Grave: You’ll never see…

Grave: You’ll never see…

20/10/04  ||  Statik Majik

It’s fucken 2004 and I’m reviewing an album that was released 12 years ago? Yeah, that’s right. So sue me.

The first song from Grave I heard was Soulless, again from
“Headbangers Ball” back in 1994. I heard something about this band
before this, but for some reason I never got the spark to actually go
and buy the album. After hearing/seeing this video I knew I had to do
something about it. As soon as possible even. So off I went and bought
the “Soulless” album. Loved it, and couple of days after that I bought
the “You’ll never see”.

Those two are still the only albums from Grave that I listen to. The
first album is pretty ok and the albums after “Soulless” are decent,
but I don’t know… they became… well, soulless (pun intended) when Jörgen
left the band. It was J’s vocals that got my attention in the first
place. To me the best death metal vocalists always have and probably
always will be Glen Benton, David Vincent, Masse Broberg and Jörgen
Sandström. But that’s a totally different subject, let’s concentrate on
the actual review at hand, shall we.

This album is damn good to say the least, strong tracks from the
first one to the last one. If I had to point out the best tracks here,
I’d go with the first, “You’ll never see…” and “Christi(ns)anity”. Both
happen to have slightly antireligious message, which is the way I like
it. Well, most of the tracks on this album have the same concept as the
song titles might reveal. “Christi(ns)anity” describes pretty well what
this certain religion is all about. Insanity. The album booklet states
that all lyrics and music are written by Grave, but it seems like Jörgen
was the one responsible for most of the lyrics. Well, I might be wrong.
Either way, the lyrics are well written and make alot of sense.
Needless to say that the heavy and aggressive music supports the message
fucken well.

The music is pretty basic swedish deathmetal from 90’s. You know the
drill. It’s recorded at Sunlight Studios with Tomas Skogsber. Just like
Dismember, Entombed and any other band did in early nineties. To some
this is good thing, but it also means that alot of stuff from that era
pretty much have the same sounds. So far I haven’t heard anyone complain
about that though, and I sure as hell won’t be the first to start that.
Well, why would I? I fucken love the sound. And I fucken love this
album too. Just in case it wasn’t clear yet.

So, as a conclusion: This album is good, but if you’re newbie to
Grave, I definatelly recommend getting your hands on “Soulless” first.
That is the best Grave album ever. After that buy “You’ll never see..”.

And if you ask me, that’s all the Grave you need.

7 /10

  • Information
  • Released: 1992
  • Label: Century Media
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Jörgen Sandström: vocals, guitar, bass
  • Ola Lindgren: guitar, backing vocals
  • Jensa Paulsson: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. You´ll never see
  • 02. Now and forever
  • 03. Morbid way to die
  • 04. Obsessed
  • 05. Grief
  • 06. Severing flesh
  • 07. Brutally deceased
  • 08. Christi(ns)anity

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