Candlemass: Epicus doomicus metallicus – Reply

27/08/06  ||  Lord K Philipson

Leif Edling of Candlemass

Global Domination: We at Global Domination saw fit to add
your release, “Epicus doomicus metallicus”, to our esteemed Class 6(66)
hall of fame. Do you feel this album is worthy of such an honor?

Leif Edling: Absolutely!! It’s definitely a classic
that lovers of heavy music have on their all-time favourite lists. Even
in the big magazines when they list the most important doom albums
ever, they put “Epicus…” in the top 3. And of course, I personally love
this album too! Without knowing it, we did everything right, haha!

GD: What was the ultimate goal for you while recording this album?

Leif Edling: We just wanted to make a record and
didn’t think further than that. It was also close that we had to disband
shortly after because it didn’t sell. It wasn’t until we released
“Nightfall” that “Epicus…” started to sell. You know, Black Dragon
actually dropped us some time after the release! Thanx guys, you did us a
great favour, haha!!

GD: Name something of interest that you remember from the recording sessions.

Leif Edling: I remember the chill down my spine
when Johan put his vocals down. That was unbelievable!! I also remember
the cold in the studio. It was placed BELOW the subway, and the chill
was almost unbearable. We had to have gloves and Helly-Hansen on, and
long-johns, haha!!

GD: If you could change any one thing about this album, what would you change?

Leif Edling: Not a fucking thing!!

GD: Why do you think this album means so much to those who consider it a classic?

Leif Edling: I think it’s the vibe of the album.
It’s so heavy but also beautiful. A great atmosphere, bone-heavy riffs
and Johan’s vocals. Pure magic!!

GD: Finally, as an artist and musician, what special place does this album hold in your heart?

Leif Edling: I truly love it! I think we played all
the songs from “Epicus…” last years at some gigs. I mean ALL of them!
Even “Black Stone Wielder”.

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