Audio Autopsy – June 2015

Audio Autopsy – June 2015

01/06/15  ||  Global Domination

Tribulation: The children of the nighttribulation-the-children-of-the-night


Habakuk: I like to watch bands developing, and Tribulation moving from the debut’s full-speed death to this King Diamond-esque (without the vocals, thank God) vestige of death metal over the course of three albums is quite fun. 8

CadenZ: Album number three in Tribulation’s discography is nothing short of a masterpiece. I’m amazed that such a young band can evolve so quickly, and still retain their unique sound – and the high quality that was already there on debut “The Horror”. I am very, very impressed. 9

Cobal Caldera: Sinister and sophisticated music with a notable sense of melody and songwriting. I approve. 8

sly: Tribulation’s turn of the twentieth century vampiric image goes perfectly with their blend of death-metal-meets-classic-metal. “The children of the night” drips with ghoulish atmosphere and musical excellence. Few bands are able to meld those two qualities, and even fewer are successful. 9

NettleCarrier: Black coffin rites



Habakuk: Bla Metal. No, this is not “fill in the blanks”. 5

CadenZ: Say “Yes!” to Norwegian black metal! Yes! 8

Cobal Caldera: Black metal in the vein of the Norwegian bands of the early 90’s… When well done, always right… This is well done. Really liked the stormy nightmare feel to it. 7

sly: It had been so long since I heard such great black metal from Norway, I was losing hope. Luckily, these scene veterans have revived the black flame! 8

Morgoth: Ungod



Habakuk: They too seem to think that “Cursed” was their best album. Damn, what a return! 8

CadenZ: Metal of the old school of death. Me is in the liking. I has not English. It has me. 6

Cobal Caldera: For some idiotic reason, I was expecting much more than a meh album. 5

sly: It’s surprising that Morgoth’s comeback album was so long in the making because almost all the riffs are overly simplistic. It has the naive charm of their first release that I quite enjoy. 7

Drudkh: A furrow cut shortdrudkh-a-furrow-cut-short


Habakuk: Surprisingly little Forest Metal. I’d probably enjoy it more if I had more time. 7

CadenZ: The dense atmosphere, Drudkh’s most prominent feature, is still here, even though this album sounds a bit more energetic and punchy than the previous ones. Very, very well done. 8

Cobal Caldera: Is it just me or are these guys gradually turning into one of those hipster-friendly black metal acts? 5

sly: Lukewarm, yawn-enducing, atmospheric cultblackmetal that has its moments thus its fans. 5

Khors: Night falls onto the fronts of ours



Habakuk: Khoring! 5

CadenZ: If “night” is slang for cum, that album title just might make some sense. Other than that, Horse treat us to some melancholic and melodic dark/black metal that definitely has its moments. A bit too repetitive and faceless for higher points, though. 6

Cobal Caldera: Húha! Do we have a winner here? Intelligent and well-varied are not the kind of adjectives that I would use to talk about black metal. “Night falls…” is, in addition, consistent and very energetic, and the guitar work is dynamic and smart… for a black metal record, that is. Horns up! 9

sly: No. No. Sorry, guys. “Night falls onto the fronts of ours” means absolutely nothing. You’re not allowed to think this means something. Or to use Google translate, for that matter. Night falls onto the fronts of our what? Of our nights? If you want to go international and/or use English, keep it simple and get someone who knows how to translate. Because if I already didn’t give a shit about your brand of symphonic black metal, I’m even less likely to give it a chance now. 4

Infernal War: Axiominfernal-war-axiom


Habakuk: Nothing touches their masterful “Redesekration”, but these Poles of doubtful political affiliations still know how to sound angry.  7

CadenZ: Is it death? Is it black? Is it decent? Yes. 6

Cobal Caldera: Nothing wrong with this one, pretty useless to me nonetheless. 5

sly: Competent black metal that sounds like Second Division Marduk. 5

The Grotesquery: Curse of the skinless bride



Habakuk: Pulpy old school death, and pretty good at that! 7

CadenZ: Pretty OK Rogga death. Sadly, the spoken in-betweeners ruin the flow of the album. 6

Cobal Caldera: Straight forward death metal with very heavy, catchy riffs. Musically, the album is better than average, but the whole narration in between the songs felt kinda childish to me. I wish I could see them live once. 6

sly: With such a musical pedigree I was expecting more than this tepid offering of stale death metal riffs. Plus Kam Lee’s vocals are pretty much terrible these days. 4

Frantic Amber: Burning insight



Habakuk: Not bad at all for a band I’ve never even heard of. I recommend you listen to “Entwined” if you feel like getting into some Melodic Death with some edge. 7

