Daemo’s Summer of Discontent 2015: Part 4

Daemo’s Summer of Discontent – 2015

Daemo Sez:

The dust is doomed to collect on another of Daemo’s ill-advised summer purchases.  Find out why…BELOW.

Acephalix:  Interminable Night                  


Acephalix-Interminable-Night-e1306805019944More like Eh-Cephalix, am I right ladies?  This is a disc I was pretty darn excited about receiving in the mail.  All the indications were positive.  Features members of Vastum, whose “Carnal Law” gets my slow death metal boner in a tizzy time after time.  Described as crusty death metal, and likened to both Black Breath and Grave.  Not to mention ’tis a bargain buy, compiling two surely hard-to-find demos.  And look how they spell “Daemonic Sign”!  Classiness aeternal.

So it is with great sadness that I must report that “Interminable Night” just doesn’t have much there there.  Songs happen.  Minutes tick by.  The number of tracks left goes from many to few.  But I’ll be double goddamned with a side of chocolate sauce if I can remember more than 30 seconds of the whole album.  Say what you want about Grave…(actually, never say anything negative about Grave)…but at least Ola and friends can write a catchy tune.  Acephalix, in an attempt to crust over many great forefathers of Swedeath yore, have produced an abyss that doesn’t gaze back into you.

As with many albums that barely miss the mark of memorability, all of the necessary elements to be excellent are present.  Daniel Butler has got a killer set of death metal pipes, and whatever reverb-y effect is used on the vocals both here and in Vastum makes them even more cavernous and evil.  The guitars are crunchy.  The bass is punkier than Brewster.  And assuredly there are more d-beats present herein than a big boob slapping competition.  Such things exist.  Or they don’t.  Up to you.  The problem is that nothing really stands out from mass of metal going on and makes you think, “damn, someone with twelve s’s and five f’s in their last name really wishes he wrote that riff in 1993.”

That’s it, that is all.  Just another disc in my collection that I’ll spin once every few years in hopes that it suddenly catches on because I missed out somehow, only to find that I didn’t miss shit.  Maybe these dudes will realize what made the oft-emulated classics ae/eternal and drop a Stockholm-worshipping masterpiece chock full of hooks some day.  I certainly hope so.  But if that doesn’t seem imminent, I’d recommend focusing all efforts on putting out more Vastum material instead (and make it better than “Patricidal Lust”, please).

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