male session vocals. 4

Born Of Osiris: The eternal reign


Habakuk: Was there any songwriting between the breakdowns? 2

Myrkrarfar: Porn of Osiris, the ancient Egyptian smut scrolls. Pyramid-shaped dildos, two-faced gimp masks and mummy wrap condoms. Prepare your sphinxter! 2

Ziv: Metalcore: a genre that produces nothing but tiresome angsty dribble. And BOO is no different. 3

Hexx0r: “Hey these guys sound pretty brut- [breakdown] -…fuck.” Suffers from deathcore disease; every time things start to sound good and a song is finally gathering momentum and intensity, they fuck it up with breakdowns and whatnot. It’s like you ride a bike downhill and mid-way you throw a metal rod between the spokes. Waste of talent. 2

Suicide Silence: Suicide silence


Habakuk: This shit is completely lifeless. 3

Myrkrarfar: 5/7. 0

Ziv: Wow, these guys actually sound worse than before. That’s quite a feat in itself. Bravo lads, well done! 1

Hexx0r: I ended up listening to several of their songs in hopes of finding something to make fun of. After the fourth song I decided to stop. I didn’t want to make fun of them anymore. 1



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