Audio Autopsy August 2015

Audio Autopsy – August 2015

01/08/15  ||  Global Domination

Cut Up: Forensic nightmaresCutUp-ForensicNightmares


Habakuk: Solid. The mixture of Forensics and death metal rarely fails. 7


sincan: Some awesome riffing on this here and there, some say that this rocks, but I’m just hard separating the stuff but follow the Order of the chainsaw and you will be fit. 7

sly: Great brutal Swedish death metal that stays clear of the overdone retro vibe flooding the scene. 7

Trauma: I think I have heard this band before.  They just weren’t called Cut Up. 5

Cobal Caldera: There’s super groups and there’s super groups. Judging by their debut, this is one is promising. Me, I could use a neater final mix, though. 7

High On Fire: Luminiferoushighonfireluminiferous


Habakuk: They obviously have potential, but they should try to be less catchy. 6

CadenZ: “The Cave” shows that High On Fire are best when burning low. 6

sincan: The first track just hammers you in the face like a Motörhead track boosted with heaviness and shit. The album just keeps going, and it’s goood. 9

sly: These guys never really change their formula from album to album but they shred it every time. Matt Pike’s solos are blazing! 8

Trauma: There is some very American riffage going on in this album.  That guitar tone has got to go, though.  It is getting old and not enjoyable.  6

Cobal Caldera: Other than the scarce moments of true epicness, I’d need to be high to believe they’re on fire. 5

Skinless: Only the ruthless remainSkinless-Only-the-Ruthless-Remain


Habakuk: Hey, it’s Sinister’s real album. 7

CadenZ: Ominous, groovy, and lacking that elusive X-factor. Maybe next time. 6

sincan: Heavy death of decent fucking OK! 7

sly: Pretty awesome east coast-style brutal death metal album with a fairly unique sound. 7

Trauma: I swear, I began to cringe as soon as I hit play, because I cared not one bit for their one album that’s almost 10 years old now.  And, well, fuck me — not nearly shit.  6

Cobal Caldera: Part of my work has to do with finding the others’ mistakes… mercilessly they said. What a great soundtrack to kick my colleagues’ arses! 7

Gorgoroth: Instinctus bestialisgorgoroth-instinctus_bestialis


Habakuk: ………………………………………*sips wine*……………………………………………………………………………….black metal. 6

CadenZ: Apart from the gumptious “Hail Satan!” chorus on “Ad omnipotens aeterne diabolus”, I’m left with pining for more bestialis and less autopilotis. 6

sincan: When I saw the cover I was so much looking forward to this release. Too bad it’s not as good as the cover, but it sure has some nice tunes. 7

sly: Infernus got rid of the horrible sounding Pest on vocals and has released quite an impressive black metal opus. Sure, it’s not perfect, but the overall use of melody and solos takes it far beyond your basic 2015 black metal release. 8

Trauma: This album is far and away an improvement over their last album.  7

Cobal Caldera: Can’t tell exactly why, but the phrase “a tamed Gorgoroth” keeps spinning in my mind. I miss higher pitched vocals as well. 5

Paradise Lost: The plague withinParadise_Lost_-_The_Plague_Within


Habakuk: Not bad, but not my thing either. 6

CadenZ: If someone should growl in PL, it should be Mackintosh. I also wouldn’t mind catchier songwriting. But the album cover’s nice, so they’ve got that going for them. 5

sincan: Pretty heavy and nice doom death thing. I guess this would work out pretty much for pretty many! 7

sly: Even though I was expecting something worse, what I hear still leaves me unenthused. 5

Trauma: Aaaand it manages to be better than the Bloodbath album on which Holmes appears.  Yes, I’m aware of the (sub-)genre differences. 7

Cobal Caldera: Paradise Lost: Giving the lie to all those who believe that slow is weak since 1988. 8

Dew-Scented: Interminationdew-scented-intermination


Habakuk: Oh, they’re still around and sound like everyone else now? That’s great. 5

CadenZ: The pure definition of “OK, no more, no less” death metal. 5

sincan: Thrash meets Gothenburg melodic pop? Pretty good, but rather long for the same track over and over. The vocals are a bit too core. 6

sly: This terribly named band continues their bland style of modern day thrash. 5

