Audio Autopsy – September 2016

Audio Autopsy – September 2016

01/09/16  ||  Global Domination

Vanhelgd: Temple of Phobosvanhelgd-temple_of_phobos


Habakuk: A mixture of all decent bands in this edition. 6

Myrkrarfar: Should come with a disclaimer: May cause involuntary headbanging, nekro apple-picking poses, and boners so hard your dick may explode by sheer fury. Album of the year? 9

sincan: Finally some riffs, melancholy, and tracks that make you eat mud and throw little babies at old people! The final track, with Swedish lyrics is something for you all to digest, whether you like it or not because if you don’t like it, you’re wrong. 8

davedeath: This is my fave for this month.  Some black metallish bits combined with some Asphyx style doomy sections where the guitar riffs fast over slow bass and drums.  Lots of atmosphere, this shit is heavy and brutal.  Leads work well with the song arrangements and overall sound. Nice drumming with good use of the toms and cymbals to give everything that heaviness, instead of beating us over the head non-stop with snare and kick.  Good use of Celtic Frost style female vocals under the heavy growls.  I don’t know much about this band but the music makes me want to know more.  After listening to more than a few skippable albums this is a breath of fresh air.  This one actually has me tapping my feet and banging my head.  9

Grave Desecrator: Dust to lustgrave_desecrator-dust_to_lust


Habakuk: The band name sounded a bit cheesy at first, but when “Mephistophallus in Occultopussy” came on, I was sold. 8

Myrkrarfar: My brain just took a vacation. It’s like I’m blonde again. Abuse me gently, gents. 6

sincan: Finally a band with a good cover art in this AA, fucking boring generic posing rock dude things from some of the others… Blackened death or deathened black with enough dirt to make your filthy genitals cleaner than before. 8

davedeath: The first thing I notice here in reading the track titles is “Mephistophallus in occultopussy”… I have to say I did laugh. Not sure if I am laughing with or at the band though. That aside, I like the riffage on here. There’s enough old school cheese here, some old school German thrash (e.g. Protector or Deathrow) mixed in with the black metal and death metal influences. Drumming mixes stuff up enough to keep things interesting. Put it this way, I’d rather be stuck in a room with this record for a day than spend five minutes at a Portal gig with the unrelenting beat-a-garbage-can-to-death snare and oh-so-evil mega low tuning. This is some good heavy, thrashy shit that mixes it up enough to keep my interest. I doubt though that I’d be impressed by the lyrics if I read them… Divebombs and pinch harmonics are always a winning combo 😀 7

Baptism: V: The devil’s firebaptism-v_the_devils_fire


Habakuk: Solid shit. Maybe you like Mgla, then this might be for you. It won’t raise the bar much, but frankly, when have you. 7

Myrkrarfar: When Satan glazes his black metal with melodies, mid-tempo double kicks and Gehenna synths, my soul is sold. Take good care of it, dawg, I’ll come back for it later. 7

sincan: I guess that we have all heard this before, which doesn’t need to be a bad thing, but it isn’t that super fun either. 7

davedeath: Here we have some kind of black metal.  Fast paced but quite melodic, and I was pleasantly surprised by their musicality, with melodic bass lines providing counterpoints to the guitar, great production, and you can hear all the instruments, including keyboards, an occasional Celtic Frost style drum part, and some of the old BM Popeye vocals.  Good production isn’t very kvlt though, is it?  Good thing I’m not some BM elitist dickhead.  Check it out. 7

Blood Red Throne: Union of flesh and machineblood_red_throne-union_of_flesh_and_machine


Habakuk: Trading identity for blunt efficiency. Hm. On a sheer quality basis, this is at least a 7

Myrkrarfar: Gurgle, gurgle little star, how I wonder what you are. Mixed above the band so high, like a pig cry from the sty. Gurgle, gurgle little star, no one wants to hear you; die. 5

sincan: I guess they know what they’re doing but it doesn’t stand out in a way that would make it non-redundant. 6

davedeath: This is some enjoyable death metal.  Bands that come to mind are Grave, Cannibal Corpse, and Skinless.  Divebombs, pinch harmonics, solos are pretty much old school, plenty of squealies and dives.  You can’t go wrong with pinches and divebombs.  Some sweet drum rolls in there too.  They cover Judas Priest’s “Leather Rebel” very nicely.  Overall this is an enjoyable listen.  Like a satisfying meal that you might shit out and forget later.  I guess this might be an 8.  8

