Candlemass: Tales of creation – Reply

05/11/06  ||  Lord K Philipson

Leif Edling of Candlemass

Global Domination: We at Global Domination saw fit to add
your release, “Tales of creation”, to our esteemed Class 6(66) hall of
fame. Do you feel this album is worthy of such an honor?

Leif Edling: Maybe I wouldn’t as first, but our fans keep on telling us that they love it very much.

GD: What was the ultimate goal for you while recording this album?

Leif Edling: To do a very ambitious album. I had
been working on the concept of the origin of life for some years and I
really wanted to record the entire story. Nothing bad with being
ambitious OR pretentious, I think. But you risk a lot. It is very easy
for people to laugh at you if you’re too over the top. And I think we
have seen quite few of those for the past 10 years or so. People with
writing ambitions that wants to be taken very seriously in this business
but have a hard time to even get the English right. Way too many big
headed concept albums are released in the field of heavy metal.

GD: Name something of interest that you remember from the recording sessions.

Leif Edling: That Lindfors, the producer, wanted to
work with just one guitar. He didn’t want Lars’ rhythm guitar on it at
all. He had some idea about just working with Mappe’s guitar to get a
more organic production. Not a bad thought but this is Candlemass and we
have two guitars, so we fought a lot about it in the studio. In the end
he added a guitar, thank god. and didn’t speak to us for a couple of
days, haha!!

GD: If you could change any one thing about this album, what would you change?

Leif Edling: I don’t like to change things even if
it is not a perfect album. It should stay as it was. It is a document
over this period of Candlemass. Don’t touch it! Hmmm, while thinking
about it… maybe re-work some of Messiah’s way too overblown vocals,

GD: Why do you think this album means so much to those who consider it a classic?

Leif Edling: They say it is one of the first really
heavy concept albums and they love the theme of it, even though it is a
bit christian. I know… a dirty word. And they do like the songs like
“Edge of heaven” more than I do.

GD: Finally, as an artist and musician, what special place does this album hold in your heart?

Leif Edling: Don’t ask me to rank my kids damn it!! No, seriously… I love this one as well as the others. Of course!!

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