Candlemass: Nightfall – Reply

13/10/06  ||  Lord K Philipson

Leif Edling of Candlemass

Global Domination: We at Global Domination saw fit to add
your release, “Nightfall”, to our esteemed Class 6(66) hall of fame. Do
you feel this album is worthy of such an honor?

Leif Edling: It’s cool that people like the album.
I’m not an “award” guy and I don’t care much for prizes or Grammy’s or
whatever, but it is always nice if people like what you do, or what we
did, in this case. If our fans dig the record that’s enough for me. AND,
if I like it myself!! This one I do enjoy.

GD: What was the ultimate goal for you while recording this album?

Leif Edling: We wanted it to be better than
“Epicus…”. Of course we loved it at the time, but it didn’t sell and we
thought the metal people didn’t approve of it so we felt kinda bad about
it. Being dropped and everything. So, we thought we should show the
world with “Nightfall”, and we did!

GD: Name something of interest that you remember from the recording sessions.

Leif Edling: The thing I remember the most is that
we failed with the first mix of it. It was first mixed by Ragne
Wahlquist at Thunderload Studios, where we did “Epicus”, but for some
reason it didn’t sound as good, so we had to re-mix it somewhere else.
We took the tapes to Stockholm Recording Studios and Lindfors gave it
the modern mix that was needed. I felt bad for Ragne’s sake. He was a
good guy but we had to improve the mix. I still have his mixes of “Well
of souls” and “Bewitched” etc, and they do sound ok, but not as good as
the “Nightfall” mixes.

GD: If you could change any one thing about this album, what would you change?

Leif Edling: Again, not one thing. Nowadays when
you listen to “Nightfall”, it does sound a bit dated with that big sound
on the snare for example, but when it came out, in 1987, it shocked
people with its big sound and fat guitars.

GD: Why do you think this album means so much to those who consider it a classic?

Leif Edling: They tell me they love the songs. It’s
a fucking doom hitparade they say: “Well of Souls”, “Bewitched”, “Dark
are the veils of death” etc etc.

GD: Finally, as an artist and musician, what special place does this album hold in your heart?

Leif Edling: I love it! Both “Epicus…” and “Nightfall” are my babies!

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