Inter Arma: Paradise gallowsinter_arma-paradise_gallows


Habakuk: Smart but not technical death metal for people with patience. 6

Myrkrarfar: When black holes collide, and I’m not talking about yo momma’s bunghole, gravitational waves are generated. Just like when yo momma takes a bath. Anywhoo, these fucks have somehow managed to harness those ripples in space-time, enswathe them in thick despair, and force-feed them to unsuspecting idiots like myself. Anal implosion ensues. 7

sincan: It is hard not to enjoy the rather dark deepness and dirty yet sophisticated aura from this little fucker, and the artwork makes you rather pleased to. Extra everything and mind twisting! 8

davedeath: This is a bit of a mixed bag.  The guitar solo in the opening track really made me cringe.  Really cheesy power metal feel to it, even though I think someone thought it was doomy and heavy.  Really dug that doomy track “Primordial Wound” though!  I could listen to that over and over.  The bass sound and playing on this album was something I really liked.  The guitar could be really annoying though, especially any faster, lead type passages.  In general I think they are trying to meld a lot of different things together.  Sometimes it worked really well.  Sometimes it gets a bit boring.  Other times the guitar sounds out of place.  Avoideth their instrumentals!   That sucky delay soaked lead guitar comes looming up out of “Potamac” like the Creature From The Black Lagoon to spoil the atmos.  Then there’s that cowboy shit at the end … Vocals are diverse, with a great low growl in many places.   If you don’t mind a bit of pompousness in your metal but would like something heavier maybe try this out.  You’ve been warned!  5

Sinsaenum: Echoes of the torturedsinsaenum-echoes_of_the_tortured


Habakuk: A death metal album doesn’t need intro tracks throughout, you hear? Who came up with that shit anyway. 5

Myrkrarfar: You reap what you sow, said the Grim Reaper, and sowed his seeds in your mom. And harvested her soul. This is the soundtrack. Sounds awful, right? WRONG. 8

sincan: If you are into the typical modern “extreme” metal genre, with bands like Behemoth and whatnot, this is something for you! 6

davedeath: Straight from the horror movie sounds of the opening minute my thoughts turn to cheesy horror films…but then it gets into some Immolation style brutal drumming…not sure how that fits with the intro, but whatever…vocals are great, some sick death metal lead guitar in there…dude is not afraid to give the whammy a bit of the Rick Rozz treatment…the drums seem a bit overbearing though.  I would have liked for them to be a bit further back in the mix.  My ears work well enough that I would still have heard them.  The drums tend to push the guitar leads into annoying territory in order to be heard.  In general I think this could have been mixed more tastefully but this is some good old school death metal with some newer flourishes.  At first it seems like there are a lot of tracks, but there are little 45-50 second interludes between the songs.   I think they are meant to be spooky.  Best track is the last one, “Gods of Hell”.  7

Centinex: Doomsday ritualscentinex-doomsday_rituals


Habakuk: Note to self of the month. These guys are not to be confused with Carnifex, crib: they actually don’t suck. 7

Myrkrarfar: As filthy as the meat hook I impaled your mom with last night. 7

sincan: Semi good death of semi fun song writing. 6

davedeath: This is some good, heavy shit.   Straight from the first riff you are thinking: THIS IS GOING TO BE SICK!!!  Reminds me of Immolation.  Not a bad thing.  Obituary too at times.  Especially that time Obituary came to Australia with no lead guitarist because the one who was supposed to come was in prison or something.  That’s right, there’s no lead guitar in sight.  Great riffs, drums, bass is pumping, vocals are growly, But wait!  There is lead guitar in one song.  “Sentenced to Suffer”… maybe they have more in common with Obituary than I realized.  Maybe the lead guitarist recorded for one song and was then busted for running a meth lab or some shit.  Who knows? Anyway this is a solid record. 6

