Candlemass: Tales of creation

15/02/06  ||  Lord K Philipson

Released: 1991


The last of the 4 classic Candlemass albums. Now they are all
covered for this section. “Tales of creation” is the least of my faves
when it comes to The First Four, but it’s nonetheless a fucken classic.
It kinda sounds like Candlemass started to lose some of their magic
here,something the next album would show all too well. Still, “Tales of
creation” holds a bastard-load of great material but it’s hardly a
masterpiece such as “Epicus” or “Nightfall”. Still, it is a classic by all means.


8. As mentioned, for the first time up to this album it feels like
the material is starting to lack a little. “Somewhere in nowhere” is a
weak track and definitely not on par with the classic shit I got used to
with the previous 3 albums. But make no mistake, there are some
insanely good tunes on this piece; “Dark reflections”, “The edge of
heaven” and “A tale of creation” are all pieces of doomstruction. But
clearly Leif had his best days behind him while recording this.


8. It sounds all fine despite its age. Of course it’s no “Epicus” but
there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the production. “Ancient dreams”
sounds very compressed, something they fixed with this one. It has a
little more air to it and comes across as a quite well produced effort
in the end.


8. The leads get a 9 though, that’s for sure. Playing
Candlemass-riffs is about as complicated as riding the bus into town.
And that’s pretty much the beauty of it – it doesn’t take 4 million
notes to make a great riff, Candlemass are masters at composing simple
yet fucken super effective riffs that just get into your head, pull out a
few camping chairs and stay for a week or 5. Simplicity is key together
with groove. Mats and Lars always deliver their shit. Lars can quite
possibly be one of the most underrated lead guitarists in Sweden.


8. It’s still Messiah, which means it’s still the same irritating
vibrato. But still, it’s fucken Messiah. And still, at the time of this
it was hard to imagine anyone else doing vocals for Candlemass.
Eventually he needed to go since his ego was bigger than his stomach. We
all know how that worked out… (and I’m not talking about the excellent
Robert Lowe).


6. A little bit louder this time around. But still no punch at all
to it. If playing these guys’ guitar-riffs is like taking the bus into
town, playing the bass is as complicated as taking a piss, sober. Turn
it up, Leif! How many times do I have to say this?


8. Jan Lindh does what he does best – keeps the beat with nothing
remotely fancy put in whatsoever. And that’s all we need for quality
doom metal. You won’t hear much f a progression from album to album when
it comes to Jan. He’s perfected his simple style and is happy with
that. So am I.


7. As their website states:

“A saga about the origin of life that begun on on their first
demo with ”Under the oak” (also on ”Epicus”) and ”Into the unfathomed
tower”. Now he wanted to do the whole thing. The lyrics – almost half a
bible – was written back in 1985, had to be reworked a bit and new music
had to be created to the concept”.

I guess that’s ok with me.

Cover art

4. This cover is not that cool. And the color yellow doesn’t belong in metal. The precious three were way better.


7. As always.


And again… no booklet for me, LP only. And since that shit is in the
basement I can’t even remember what it looked like and it’s not like
I’m going down there to check. yes, all my LP’s are in the basement and
have been so for the last few years, so prepare yourself for reading
this sentence (with a few variations) over and over again in future
reviews of classic albums.

Overall and ending rant

8. After this album, Candlemass parted ways and went downhill, fast.
They never fully recovered and I don’t think they ever will. This is
the last album where Leif actually still had parts of “it” in him.
Anyways, this piece is essential for your collection together with the
first three albums. Candlemass will always be the reigning doom-kings,
all thanx to these 4 albums. Hail them for what the are – true legends.
Also, let’s hope for a return to the glory days.

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