Audio Autopsy – January 2015

Audio Autopsy – January 2015

01/01/15  ||  Global Domination

Bloodbath: Grand morbid funeralbloodbath-grand-morbid-funeral


Habakuk: There is a religious following for this band which I don’t fully get, but they do play some decent Swedeath. 7

CadenZ: If Old Nick had more meat and punch in his voice, this would challenge “Nightmares Made Flesh” for the throne in Bloodbath’s discography. Now it’s merely awesome. 9

sincan: Good typical deathened metal without the clinical production, mega-triggered and cheated drums and übertechnical and atmosphere-killing guitars. 7

Primordial: Where greater men have fallenprimordial-where-greater-men-have-fallen


Habakuk: Understood, you make decent slow Viking metal without Vikings. 6

CadenZ: The omnipotent mid-tempo rules once again on these epic pagan vastlands, and when variation kicks in (like the blasting on “The Seed of Tyrants”), it really separates Primordial from the masses. Another enjoyable slab of Irish heathenry. 8

sincan: Whereas some of Primordial’s earlier albums are classified as classics in my book (read: your book) their previous was shortly a disappointment for me, this since lacking strong touching tracks. When I heard this album was coming out I again started to hope for melancholic, emotional, cold and beautiful music and as far as I can tell, this album is much better than “Redemption at the puritan’s hand” but the true epicness from, for instance, “To the nameless dead” (their erected cockus opus) or “The gathering wilderness” is not fully there either. 8

Fen: Carrion skiesfen-carrion-skies


Habakuk: Okay I guess, but I still don’t see why I would want to listen to it again. 5

CadenZ: Atmospheric and hypnotic, like a full moon over a vast, deep forest. 8

sincan: This album definitely has its moments of atmospheric nature-worshipping blackened tunes. I’ve just briefly heard this band before, without getting totally hooked, maybe one should check out more of their stuff. Check out the track called “The dying stars”, I get some Drudkh and Agalloch vibes from this! 8

Nightingale: Retributionnightingale-retribution


Habakuk: If I ever have one of these weak, unmanly moments, I’ll make sure to go back to this. 6

CadenZ: Dan Swanö has finally got back on his creative horse, and after the awesome Witherscape record of last year we are now awarded with a new Nightingale album. The gods are good, and so is “Retribution”. Melodic prog-AOR for those with good taste. 8

sincan: Well maybe one can get killed in a strange chainsaw accident if one says something negative about something Swanö has been involved in, but this is a bit too cute from time to time, also a bit too much white shirt rock, if you follow. 6

Soen: Telluriansoen-tellurian


Habakuk: This looks like an old Tankard cover! On an unrelated note, fans of Tool might dig it. 7

CadenZ: A poor man’s Opeth/Porcupine Tree. Poorcupine Tree? 5

sincan: I guess that you will love this if you’re into cozy prog metal, however I don’t fancy this kind of stuff that much but I can tell you that there is some quality in it. 6

Centinex: Redeeming filthcentinex-redeeming-filth


Habakuk: I always thought these guys were some kind of deathcore act, but it seems the kids have now also turned to basic Swedeath. 6

CadenZ: I kinda liked the more complex and melodic approach they had before the break-up, so this primitive banana bashing is a bit of a letdown. 5

sincan: After listening to Bloodbath I feel like I’m either full of deff mvtvl or this is just a semi-good album. 6

Saille: Eldritchsaille-eldritch


Habakuk: I would like to hear something relevant in this edition. 5

CadenZ: Black metal with melodies that drip as much of venom as of sugar. Too bad the drums sound like a LEGO kit, brought my boner to a halt mid-way up. Next time, baby… 6

sincan: Yeah, finally another generic symphonic black metal band! 5

Cavalera Conspiracy: Pandemoniumcavalera-conspiracy-pandemonium


Habakuk: Keep going Max, while you still have teeth left! Vocals don’t sound like him at all, by the way. 5

CadenZ: Variation is something of which this album has never heard. Excellence is another. 4

sincan: Straight forward trashened death I guess. Not utter shit, still not interesting to the level of erected vulvas. 6

Job For A Cowboy: Sun eaterjob-for-a-cowboy-sun-eater


Habakuk: No, never. Until you change your name. 5

CadenZ: Shredding their way into the garbage bin. 5

sincan: Job for a boring metal act. 5

Bloodbound: Stormbornbloodbound-stormborn


CadenZ: What do Sabaton, Edguy, Rhapsody (of Fire) and Helloween have in common? They are bloodbound to a round of facepalms for inspiring this album. 3

sincan: Really good for being power metal, which is quite contradictory most of the time. 7

The Duskfall: Where the tree stands deadthe-duskfall-where-the-tree-stands-dead


Habakuk: Influences: In Flames and a hyena. Great leads though, gotta admit that. 6

CadenZ: Too generic riffs and an extremely annoying vocalist kill this album for me. The energy is there and the arrangements are effective, but the riffs are just too plain and the howling either too hardcore or too emo. 4

sincan: Great guitar lines along with a bit too much hardcore vocals. This is good during the first track, then the vocals will haunt you, in a bad way. 4

Ghost Brigade: IV – One with the stormghost-brigade-iv-one-with-the-storm


Habakuk: Come on guys, this could have been some snarly-ass black metal at least. 5

CadenZ: A whetstone, a whetstone! My kingdom for a whetstone! (It’s dull.) 4

sincan: Rather the Sleeeeping Brigade. 5

Warrant: Metal bridgewarrant-metal-bridge


Habakuk: “Alright boys,…what else could be made of metal? Oh yeah!” Admittedly, I have heard worse though. 6

CadenZ: I need an enema. 3

sincan: Do all German thrash metal bands sound similar? Do all German thrash metal vocalists sound similar? Am I good looking? Am I fed up with this one? 4

Ne Obliviscaris: Citadelne-obliviscaris-citadel


Habakuk: Six songs out of which 5 are “Pt. something” and 2 out of which are over ten minutes long? Damn right I’m going through this. 3

CadenZ: I hate people who always go “nahh, they were best on their first demo” when talking about bands. Well guess what? Ne Obliviscaris were best on their first demo. This is just too busy, too chaotic and too incohesive for me being able to enjoy it to its fullest. With music this varied, you need exceptionally strong themes and hooks, and a clearly defined red thread throughout the album. As it is, “Citadel” is impossible to get a grip on and NO’s great potential is squandered in a haze of megalomania. 6

sincan: Wow this truly sucks, those clean vocals make me vomit. Naw, its so sugary sweet and all…! 3

Machine Head: Bloodstone & diamondsmachine-head-bloodstone-and-diamonds


Habakuk: … & Rust. 4

CadenZ: The creaky wimpface vocals, most prevalent on the horrible “Damage Inside”, are so annoying that I almost gave this mediocre 5/10 record a zero. 1

sincan: Stone Sour is that you? 4


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