Audio Autopsy – February 2017

Audio Autopsy – February 2017

01/02/17  ||  Global Domination

Murg: Gudatallmurg-gudatall


Habakuk: Definitely some quality black metal roughly in the Mgla direction. Can be easily listened to for quite a while, but nothing sticks out specifically. 7

Myrkrarfar: Atmosphere. Rawness. Madness. Yes, please. 8

Cobal Caldera: Raw and elegant at the same time, “Gudatall” strongly reminded me of the works by Mgla and other contemporary Polish bands. And it’s one of the best black metal records that I had to listen to as an assignment. Thanks, AA. 8

Ziv: Dripping with atmosphere, this Swedish black metal duo are actually creating a sound of their own. Minimalist but brilliantly played, melodious without the cheese, Murg know their nineties black metal and yet don’t content themselves to simply emulate the leaders of the genre. 8

Noctem: Haeresisnoctem-haeresis


Habakuk: Not that I could find anything wrong with this, in fact there are some cool moments, but I am served with Behemoth, SepticFlesh or whatever for this style. 6

Myrkrarfar: Not bad, but too hectic for any kind of atmosphere building. Don’t rush it, boys. 6

Cobal Caldera: A good black metal record that probably would have made it higher if it weren’t for so many good black metal records this month. 7

Ziv: Bands like Noctem frustrate me. The playing, the music, and the production are all very competent but the final outcome is like a bag of stale chips. They’re good gateway bands when you’re sixteen and just discovering the darker side of music, but I’m not sixteen. Every now and then there’s a standout track like “The Submission of Discipline” but in the end you just need something more genuine. 6

Revel In Flesh: Emissary of all plaguesrevel_in_flesh-emissary_of_all_plagues


Habakuk: Oh, another shot at writing “Left Hand Path”. 6

Myrkrarfar: Dismember and Hypocrisy worship of the best kind. 7

Cobal Caldera: Not bad at all. I detect a good balance between the standard crushing death metal sound and a rather modern approach. 6

Ziv: Deeply entrenched in the old school Scandinavian death metal sound, Revel in Flesh offer nothing new to the genre or to their sound. Cool, yet ultimately unmemorable, hooks makes me think these guys are just going through the motions and no longer giving it much thought. 6

Bölzer: Herobolzer-hero


Habakuk: Couldn’t really wrap my head around this ropey death beast. 5

Myrkrarfar: This band has been hailed as the new coming of Sliced Bread, but I am far from convinced of their greatness. Monotone mid-tempo riffs plod, and the Glenn Danzig goes Peter Steele vocals are shit. Still, the atmosphere is all right, the musicianship is great and some arrangements are very effective. I don’t dislike “Hero”; it’s just not as awesome as everyone makes it to be. 6

Cobal Caldera: It’s not pretentious when you have the arguments. 8

Ziv: This duo should become a trio by hiring a real singer for the clear vocals. There are a lot of solid riffs but in the end the vibe is ruined by the catastrophic vocals. 4

Winterfylleth: The dark hereafterwinterfylleth-the_dark_hereafter


Habakuk: Call again in summer. 5

Myrkrarfar: Very atmospheric, yet unoriginal Bergtatt-worship. A friendly piece of advice: look at your cover image. That’s not a fucking plain, like your music is now – that’s a landscape with valleys and peaks. Compose accordingly. For fuck’s sake. Then thou shalt rule, perhaps. 6

Cobal Caldera: Guitar work-based pagan metal. The atmosphere it creates is pretty awesome, even awe-inspiring for moments, but you could struggle to distinguish one song from another. 6

Ziv: With more postcard-like cover art, Winterfylleth continue on their path of narcoleptic black metal. Alas, nothing really stands out here, not even the Ulver cover track. 6

Crest Of Darkness: Welcome the deadcrest_of_darkness-welcome_the_dead


Habakuk: Not bad, but overall this is midpaced semi-death, semi-black material that you’ve heard before. 5

Myrkrarfar: Breast of Darkness are a bit too amorphous and saggy. A little more focused perkiness would hot things up to boner-inducing levels. Now we’re stuck at semi-flaccid. 5

Cobal Caldera: When I was young and easy to impress, Crest… earned a place on my radar. If I first listened to their music today, I’d probably think it’s crude, but I actually find the grotesque feel to it pretty enjoyable. 6

Ziv: Decent atmosphere and (mostly) above average riffs make Crest of Darkness’ seventh release moderately enjoyable. 6

MONO: Requiem for hellmono-requiem_for_hell


Habakuk: Solid, somewhat doomy instrumental post-rock. 7

Myrkrarfar: Post-metal movie soundtracks probably don’t get much better than this. 6

Cobal Caldera: Instrumental rock with a certain degree of intensity and passion. Probably the kind of act that would be worth of seeing live, but on record is pretty forgettable. 5

Ziv: A post-rock concept album based around Dante’s “Inferno” that sounds more like an alternate soundtrack to the film “Amelie”. Harmless and pretentious. 4