ColdWorld: Autumncoldworld-autumn


Habakuk: I thought I was getting into this atmospheric BM stuff lately, but this has me doubt again. 5

Myrkrarfar: The infinite beauty of a burning planet, the poetic justice of mankind in flames, and the harsh reality of funeral winds sweeping the desolate remains. So graceful, so pure. 8

sincan: The name is really not that good, nope, not good. I’ve heard similar things before, the rather typical atmospheric depressive black metal, better and worse and this is decent, but not the sugar on your introverted erection. 6

davedeath: Out of this month’s list this is the only one I had already heard. I have to say that it is a disappointing record.  It has its really good moments, combining black metal and post-metal/shoegaze elements.  It works well when everything is in the fast and vicious black metal mode, and then those shoegazey guitar elements work in really nicely, because black metal doesn’t rely on balls and musical heaviness. The problem is that when they slow down and venture into more melancholy territory it sounds really wimpy (vocals too), and there is little there to appeal to metal listeners.  I think they could have found ways to use the bass and drums to add heaviness in slower sections, especially if they used some Khanate style droneage.  As it stands what you have is a strange combination of USBM and shoegaze that at times reminds me of the wimpier moments of Jesu. Then there’s the occasional folksy sounding bit, which makes the problem worse.  I like Jesu.  I like USBM.  I just don’t like them together. I’m not a wasabi cheese kind of guy. I don’t want sushi on my cheese platter and I don’t want cheese with my sashimi.  I’m sure there’s a way they could have made all these elements work together better but I don’t think they managed it this time.  6

Monolithe: Zeta reticulimonolithe-zeta_reticuli


Habakuk: Let’s just say this will go into my Funeral Doom playlist. 7

Myrkrarfar: This album sounds as OK in stereo as it does in youknowit. 6

sincan: Slow and heavy, I guess this is one of those albums which need time to fully grow (or forever be blunt). But yeah, one doesn’t puke while listening to this and that is always a plus. 7

davedeath: Now I am known for liking doom metal, and the post-metal reverb –laden stuff, so as you might expect I was looking forward to this…but I have to say that this album is full of filler, good ideas mixed in with bad ones, songs seemingly dragging on with no point…then I notice that every song is exactly 15 minutes long.  Then I check out their previous album, and I find the same shit.  So they are spinning tracks out to fill 15 minutes because of some weird gimmick or fetish.  There’s some nice growling vocals on here, some mid-paced doom elements, a nice heavy rhythm section, and some good lead guitar work…but then there’s these horrid symphonic elements, some misplaced clean vocals, and so on.  There’s really no clear style.  If I was to choose one adjective to describe this album it would be skippable.  The previous album is a bit better, maybe check that out first.  5

Witherscape: The northern sanctuarywitherscape-the_northern_sanctuary


Habakuk: Listening to this, it has me wonder a bit why I keep reading their name. And fuck the cleans. Minus 1. 5

Myrkrarfar: When prog pop meets death metal in a cathedral of synths, all is good. 7

sincan: Daddened death metal or deathened dad metal? 7

davedeath: Kind of running out of words to use to discuss pompous, overblown crap. There’s only so much piano-soaked power metal a bloke can handle. I’ll give them 3 because I can’t be arsed listening to all of it. If I did the score might drop further. 3

Revocation: Great is our sinrevocation-great_is_our_sin


Habakuk: I hear more good things about than on this album. Maybe if I were a little less allergic to modern production? 6

Myrkrarfar: Sporting probably the best lead guitarist of today in extreme metal, Revocation still don’t quite reach all the way to Awesomeville. Prettygoodistan isn’t that bad, but I was hoping for more. 6

sincan: I just can’t sit and listen to more than a few tracks of this kind of music, it just don’t give me the boners of impaled worlds. 5

davedeath: Mixes in some death metal with some Voivod type stuff (in  terms of guitar and drums).  Clean vocals here without sounding like they have been processed to death (see my comments on Periphery’s Neckbeard Apocalypse).  Nice to hear some lead guitar work that actually fits well with some heavy riffs.  I have to admit though that I got kinda bored with all the heavy instrumental stuff.  Sound and playing are on point but the songs just didn’t grab me too much.  I can appreciate the Voivod angle but the songs aren’t there. I really lost interest in this album as it progressed, and that’s not a good sign.  4