Trauma: Insanely immaculate improvisational instrumentation isn’t included inside “Intermination”.  Impelling intensification is.  6

Cobal Caldera: Definitely the winner of this edition. So heavy. So tight. Recommended track: “Living lies”. 8

Jungle Rot: Order shall prevailJungle-Rot-Order-Shall-Prevail


Habakuk: Lifeless, toothless, useless. What sounds like a modern-day Max Cavalera is actually an album featuring him just for one song. 4

CadenZ: A medium death steak and boiled metal potatoes. 5

sincan: Pretty OK death with vocals from someone who can back them up without sounding like a small dog on anabolics. 7

sly: These scene veterans release yet another album of slightly-above-average death metal that never really takes off. Decent, but far from thrilling. 6

Trauma: You’re going to have a better time with these guys than you will with the infection from which they get their name.  I usually do, anyway.  7

Cobal Caldera: Yes, it’s pretty badass. No, I won’t ever spin it again. Too many good death metal albums this month to pay much attention to this one. 5

Armored Saint: Win hands downArmored-Saint-Win-Hands-Down


Habakuk: Call me thick but I just realized John Bush was their singer. Pretty good at it, too. 7

CadenZ: The heavy 90’s vibe and John Bush’s awesome voice make this shit happen. 7

sincan: A little to cheesy and easy listened heavy metal for me, like old blokes trying to be a bit more right in time (in a bad way). 5

sly: A pretty good mixture of traditional and modern metal but Bush’s vocals have never really been my thang. 6

Trauma: Not exactly… 6

Cobal Caldera: I was expecting something in the lame vein of De-Virgin-ized with a Steel Dildo and I found something even lamer. 2

Graveworm: Ascending hateGraveworm-Ascending-Hate


CadenZ: Second-rate Hypocrisy/Dimmu Borgir worship. Still has its moments, though. 6

sincan: Melodic death of epicness, just, not that well managed when it comes to song writing and production. Well, I guess some will find things to enjoy in this, after all. 5

sly: This is like the goth death metal version of Poo-Scented. And yeah, it’s also pretty bland. 5

Trauma: I haven’t liked anything by this band in the past.  This isn’t cringe-inducing, but… I am still not a fan. 4

Cobal Caldera: I’ve got a soft spot for Graveworm and other bands of the CoF-type. There, I said it. 7

Sinister: Dark memorialssinister-dark-memorials


Habakuk: 8 points for the song choice, but seriously: if you want to play thrash, hardcore and Bolt Thrower covers, at least get a singer that has something resembling a vocal range. Somewhere between a disgrace and a shame. 3

CadenZ: Forgettable, forgettabler, forgettablest, Sinister. Even when doing covers. Says something about the band, doesn’t it? 5

sincan: The grunting vocals of not much, behind? It’s always a bad thing for me when it comes to death. 5

sly: Cool covers of great songs by a good band, yet I find myself longing to hear the originals. Not much replay value here. 6

Trauma: Sinister has some decent shit under their belt… but this awfully produced cover album can go fuck off. 4

Cobal Caldera: Sinister will always be sinister, although I never thought I’d use the word ‘refreshing’ to speak about their music. 7

Pro-Pain: Voice of rebellionpro-pain-voice-of-rebellion


Habakuk: Still angry, still bald. Anti-change. Pro-Pain. 6

CadenZ: Apparently Pro-Pain forgot to pack their brains in their gym bags, resulting in a mindless voice of rebellion, which is a sad and redundant thing. 4

sincan: Not utter shit, which was something I imagined, I mean, utter shit. Maybe I’m drunk, but this is rather groovy. 6

sly: I don’t like this type of ’90s hardcore but these guys do it with such conviction that after hearing Rhapsody I felt relieved to be thrown into an urban east coast douche ambiance… for a few songs. Cool lyrics though. 4

Trauma: Excuse me while I go pace and flex in front of a mirror. 3

Cobal Caldera: These people are very good at creating a violence-provoking groovy sound. Too bad they’re not good at creating a good album out of that. 5

