Audio Autopsy – October 2015

Audio Autopsy – October 2015

01/10/15  ||  Global Domination

Ghost: Melioraghost-meliora


Habakuk: Yes, yes, yesss. Always thought they were decent, but this takes it up a notch. Perfect mix of heaviness and epicdom. 9

CadenZ: “He Is” is the best song of 2015, hands down, and the rest ain’t too far behind. 9

sincan: I kind of lost hope in Ghost after hearing their second album, a fucking circus pop shit. This one? It is better, yet not close to their debut. 7

sly: Smelliora. 1

Cobal Caldera: The ritual must go on. 9

The Sword: High countrythe-sword-high-country


Habakuk: They’ve still got the distinct twin guitar and the great vocals, which makes this highly enjoyable stoner. The little wacky stuff they mix in doesn’t do any harm, since the overall thing is the good old Sword. 8

CadenZ: If he could just shut up more often, I’d be willing to give ’em a good thrust with my sword. 6

sincan: Finally something great with groove! 8

sly: This album has a lot of mixed reviews. At times there are some pretty rockin’ almost Clutch-like riffs and a glimmer of hope. Then the faux prog keyboards and strained vocals kick in and beckon to other ephemeral brunch-loving trendsters trying too hard to be in the now. 4

Cobal Caldera: I don’t know if I wrote this before, but it’s good that a fad finally meets my personal taste. My fucking turn. Regardless and next to their previous works, The Sword have really improved their vocal delivery, final mix and composition skills. Good record to fuck at! 8

Hate Eternal: Infernushate-eternal-inferus


Habakuk: Interesting change in sound here. Well, almost anything would have been an improvement. 6

CadenZ: Some albums sound like a train plowing through a mall at breakneck speed. Not many manage to make it sound good. This one does. 7

sincan: Well, they sure know a thing or two about death. 7

sly: More sublime brutality from a band in their own league. 8

Cobal Caldera: I listened to this thrice and I can’t remember one riff. Three words, then: badass but generic. 5

Arcturus: Arcturianarcturus-arcturian


Habakuk: Call me thick, but until now I thought ICS Vortex was a band, not a guy. Anyway. Weird: yes. Bad: no. 6

CadenZ: When the Arcturian space voyager sweeps through thick clouds of atmospheric sympho-black, its thrusters go from “OK” to “Awesome”. I’m happy it’s back, somewhere out there, beyond the stars. 7

sincan: You know that when you’re getting some “avant garde” metal you better wear your coolest steampunk suit along with your finest cloak and monocle while pretending that you’re drinking fancy red wine (even though it was the cheapest shit you found). 6

sly: Arcturus’ fartsy proggressive take on black metal is more buffoonery than originality. And sometimes ICS Vortex sounds like Shakira. That’s not good. 4

Cobal Caldera: Arcturus and their unique sound… Loving the electronics. 8

Krisiun: Forged in furykrisiun-forged-in-fury


Habakuk: Have they ever sounded different? 7

CadenZ: I felt pretty stupid hoisting up the horns and headbanging to Vader, only to discover I was listening to Krisiun. 6

sincan: Pretty fucking boring. Step up your game ye old ones. 4

sly: Krisiun 2.0 is a tamer and more structured affair that has its moments. But a certain maturity has superseded the youthful abandon that permeated their earlier releases. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but I find I’m more inclined to put on Black Force Domain. 7

Cobal Caldera: Unlike Hate Eternal’s this one’s really a punch in the face. With grace. 6

Krallice: Ygg Huurkrallice-ygg-huur


Habakuk: + for unreadable logo. – for hypnotic yet super-technical black metal snoozorama. 5

CadenZ: Out of the primordial entropy that ultimately created everything springs forth the unbridled insanity that is Krallice. The blackish chaos does have some kind of framework to it, though it never inhibits the freedom and wildness of their craft. Hats off. 8

sincan: Hurr de purr de poop: 4

sly: The riffs really push the boundaries of black metal to new realms, but the vocals are tiresome and ultimately distracting. 6

Cobal Caldera: Proggish, blackish, and low-fish: weird, but raw; heavy, but smart. 6

Raise Hell: Written in bloodraise-hell-written-in-blood


Habakuk: I expected worse. 6

CadenZ: Raise hell? Maybe, but not mah dikk. OK maybe a little bit. The tip. So a very very little bit. 6

sincan: Not bad, yet not that funny. 6

sly: “Written in blood” is a substantially above par blackened thrash album, but I’m pretty sure the lyrical theme is silly timeworn schlock. 6

Cobal Caldera: Alexi Laiho would be proud… oh, wait: they pretend to be badass. 5

Wolfheart: Shadow worldwolfheart-shadow-world


Habakuk: I don’t usually listen to melodic death metal. But when I do, it sounds something like this. 8

CadenZ: Swedish melodeath from Finland. A pretty cool mix of darker atmospheres, melodic riffing and some vile blasting. Not bad. I was also gonna make a bad wolf joke, but sly beat me to it. 8

sincan: Melodic not so fucking bad death. 6

sly: Wolf fart. 3

Cobal Caldera: I don’t have anything against this kind of melodeath. Nothing at all. This album though, feels… weak. That’s all I’m saying. 4