Fates Warning: Theories of flightfates_warning-theories_of_flight


Habakuk: Getting old while avoiding the cheese. I approve. 6

Myrkrarfar: My anus remains untickled. 4

sincan: Theories of nope, that was boring. 5

davedeath: Reviews are a subjective business.  I’ve never been into Fates Warning’s style and listening to this hasn’t converted me.  It seems to me that they are great players though, and if I could appreciate their stuff more and could keep my finger off the skip button maybe I could give you an opinion on this relative to other shit they have done. I guess the fairest thing I can do here is give them a Non-Graded Pass, but we don’t have that system, so I’m giving them a bare pass.  I could probably find something rude to say about it, but really it’s just an example of doing a good job of something that leaves me cold. Yawn. 5

Despised Icon: Beastdespised_icon-beast


Habakuk: Unfortunately, this band comes into my life AFTER I saw their name on some gym pants. Also, they’re actually not that great to begin with. Unfortunately. 5

Myrkrarfar: Someone forgot to core out their death. 2

sincan: I hear the short hair (core). 4

davedeath: Deathcore. I sometimes listen to this shit for a laugh. In my mind as I listen to one breakdown or tough guy chant after another I visualize douchebags in long shorts and hoodies doing spin kicks, donkey kicks, or the two-step youth crew bollocks, maybe pretending to pick up some change, complete with throat tattoos and ear tunnels, maybe an X tattoo somewhere that they can’t hide it. This Despised Icon band at least can play better than Suffokate though and the song-writing and riffs are above par for this type of shit. If you are the kind of douche who enjoys the odd donkey kick maybe check this album out on your way to post-metal or shoegaze or something. P.S. You know you are old school when you hear this shit and think of Biohazard. Play nice kiddies. I was going to give this a 5 until I heard the fucking pig vocals 3

Despite: Synergidespite-synergi


Habakuk: I am very much fed up with this Meshuggah worship. 4

Myrkrarfar: It’s time to put a sock in it, Sonny. 3

sincan: I have something acid-like in my mouth, and over my face and stomach. Oh, I guess I’m intolerant for, oh wait uuuuuh. 4

davedeath: Something about this just makes me think of nu-metal.  With some vague metalcore and symphonic metal influences. Yuck.  Trifecta of yuck. Brings back memories of Fear Factory.  I know there are still some people out there who like nu-metal and if that’s you then maybe give this a shot, bro.  Me I am just going to run off holding my nose.  2

Periphery: Periphery III: Select difficultyperiphery-periphery_iii_select_difficulty


Habakuk: Teenage Angst Factory? 3

Myrkrarfar: With a proper growler I would probably like this a lot. Too bad Bryan VeryFerry hired yo momma to bitch and whine on top of this weird prog djent. 3

sincan: The core is short haired with this one. Don’t they hear how phony they sound? 3

davedeath: I listen to this and have a very different experience from listening to Despised Icon. Instead of hoodie-wearing dudes doing some bullshit capoeira kicking the tattoos off each other’s necks I think of neckbeards surrounded by cans of Pepsi and bags of Doritos getting into flame wars on youtube over which Axe-FX amp model sounds best for djent… Yes this is djent. Bruunnnggg brrrunnggg brrrunnngggg with backmasked messages about ‘BUY MORE GEAR’ under the whiney metalcore come numetal vocals. It may come as no surprise that many people prefer Periphery’s instrumentals to the tracks with vocals…. Oh fuck those vocals are horrid…everything seems so processed, pitch-corrected even…I guess they can’t help processing every fucking thing to death. Microphones are so 2008! Then there’s the violin sounds. Maybe buy this if you are short on nerd points. Aaarrgghhh…I’ve been djented enough already! 1

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