AC/DC: Back in black

15/07/08  ||  theProphet

Released: 1980


It was recently (more or less) announced that legendary band AC/DC
is set to release a new album. To help building expectations, I’m going
to take you back in time. Back to before I was conceived, even… In the
year of 1980, tragedy struck the world of hard rock. AC/DC’s frontman
Bon Scott was found dead after a drinking binge resulting in him choking
on his own vomit. In spite of this, the band decided to carry on, and a
replacement, Brian Johnson, was hired. Most of the music for a new
album had already been written prior to Scott’s death, and this work was
completed together with Johnson before the year was over. Thus, “Back
In Black” was born.


9. Amazing. No band writes songs like AC/DC. I’m not saying that no
band writes better songs, but no band can churn out no-brainer rock n’
roll riffs like this and create hit after hit. This album holds so many
classics it’s ridiculous, I don’t know which one of the Young brothers
is responsible for what, so I’ll praise them both equally,
songwriting-wise. Songs such as “Hell’s Bells”, “You Shook Me All Night
Long” or the title-track are forever untouchable icons of rock, and
therefore also metal.


8. What is there really to say? “Back In Black” sports the classic
AC/DC sound, not overly distorted, bluesy guitars with a bit of a rough
edge, pounding bass, well audible in the mix and drums that sound
fucking organic and REAL. Everything here is
well balanced and no instrument is overpowering the others. Topping it
off is Johnson’s awesome vocal performance blending in perfectly with
the overall sound.


10. Angus Young is a bonafide guitar hero if I ever saw one. Having
ventured into the realms of technical death metal, I can definitely name
a dozen that are faster, yet (as we reviewers, who often delve much
deeper into the music than the general populace, are well aware of)
being a good guitarist has nothing to do with being able to play the
most notes per second, Angus Young cock-slaps that Necrophagist guy any
day of the week. Also (fuck, this section is getting meaty, well, AC/DC
always were a guitar oriented band. I fully realize this bullshit
parenthesis made it even longer.) his brother deserves praise for the
awesome rhythm work he’s responsible for, one of the best guitar duos
there ever was.


9. Yes, a fucking nine. I always preferred Brian Johnson to his
deceased predecessor, the flat-cap adorned car enthusiast might not be
the charismatic performer that the late Scott was, but this is a SOUND
recording and charisma doesn’t count for that much here. Johnson’s
voice is like a high pitched snarl, somewhat akin to the sound of a
whirring engine, if the analogy is permitted. Anyway, it succeeds in
giving the songs a raw edge and making the overall sound a little


7. The bass on here is the musical equivalent of a regular, ordinary
fuck. Just a steady pumping rhythm and nothing flashy about it
whatsoever. While not entirely satisfying, it’s certainly way better
than a night out that ends with you staggering home to a cold empty bed.
Incidentally, the musical equivalent of that is badly produced black


6,5. A bit like with the bass, but instead this is like watching a
quite boring fight. However, as you are a little occupied with having
ordinary sex and listening to those awesome guitars, you don’t really
care. Still every now and then the odd THUNDERSLUG manages to grab your attention.


7. About as subtle as flailing you manhood at an intended mate.
Still, “Let Me Put My Love Into You” was awarded with a place in the
infamous “Filthy Fifteen” list, instigated by the PMRC, so at least they’ve gotta be incredibly outrageous and provoking, right?

Let me put my love into you, babe

Let me put my love on the line

Let me put my love into you, babe

Let me cut your cake with my knife

… right…

Rock n’ roll lyrics by numbers, not the worst I’ve heard. By fucking far.

Cover art

8. A classic, simple as that.


9. Not the height of aesthetic achievement perhaps. Nevertheless,
the AC/DC logo is one of the most recognizable in rock history, not
always a positive thing as a big golden M is recognizable as well,
although not in rock history. Still, it invokes nothing but good
feelings in me and most metal fans out there. In all cases, it stands
proudly (?) as the most parodied and homaged band logo ever.


5. Or whatever. If a booklets not incredibly good (such as
Deathspell Omega’s “Kénôse”) I don’t tend to care very much. Safe to say
this has never offended me…

Overall and ending rant

8,5. “Back In Black” is an album that will never disappoint you. I
seldom find myself really yearning to listen to it, yet every time I do I
come to the same conclusion: this is a fucking fantastic album. From
the ominous bell in “Hell’s Bells” ‘til the final power chord of “Rock
and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution”, “BIB
contains quality riffs, licks and sex analogies galore. I doubt that
many of you have missed this absolute gem, but if you have, I have now
enlightened you of its existence so you no longer have a valid excuse
for not loving this. This is the “Sgt. Pepper’s” of rock n’ roll (I
would point out that this is the second best selling album by anyone in
the history of THE WORLD, but that only means it got second to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”).

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