CadenZ: I was expecting nightmare-inducing suckage from K’s favorite hate object, but this is actually pretty decent melodeath in the Arch Enemy vein. I still don’t get the moniker, though. Why the fuck would somebody want to call themselves Frantic Amber? Frantic. Fucking. Amber. Hectic Kathryn was already taken? 6

Cobal Caldera: I’m normally skeptical when it comes to the subject of chick bands. I have to say Frantic Amber surprised me. The good way. Their melodeath – no offense meant – is actually energetic and pretty well performed. As well, “Self destruction” is a damn catchy song. 7

sly: The name was already a dire warning of the auricular ineptitude awaiting me, then the music confirmed my worries: garish melodic-emo-chick-death of the most standardized sort. Auspiciously, if you order “Burning insight” in the next 6 minutes you’ll get a 66% discount on the Hot Topic corset of your choice. 2

Forgotten Tomb: Hurt yourself and the ones you love



Habakuk: Hurt yourself and the ones you love. Bore everyone else. 4

CadenZ: Apart from the silly title, Forgotten Fart break wind in a stylish manner. I can appreciate both the vile grooves and the sinister moods. Certainly a step-up from the snoozefest that was their latest offering. 7

Cobal Caldera: Blackening groovy riffs is hardly an innovative idea, and yet “Bad dreams come true” is indeed one of the best attempts to do so. Having said that, “Hurt…” gets to be kinda boring. 6

sly: Pretty groovy and upbeat for suicidal black metal, methinks. 4

Ereb Altor: Nattramn



HabakukNattramn… Nattramn…ah. 5

CadenZ: A semi-nice mix of Isole and Týr, with very plain melody lines but enjoyable blackish moments. The snare sound can go fuck yo mama. 6

Cobal Caldera: Back off unless you’re into Tolkien. A lot. I am. 6

sly: It’s bewildering that the whole production line from band to label didn’t realize that their clean vocalist completely sucks and sings off key. There is no excuse for that. Your one or two acceptable riffs are rendered utterly meaningless. 2

Nightrage: The puritan



Habakuk: Secondrate. 6

CadenZ: I get nightrage from listening to this half-assed In Flames-ripoff. Fuck you very much. 3

Cobal Caldera: On one hand, it’s true that the simplicity of the songs enhances the perception of very round compositions; there’s even momentum to some of them, that kind of impulse that actually makes you live the music. On the other hand, the corish vibe killed the afore mentioned effect for me, plus I couldn’t avoid the feel that I was listening to earlier In Flames revisited or something. 5

sly: I don’t like melodic death metal very much and these buttlicks won’t change that! Though they do have some cool riffs here and there. 4

Agnostic Front: The American dream diedagnostic-front-the-american-dream-died


Habakuk: Hnugh nuugh nuhhhgh! As always, fuck the vocals. They kill this band. 3 points for the moments with gang shouts.

CadenZ: Works in small doses if you’re bro-drunk (brunk?) and looking to get into a fight. I’m usually none of these things. Also, fuck the singer. 3

Cobal Caldera: Silly kinda amusing songs and vocals that resemble those of Fred “pansy” Durst. That can’t be good, right? Right?! 4

sly: These tireless veterans play it safe on this one. But I gotta say that time hasn’t been kind to Miret’s vocals. He’s starting to sound like that douche from 25 Ta Life. 6

Hardcore Superstar: HCSShardcore-superstar-hcss


Habakuk: Are these guys big? Oh. 4

CadenZ: Hella Crappy Swedish Sleaze. 3

Cobal Caldera: I lack the words to hate properly. What else did you expect from a band with the word ‘superstar’ in their moniker? 1

sly: Hardcore sucking star. 2

Apocalyptica: Shadowmakerapocalyptica-shadowmaker


Habakuk: …plays Metallica by four cellos. Sorry, that stuck. 5

CadenZ: Apocaboreica are here with their new album Shadowmeh. Who’s up for some…nah, I can’t even fake enthusiasm for this puddle of lukewarm goat piss. 3

Cobal Caldera: Somebody cut the singer’s throat please! PLEASE! 0

sly: This bullshit novelty act’s cello shtick was already old on day one. Now it’s even worse than before. At least it shows consistency? 1

Halestorm: Into the wild life



Habakuk: First I thought “Alestorm”. I’m not sure if what came next was a change for better or for worse. Good Lord! 3

CadenZ: How this pop quartet can be referred to as a “hard rock band” is beyond me. They do, however have some qualities, mostly when they keep away from the…eh…”hard rock”. 4

Cobal Caldera: —Aaaand this is why I’m skeptical about chick bands…
—But yo, only the singer’s a babe!
—No shit?! Well, that’s a surprise… 2

sly: I’d like to take this band to the Court of Crimes Against Music for aural genocide. 0


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