Hobbs’ Angel Of Death: Heaven bledhobbs_angel_of_death-heaven_bled


Habakuk: I still remember the rather tepid self-titled and had low hopes, but for a 2010s thrash release, this is damn solid. 8

Myrkrarfar: Schizophrenia. Chaos. Madness. Burly shout-growling of the angry bear/badger variety. No thanks. 4

Cobal Caldera: Surprise, surprise. 3

Ziv: Having witnessed some of these new songs live, this recording is a bit of a disappointment. The energy is subdued and the vocals tiresome after a while. All in all, stick with the first one for a real moment of aural pleasure. 6

Charred Walls Of The Damned: Creatures watching over the deadcharred_walls_of_the_damned-creatures_watching_over_the_dead


Habakuk: Say what you will, Ripper Owens is fucken iconic. You’ll probably like this if you enjoy Iced Earth in some form but can process two-dimensional input nonetheless. 7

Myrkrarfar: Considering his vibrato, Ripper should be called Shakin’ Owens. With better melodies and a better vocalist this could be great technical heavythrashdeathprog metal, now it’s pretty meh. 5

Cobal Caldera: There are some great lines in this record, but songwriting ain’t exactly great, and the vocals get to be annoying. Maybe if they completely parted ways with metal cliches… Go figure. 4

Ziv: I don’t like Ripper Owens’ voice so right off the bat this album took me nowhere. Not that it really matters because the music itself sounds contrived. 4

Sarkom: Anti-cosmic artsarkom-anti-cosmic_art


Habakuk: Covering early Sodom is a good way to exit on a high note, but actually this was hit and miss black metal. 6

Myrkrarfar: Schizophrenic, wannabe-raw, Shining-inspired black metal going through the motions. Pass. 5

Cobal Caldera: Not being unfamiliar with Sarkom, I was expecting a more orthodox sound. Not a bad record, but unless you’re a fan, I’d turn to the rest of the black metal records this month instead. 5

Ziv: Hats off to this band who has succeeded in releasing one of the most uninteresting black metal releases I’ve heard in a long time. Boring black metal of the highest caliber, anyone? 4

Tygers Of Pan Tang: Tygers of Pan Tangtygers_of_pan_tang-tygers_of_pan_tang


Habakuk: I’m gonna go with listenable, but I truly have a soft spot for the guys. 5

Myrkrarfar: Started out strong, but couldn’t keep up the pace, just like one could expect from a group of veterans. There’s still some snarl here, though. Ryde the tygah! 6

Cobal Caldera: I really don’t see the point of this. Is there anyone interested in new NWOBHM releases? I think not. 4

Ziv: Since when did the Tygers of Pan Tang turn into an average AOR/Sunset Strip band? Oh yeah, their last good album was released in 1982. That said, there are a few tracks like “Never Give In,” “Do It Again,” and “The Devil You Know” which harken back to the golden years – well, not so much golden as gold-plated. 4

Bethlehem: Bethlehembethlehem-bethlehem


Habakuk: Music for annoying people. You’ll enjoy it more if you don’t speak German. I guess. 3

Myrkrarfar: Metal parts: 6. Non-metal parts: 5. Tortured screeches of Satan’s bunghole during non-metal parts: 1. Overall: 4

Cobal Caldera: Not a big fan of gothic metal, myself. At least, the weirdo factor here keeps things interesting. 5

Ziv: Suicidal black metal for those who enjoy suicidal black metal. 6

Skálmöld: Vögguvísur Yggdrasilsskalmold-vogguvisur_yggdrasils


Habakuk: Folk metal has this odd tendency of sometimes catching me off-guard and me letting it run by, but these guys courteously included an Alestorm cover to bring me back on the right track. 5

Myrkrarfar: Odin ain’t happy. 4

Cobal Caldera: The first disc is decent, a warrior sound that many can enjoy. The second though is utter nonsense. 3

Ziv: A dreadful mix of shit riffs, crappy vocals, and risible paganism make this a very hard album to take seriously. 2

Machinae Supremacy: Into the night worldmachinae_supremacy-into_the_night_world


Habakuk: An old guilty pleasure of mine, but yeah – those vocals can get super irritating, adding auto-tune hasn’t helped. Their best moments are instrumental. 5

Myrkrarfar: The NES sounds are cute and the guitar solos blow your head off, but the rest is too whiny and weak to be my cup of tea. 4

Cobal Caldera: Poppy power “metal” with electronic sounds here and there that make it sound even poppier. Fuck this. 2

Ziv: Shallow Swedish power metal rendered even more unbearable when weaved with synthy futurepast industrial sounds. Next!! 2

The Devil Wears Prada: Transit bluesthe_devil_wears_prada-transit_blues


Habakuk: Give it three songs and the devil wears hearing protection. 4

Myrkrarfar: Your Mom Wears Nada. 1

Cobal Caldera: It could have been much worse, the more hardcore parts are actually good. 5

Ziv: Angst-ridden metalcore with all the cliches of a cliched genre that has long seen its day but will never disappear, feeding on the confused minds of teenagers. 2

And here’s Cobal Caldera’s monthly playlist.


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