Candlemass: Nightfall

12/02/06  ||  Lord K Philipson

Released: 1987


Considered Candlemass’ finest effort by many. I have a hard time
choosing which one is the winner between this one and “Epicus Doomicus
Metallicus”. Either way, this is another Candlemass classic and marks
the debut of vocalist Messiah. It couldn’t have been an easy task to
write for this album considering the classic they released just a year
earlier. How Leif and his cohorts managed to fire up such a good album
as this in such a short period of time is beyond me. It truly takes
talented people to pull something like that off.


9. What we have here is nothing short of insane doom metal. And it
grooves, baby. Oh, how it fucken grooves. “The well of souls” could
possibly be one of the best C tracks ever. Candlemass
really burnt for their music here, making “Nightfall” a sheer
masterpiece filled with emotion and classic tunes allover. Just listen
to any track off this piece for further proof. At the time of releasing
these songs Candlemass should have become one of the biggest bands in
metal, that’s how fantastic this is. They took inspiration from Black
Sabbath and whatnot and managed to turn it into something completely
own, defining the sound of depending doom in a whim. Candlemass became
legends here.


8. A bit too reverb-ish drum wise, but nonetheless it’s a clean and
nice production. But I definitely prefer the sound of “Epicus” to this.
It sounds very good though, no question about that. I can just imagine
what “Nightfall” would sound like had they sported the same production
as on their debut. I’m not sure if the world would still be standing
after that. Nonetheless, it sounds great.


9. I think Mike Wead is playing the leads on this album but I don’t
think he was ever a member of the band. Something about Lars Johansson
breaking his arm led to Mike doing solos and shit if my mind isn’t
completely fucked up. Anyways, those solos are awesome. I like melody in
my solos and that’s what I get with this album. On the other hand,
Mappe Björkman is doing fine as always with the rhythm-shit. The tone is
nothing spectacular but works without complaints.


8. Messiah’s vibrato has a tendency to get annoying as ants in yer
pants on a Sunday morning, but still his voice is nothing short of
unique. He was a perfect match for Candlemass after Johan’s departure
and really helped to shape Candlemass into the beast we came to know
them as.


5. Still I’m puzzled that Leif’s bass isn’t louder in the mix. After
all, he IS the mainman in the fucken band. That’s been a problem on all
of Candlemass’s albums, nt turning that fucken bass up. Don’t
be afraid, Leif – no one’s fucken died by some loud bass. You want proof
of how it’s done? “Saltrubbed eyes” by Seance. Though I think it’s safe
to say that particular sound would work for you guys, but I think
you’ll understand what I mean.


8. Jan Lindh is a competent drummer and wouldn’t know how to pull
out a fancy beat if it bit him in the arse. But man, does it work with
Candlemass. We do not need spectacular drumming in doom metal, let’s
leave that to the assholes who want to do nothing but show off. Jan is
steady as shit and works with what he has.


7. Read the “Epicus” review. Leif’s not any happier this time around.

Cover art

7. It’s possessing a pure doom atmosphere and that’s that. Is that a
boat and an angel that I spot on the cover? I fucken hate boats and I
fucken hate angels so I should lower this grade. It’s nice though and
adds to the atmosphere.


7. Same as always. Plain letters. Plain beautiful.


As with “Epicus” I never saw the booklet for this one and I can’t
remember how the LP looked like really. I guess it was nothing special
though. Hopefully it had a picture of Leif and his classic mullet – then
this fucker is a given 10.

Overall and ending rant

9. “Nightfall” and “Epicus” are equally great albums. It’s
impossible for me to point out a winner, simply becoz both are landmarks
for awesome doom metal. Not many musicians can fire up so much awesome
material in a short period of time (I am one of them, but you already
knew that), but Leif sure had that gift back here in the 80’s.
“Nightfall” is majestic on all accounts and it’s also an album you
should be fucken ashamed of not owning.

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