August Burns Red: Found in far away placesaugust-burns-red-found-in-far-away-places


Habakuk: You have a three word band name. It was over before it began. 5

CadenZ: What is this shit called again? Metalcore? Deathcore? Djentcore? Shitcore? Right. Who cares. 3

sincan: Wow, I really want to cut my hair and color it black and do other cool stuff, like dyed blue jeans and shit, when listening to this. 4

sly: At last, the secret formula for lame deathy metal core band names is revealed! Random noun + edgy verb + morbid color:
Mars Melts Black
Alice Screams Red
Sky Weeps Gray

Trauma: August won’t be burning too red for me, as I plan on not listening to this album and/or band any more than past required for AA. 1

Cobal Caldera: Definitely one of the most accomplished metalcore records I’ve been forced to listen to. Still, it’s impossible to ignore the pansy and generic moments, and I’m sorry, but I still don’t give two liquid shits about this whole “movement”. 5

Lindemann: Skills in pillsLindemann_Skills_in_Pills


Habakuk: Not a Rammstein fan, not a Tägtgren fan – I’m having a hard time viewing myself as the target group for this. 3

CadenZ: I’m sure this works for Pain/Rammstein fans, I’m mostly bored. 4

sincan: When I first found out about this project I was kind of, well not believing in miracles, but hoping for something good. However, it sounds like the older Rammstein, but with English vocals, thus, not that sexy. 5

sly: Rammstein in English, enabling you to understand what this twat has to say. And it sure ain’t provoking or even remotely amusing. In fact, it’s darn right stupid. I mean it SUCKS! 2

Trauma: Holy shit.  Till Lindemann wrote some Rammstein songs auf Englisch, and asked Peter Tagtren to write some music.  Which ends up sounding just like Rammstein would, but — confusingly — worse.  2

Cobal Caldera: Even more pointless and boring than Rammstein, and that’s saying a lot. At least it’s not annoying. I suppose that if… Forget it, that’s too many “ifs”. 3

Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody: Prometheus, symphonia ignis divinusluca-turillis-rhapsody-prometheus


Habakuk: Luca Turilli’s ego party – now completely made from plastic! 2

CadenZ: The perfect soundtrack to Barbie and Ken’s plastic and devoid-of-emotion wedding. With unicorns farting rainbows in the background. 3

sincan: First a three minute intro of semen drying. Then, well, who’s Rhapsody? Fuck Rhapsody, and all about it. 3

sly: Oh bother, this is terrible! Alessandro Cunti’s shallow vocals are beyond comical in Italian! Pompous retard power metal for fans of pompous retard power metal. 1

Trauma: I. Think. I’ll. Pass. Danunununununununununununununununununununununununununununun. 1

Cobal Caldera: Operatic/cinematic metal at its…best? No one who isn’t already into Rhapsody and its many peripheral bands should get any close to this record. Otherwise, you know what to expect. 6

Virgin Steele: Nocturnes of hellfire & damnationVirgin-Steele_Nocturnes-of-hellfire-and-damnation


Habakuk: Borin Rocke. 3

CadenZ: Hahahahaha!!! Hahahaha….HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Oh… Hahah… Phew… Oh, my… Huh? What am I laughing about? Well, when you hear a man (?) squealing like an ass-raped cat, (and he obviously thinks he sounds cool), you’d laugh too. For hours. Then you realize this pile of ill-produced shit got released, fo reelz, on a reputable label (SPV). Try not to cry. Cry anyway. Shake uncontrollably. Fetch your favorite tool from the garage. Enter the streets and release the ORDER OF THE CHAINSAAAAAAAAAAWW!!!!! 1

sincan: Autotune over-usage detected, proceed to fuck off! And when not used, lame storytelling lingering in the curtains style is let loose. 3

sly: More pompous retard power metal, but with a North American twist. What’s with these terrible vocalists? 2

Trauma: Hahahah.  Ahahahahaha.  There’s just no way… hahahaha. 1

Cobal Caldera: If the cat-in-heat-like vocals weren’t that fucking annoying, this would be a meh heavy metal album. 3

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