Seance: Saltrubbed eyes – Reply

Seance: Saltrubbed eyes – Reply

12/10/05  ||  Lord K Philipson

Jensen from Seance

Global Domination: We at Global Domination saw fit to add
your release, “Saltrubbed eyes”, to our esteemed Class 6(66) hall of
fame. Do you feel this album is worthy of such an honor?

Jensen: Why yes, of course!

GD: What was the ultimate goal for you while recording this album?

Jensen: Just to write the most intense shit ever recorded

GD: Name something of interest that you remember from the recording sessions.

Jensen: All the weird working titles we had on the
album… but they are in Swedish so it wouldn’t do any good to write them
out here… Plus, we wrote the last track for the album (“Soul erosion”,
the first song on the album) at 4am in the morning of the same day we
had to leave for the studio… Oh yeah, and one day, when Tony and I
stayed behind to track some guitar solos or whatever, Mique, Bino and
Johan took the day off and ended up at a zoo… where a monkey, most
deliberately, pissed on our drummer Mique hehe…

GD: If you could change any one thing about this album, what would you change?

Jensen: I’d actually believe I would change the
bass sound. I know it is one of the key elements on the album that makes
it stand out as such a brutal piece of work, but there are sooo many
good riffs on there, that even I cant make out anymore.. It’s a waste of
a truckload of great riffs.

GD: Why do you think this album means so much to those who consider it a classic?

Jensen: Honestly, I have no idea, but I’m glad that
people still remember it… especially people in the US seem to remember
it particularly well.. I suppose the more American style of DM we played
appealed more to the Americans than to, say, the Germans, who preferred
Unleashed instead.

GD: Finally, as an artist and musician, what special place does this album hold in your heart?

Jensen: Hmm, well, I did develop a stomach ulcer
writing it, cos all the writing duties, planning, band management etc
were handed to me… I did burn myself out pretty bad while writing it…
That, together with the complete lack of support from Black Mark, made
me disillusioned about the whole thing… That’s a reason to why I VERY
rarely listen to the album… All this eventually made me leave the band
(late -95) and move to Gothenburg, to try to form a new band with my
friend Adrian Erlandsson, who, at the time, was still in At The Gates.
“Saltrubbed Eyes” is cool… I wouldn’t want to have not done the album,
but still to this day, I feel the frustration and workload I had back
then when listening to the album.

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