AC/DC: Powerage

11/06/10  ||  Trauma

Released: 1978


With the Bon Scott era AC/DC, I can easily find myself putting on
the album, reaching the end, and wondering where the hell the time went.
As much as I may toot the horn of modern bands like Opeth or Alice in
Chains as my favorite fap-time soundtrack providers, AC/DC has been
there as my old-timey saviors. Nothing makes you want to rock the house
like rock – no shit, eh? While it isn’t for me, I can understand when
people are in the mindset of the album “Highway to hell” as overplayed.
Well, for them I would recommend this album, containing all the songs
required to make a classic album and then some.


10. Up until the mid-80’s, AC/DC didn’t really have any glaring
holes in their songwriting. You knew (or should have known) what you
were going to get before you heard it, and the brothers Young made sure
that there was no chance in hell for you to hear anything to the
contrary. You’ve got your popular tunes like “Riff raff” and “Sin
city”, along with your
more-solid-than-a-Viagra-induced-boner-when-you-don’t-even-have-ED tunes
like “Gone shootin’”, “Down payment blues”, and “Gimme a bullet”.
Don’t think those are highlights? Fuck it, go ahead and name any track
off this album. I won’t even call you an idiot.


9. It’s 70s gritty production. The guitars sound very dirty with
so much gain it would make current guitar-enthusiasts cringe. I love
it, though. The bass sounds nice and smooth and the drums are at the
right levels along with the rest of the music. This is also the last
album of the era produced by Angus and Malcolm’s brother George and some
guy Vanda. It works as a solid rock and roll production and probably
not too far off of what you’d hear in a smoke-filled club when they hit
the stage.


10. I can’t think of anything else to mark when talking about AC/DC
and guitars. They are never short on fantastic riffs and catchy tunes.
Ever. Every guitar riff and solo makes the whole in – two feet of my
penis get up and dance around with me. If only…

Even with all the gain they blast through the speakers it sounds
great and pretty clear. With yet better tone than most can achieve.
There’s been plenty written and said of Angus and Malcolm’s playing.
Hell, I’ve said it in my “Highway to hell” review. They were guitarists
that you looked up to before you even knew how to masturbate with
household furniture. I mean, c’mon, fucken “Riff raff”!!!


10. Bon Scott was just the most unique voice rock and roll had. No
one could out-frontman this guy. He had some of the worst teeth at the
time and he was still cooler than anyone in a 25-mile radius. His
voice essentially proved to you that even if you sang like Roy Orbison,
you were still a pussy and you would never be as cool as him. EVER. I will concede and admit that he sounds much better on this album than on “Highway to hell”.


10. It’s pretty prominent throughout the album and if you wanted to
set about learning the album by ear you wouldn’t even need to be the
spawn of Superman. You could even have hearing problems and still hear
it when you concentrated hard enough. Basslines are great, too.
Sometimes mostly just a riding line here and there, but he does enough
to add to the music.


10. Phil Rudd. Ten. I’d go on further, but I explained enough in
my “Highway to hell” coverage and you could pretty much apply every word
to this album as well. I hate repeating myself.


10. They are the epitome of rock and roll, life, love, feelings,
romance, how to play poker. Well, maybe just a couple of those, but
that’s AC/DC and it has always been, even to today. Memorable and fun
to sing along to when you’re absolutely drunk. Again, they lost a
special something when Bon Scott was gone.

Cover art

7. It’s okay. No Dan Seagrave, Michael Whelan, or Picasso, but
Angus Young being charged by his cable hands. 10 on the right, 9 on the
left. Count ‘em. There may be 10 on the left but I think they made a
mistake when coloring. Yes, I have actually in the past and even today
thought about that.


10. It says AC/DC which is usually a 10 by default, and it is
modified to match the title font. Good enough for me. Insert penis
reference here.


5. AC/DC and booklets are not great friends. At least, with their
old albums and in CD format. I don’t blame them, because it’s not their
fault. It’s just nothing of note, not even lyrics. But remember,
fantastic records like these don’t need booklets in the end.

Overall and ending rant

“Powerage” is a fantastic example of rock and roll from down under,
let alone the entire planet. I would even dare say Universe, but I’d be
interested in hearing music from other bipedal sentient life-forms that
developed off of the same genetic material as us (you know, that
hitched a ride on a broken off piece of some space-rock and crashed into
this planet some millions of years ago destroying the once prominent
dinosaurs). That’d be damn interesting, DC/AC or more locally known as
ﭏﻼ|ﭏךּ from Gliese 581 c. I wonder, though. Wouldn’t they play

For the most part I hesitate handing out 10’s unless it’s a shining
example of a genre/time period. AC/DC managed two, count ‘em, two
records that are exactly that within two years. Remember what I said
before, though. Other albums, like this, may also be a 10, but it will never compare to “Highway to hell”. This is certainly as close as you could get, however.


  • Information
  • Released: 1978
  • Label: Atco/Atlantic
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Bon Scott: vocals
  • Angus Young: guitars
  • Malcolm Young: guitars
  • Cliff Williams: bass
  • Phil Rudd: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Rock n’ roll damnation
  • 02. Down payment blues
  • 03. Gimme a bullet
  • 04. Riff raff
  • 05. Sin city
  • 06. What’s next to the moon
  • 07. Gone shootin’
  • 08. Up to my neck in you
  • 09. Kicked in the teeth

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