Kataklysm: Of ghosts and godskataklysm-of-ghosts-and-gods


Habakuk: Either I am getting soft, or they are getting better. 7

CadenZ: Down-tuned riff. Down-tuned riff. Down-tuned riff. Break…and a down-tuned riff. 5

sincan: They sound pretty fucking modern to be this old, but they’re relatively okay, I would say. But hey, who the fuck am I and who put me here. 6

sly: Kataklysm’s unhinged brutality of yore has been replaced by the sonic equivalent of a soggy biscuit. Yum… 3

Cobal Caldera: It’s difficult to find a death metal band that can groove, fasten their pace, slow it down and write distinct songs. Pretty powerful too. 7

Myrkur: Mmyrkur-m


Habakuk: I have grown fond of more and more black metal recently. This is the sort that didn’t make the cut. 5

CadenZ: This might be a first for this genre: the songs are too fucking short. Usually they plod on for ages, but now most parts feel unfulfilled due to the LMOTS (Let’s-Move-On-Too-Soon) Syndrome. The atmosphere is quite compelling, the Ulver rip-offs not. 6

sincan: This one is hard to give a verdict to, it’s got great parts and some really fucking shitty too. The clean vocals and the music close to them, are great, the harsh vocals sound like, well, reverb and max effects, shit and vomit into the microphone (in a bad way). The “lo-fi” production type is only partly used and it is, shit. 7

sly: Myrkur is the black metal digression of Danish pop singer Amalie Bruun. Now, I don’t think it’s fair to denigrate this project because she’s a woman, or because she was in a Chanel ad, or because she’s a prosaic indie pop artist. But the proof is in the pudding, and this pudding tastes like an innocuous blend of Enya and Deafheaven. 3

Cobal Caldera: Pretty good at creating an atmosphere, this chick could learn a thing or two about writing songs… probably from herself in past works. I respect– err… black metal acts that try to go the extra mile and actually create something, though. Not that they all succeed, of course. 5

Cattle Decapitation: The anthropocene extinctioncattle-decapitation-the-anthropocene-extinction


Habakuk: Hard to judge. I see what they’re trying to do, and sometimes it works pretty well. In the overall picture, something keeps bothering me though. And if it’s just the band name. 6

CadenZ: This album sounds to me like the vegan lifestyle: boring and uninteresting. 4

sincan: Well, I guess that some of you can enjoy this over-drummed stuff with weird vocals once in a while. 6

sly: Worthwhile messages on topics like human destruction and veganism, but musically vapid. 4

Cobal Caldera: Not exactly my cup of tea, not only can these dudes play sick, they can also create something. Having said that, I can’t put up with straight-edge. 5

Soulfly: Archangelsoulfly-archangel


Habakuk: If I ever need to illustrate “one-dimensional” to someone, this will do. 5

CadenZ: As subtle as a forced fistfuck, Soulfly do their business bluntly and to the point. Bend over, no lube. 6

sincan: Stop releasing boring stuff, please! This one is surprisingly straightforward and easy listened with the typical lousy recorded vocals of, screamo? 5

sly: This Soulfly album isn’t exactly awful much in the same way that being served cheap warm beer on a hot Sunday afternoon isn’t exactly awful. 4

Cobal Caldera: Three points for three decent bonus tracks. 3

Fear Factory: Genexusfear-factory-genexus


Habakuk: Same as always. I’m looking for the track without clean vocals, but they turn me off before I reach it. The guy just will not learn. 4

CadenZ: Aside from the modern pop embarrassment that is “Expiration Date”, the feces level ain’t too high. I believe this just might be the best FF since the classic “Demanufacture”; which isn’t saying a lot, considering the shit that is their last two decades’ worth of discography. 5

sincan: One can say that this factory is malfunctional since the fear is nowhere to be found. 3

sly: What’s the difference between a duck? One of its legs is both the same. 3

Cobal Caldera: This is probably the best line-up FF has ever had. Oddly enough, the more luminous parts gave way harder boners than the harsher ones. Go figure. 7

Disturbed: Immortalizeddisturbed-immortalized


Habakuk: I can vividly imagine the teenagers listening to this. 4

CadenZ: Listening to Disturbed is like being barked at by an old toothless dog, without the cuteness factor. Woof! 3

sincan: Are they still recording albums? Good for their fan, boring as fuck for us others. 4

sly: I was very surprised that this wasn’t quite as terrible as I had expected. But that was just the first track. The rest of the album went back to the same old substandard American-style mainstream shit that Disturbed is known for. 2

Cobal Caldera: Surprisingly not vomitive radio metal with flawless execution and production that I can perfectly live without. In fact, fuck this. 4

Royal Hunt: XIII – Devil’s dozenroyal-hunt-devils-dozen


Habakuk: My honed metal instincts tell me that if a band name refers to some sort of royalty, the band behind probably isn’t too great. Boom. 3

CadenZ: With this CD, I shall perform a 666 yard kick, also known as the Royal Punt. 2

sincan: Well, wow, turn around, nothing for me, maybe for you? Yes for you, go in! 4

sly: This vocalist is a Royal Cunt. 0

Cobal Caldera: We should get paid for listening to this lame, boring and pretentious shit. 3


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