Seance: Saltrubbed eyes

Seance: Saltrubbed eyes

10/08/05  ||  Lord K Philipson

Released: 1994


Back in 1994 I was dating this girl who, for some reason, had this
album. And for some other reason she was smart enough to play it to me. I
remember how my jaw dropped to the floor within the first 2 seconds of
this disc. Listen to it and you’ll get my point. I forgot, and I am
ashamed of it, about this CD shortly after breaking up with the
mentioned girl and it didn’t cross my path again until some superhero of
some forum got to know about me wanting this album and made sure I got a
CDR of it again, some 8 years after hearing
it the first time. I’m eternally grateful for that and I think Seance’s
guitarist Jensen is mighty happy someone appreciates this masterpiece as
much as it deserves to be appreciated. This is, without a doubt, one of
the top albums out of Death Metal Sweden.


9. It’s technical, it grooves like nothing else and it’s so intense
only a mammoth on crack will ever match it. There are unexpected twists
and turns everywhere, catchy hooks and full-on brutality all the time. Everything graced with some quite impressive musicianship. These are death metal hits. “Saltrubbed eyes” should be the How To Fucken Do This Shit book for every aspiring musician.


10. I love, absolutely LOVE,
the sound of this album. Berno Studio’s been recording some other
albums after this one (Amon Amarth and Vomitory both utilized this place
at some point in their career, just to mention a couple of them) but
still, 10 years after “Saltrubbed Eyes”, nothing from that studio ever
came close to the sound on this disc. This is how you fucken make death
metal sound as it’s supposed to sound. Organic, brutal, raw as shit. One
of my fave productions ever.


9. Absolutely brilliant. Tight as a nun’s ass and the guitar sound
is massive. Jensen was obviously the master at writing weird-ass riffs
at one point, while not losing an inch of groove executing them. This
fucken guy will always be a personal hero thanx to the work displayed


8. This album’s weakest point, and it’s not even weak. I can only
imagine this piece with Jörgen Sandström on it. Then all other death
metal albums would be unnecessary.


666. Wow. This is how bass is supposed to sound on an album.
In-your-fucken-face, loud, distorted and fucken absolutely killer. They
must have been on tons of dope in the studio when they decided to go
with this particular sound. I don’t think they had a clue as for how
insanely awesome it would fit into the package. Aliens must have turned
the knobs to achieve this monster of a sound, coz no human’s got the
skills. Out of this fucken world, kids.


8. I love this guy’s playing and I don’t even know his name, for
fucks sake! The performance is flawless and some of those fills in here
are just magnificent. There’s a certain degree of sloppyness at times
that just fucken adds to the brilliance.


9. Oh Lord I shall not whisper of the sights you’ve showed me, your humble servant bides his time. Say. No. Fucken. More.

Cover art

8. Pretty weird layout for the cover, but still neat as all fuck.
There’s fire and something is burning. That’s all it takes. A perfect
cover for a perfect album.


9. I love it. Whoever drew it should be fucken president of death metal logos.


Seriously? I can’t remember what it looks like (at the time of
writing this I didn’t own the actual album. I do now, and the score
stands), but I’m sure there’s fire in it, so that gets a 7.

Overall and ending rant

9. My old band God Among Insects paid Seance quite a few respects on
our first album. Starting it off with everything (vocals, guitars, bass
and drums) at once is one of those things. Seance is the best death
metal band to ever come out of Sweden, but sadly enough they didn’t get
much recognition during their career and called it quits after this
disc. Jensen is, as mentioned, my hero for being able to compose such a
masterpiece and classic back in 1994 already. I also want to thank him
for giving me his personal Seance long-sleeve when I turned 30. That, if
anything, is proof that he knows I’m this album’s biggest fan.


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