Audio Autopsy – August 2014

Audio Autopsy – August 2014

01/08/14  ||  Global Domination

Judas Priest: Redeemer of soulsjudas-priest-redeemer-of-souls


Habakuk: Since when does a Priest album have bass? Also: If you have to listen to a 7 album for 2 hours, it quickly becomes a 6. Still, not too bad! Pretty Maiden-ish, too. 6

CadenZ: Not as bad as I thought, and Halford’s still got some high screams. So, what’s missing? The choruses, the verse melodies and the riffs that really make you go “YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!” 6

sly: “Redeemer of Souls” brings us an older, wiser Priest who seem to have rediscovered their early influences. It may not be an instant classic, but I definitely enjoyed it and will listen again. My sole complaint is that, at a little over hour, it’s a bit long. 7 (with the potential of an 8)

Cobal Caldera: Judas Priest won’t get much better than this nowadays. Not that I’m necessarily complaining. Were so many track necessary, though? I mean, listening to the second one rather felt like an assignment of sorts. Consider “Crossroads” mandatory in your Judas Priest playlist, yo kiddos. 7

sincan: I like the opener, it sounds as Judas Priest should, well at least it’s fun during the first minute or two and the title track is pretty good also. But the rest is pretty boring to be honest, still the best album in this AA. 7

Ironpants: Legends? Yes they are, but hey! R€d€€m€r of $oul$?? 6

Goatwhore: Constricting rage of the mercilessGoatwhore: Constricting rage of the merciless


Habakuk: If only these guys had a little more grime to their sound. 7

CadenZ: As on previous releases, Goatwhore fail to wow me until they turn down the tempo. So, aside from “Cold Earth Consumed in Dying Flesh”, I’m pretty unimpressed. 6

sly: Swampy death black thrash that sounds pretty good despite the dumb moniker. About midway through the album the ambience really sets in and one can see that these guys still have a lot of unrealized potential. It’s a grower, not a shower. 7

Cobal Caldera: Proof that you don’t need to be a mallrat-friendly whatever-core act to produce formulaic, meaningless music. No, you don’t get extra points for playing old school. Duh. 4

sincan: Is this AA only about mediocre boring shit? Guess so, so I’ll take a sip on my dry virginbloodtini. 5

Ironpants: This edition’s winner. Aggressive and totally mind-destructing black powers of thrash. Adrenaline, masculine powers and Satan! You just got FBS:ed!! 8

Grave Digger: Return of the reaperGrave-Digger-Return-Of-The-Reaper


Habakuk: It’s astounding that these people are still going, are still making their kind of metal, and the result is actually enjoyable. Consider that hat tipped. 7

CadenZ: The reaper could’ve stayed retired, for all I care. Derivative and flaccid. 4

sly: Another solid yet unimaginative power speed metal album by these Teutonic veterans.  “Tattooed Rider” has an ’80s riff that made me smile. Still, they’re light years away from their early ’80s stuff. Competent, but boring and predictable- like most German metal these days. 5

Cobal Caldera: The best thing these people have ever done is sticking to their speed metal roots, godamit. Wouldn’t buy it myself, but it’s not bad [fuck (most) ballads]. 5

sincan: One of the ugliest and cheapest logos are back. The music stinks cheap German power metal. 4

Novembers Doom: Bled whitenovembers-doom-bled-white


Habakuk: Close to unlistenable to me. These clean vocals… 4

CadenZ: Quite OK but my Movembers Boom ain’t rising. 6

sly: Ultra crappy death doom that reeks pretentiousness with incredibly risible lyrics. “Just Breathe” sounds like it was written by a melancholic 15-year-old: I imagine the mirror on your wall / Reflecting years of forgotten past / Looking deep into the eyes that hide / I’m wishing for brighter days 3

Cobal Caldera: I’m pretty sure I had listened to some ND in the past and I fucken detested it. Luckily I’m using summer to calmly listen to music that requires a certain level of concentration. Truth is though I have some issues with the super neat production, it unveils how detailed and well written the songs are. Opeth meets Woods of Ypres with a few really furious moments and industrial overtones here and there. I can live with it. 6

sincan: I must say that this one is getting pretty boring relatively fast into the record. The clean vocals are killing it, yep, like a clean cock after fucking a toilet. 5

Ironpants: Slow, mesmerizing and laidback. Pretty boring actually, but if you have nothing to do, give it a spin. 5

Suicide Silence: You can’t stop mesuicide-silence-you-cant-stop-me


Habakuk: Why? Suicide Silence, why? 3

CadenZ: I can’t stop you? I CAN’T FUCKEN STOP YOU?! That’s it, I’m coming for you fuckers. 2

sly: New vocalist. Same old shit. Suicide Silence is more worried about the mosh pit reaction than writing good music. There are some mildly interesting solos. But it’s basically just annoying with more annoying. Douchecore for buttholes. 2

Cobal Caldera: I have nothing against overly hyped American deathcore bands of today. Not a priori, that is. In fact, I think these people know their thing and they know it well. Pity their thing is so fucken limited and ultimately boring. 4

sincan: I can’t stand this shit, the singer sounds like he has short hair. I must say that I’m disappointed by the lack of silence on this one, instead I hear life metal breakdowns. 3

Ironpants: These guys are one of those core bands that I have enjoyed a bit (Parkway Drive is the other), and now with a new singer, it really doesn’t change the fact that they crank out some good shit! Diverse, and without those obvious breakdowns. 6


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