Edge Of Sanity: Purgatory afterglow

Edge Of Sanity: Purgatory afterglow

19/09/06  ||  Lord K Philipson

Released: 1994


While Dan Swanö would probably say that “Unorthodox” is the one
Edge-album that deserves its spot in this section, I disagree. No matter
how good that album may be, this is the finest recorded piece from The
Sanity, and 12 years after its release it’s time for it to be placed
right fucken here.


8,5. I got quite a bit of inspiration from this album in the past
when it came to writing music. I even asked Dan if I could borrow a few
riffs from it and he said “yes”. So I did, and some of it ended up on
the never-released “Love” album that we recorded (as the band Lame)
in 1994. A very awesome album, by the way. Enough about that. Edge Of
Sanity always went their own way with shit, sometimes making the band
seem kinda unfocused, but on this album they had pretty much all of it
together. Catchy tunes with no double bassdrums. That’s where Edge were
at most of their career. And this album gave us “Twilight”, Edge Of
Sanity’s absolute peak moment. I’d kill to have come up with that
opening riff. And don’t forget “Song of sirens”, another complete gem in
the arsenal of awesome songs that Edge’s got.


8,5. One of Dan’s best productions ever. The kicks, actually the
drums in general, are a little low but the production has a very warm
touch to it. Not a trigger in sight.


7 and 9,5. A score this high needs some explanation. While the guys
in the band obviously were no virtuosos (this is where the “7” comes in)
when it came to guitarplaying, they made up for it with passion. I just
wonder how much of the stuff is actually played by Dan… The sound of
them axes is completely ace (and this would be where the “9,5”-rating
enters the review). Dan really made some groundbreaking moves by
combining this ultra fucken heavy sound with a cleaner, distorted one.
When merged together, the result is breathtaking. Still to this day, the
guitar-tone(s) kills most of the shit out there. We used the same idea
on the Lame album, that’s how much I loved it.


8. Dan’s one underrated growler and no matter how much he hates
doing it, he should continue growling coz he’s fucken good at it. Not to
mention his clean vocals, which are great as always. I guess guitarist
Andreas is responsible for some of the backingvocals, and he always had a
great voice.


3. Pretty much the only downside of this production. It’s there at
times but it’s definitely drowning in the massive wall of guitars. I
don’t think it’d make a difference if it was taken out of the picture,
that’s how small a role it plays here.


7,5. Benny could quite possibly be the only drummer who ever played
in a death metal band without using one single section of doublebass.
But the thing is, I’m not missing it. I bet some of the riffs could have
been heavier with some 2-feet extravaganza, but Benny’s laidback
playing suits Edge all great.


“I close your eyes and whisper “Goodbye”.

You will never see how I cry.

I can recall what you said to me once:

“If I leave there will be a sign…”

And the twilight will show me tonight.”

That’s just as beautiful as a shaved monkey’s ass. Edge of Sanity’s
lyrics were nothing out of the ordinary, but they made a hella lot more
sense than most bands’ stuff from the same era. I give the lyrics an 8.
Well-written without being pretentious. I still wonder what those fucken
“X-machines” are that Dan is singing about in “Blood-coloured”…

Cover art

3. All red with some fucken rocks and shit. I s’pose it’s got
something to do with some purgatory-woohoo of some kind, but it sure as
fuck doesn’t look any good.


4. Well, it’s just some basic font this time around. I guess the
old, classic logo wasn’t anything they wanted to be affiliated with at
the time of the release. It had some inverted crosses, skulls, bicycles
and shit in it, you know. They later used that logo again though. Even
if it’s not a logo by definition, it looks nice placed smack in the
middle of the ugly cover.


7,5. I like those blood-photos. A very confusing thing was the fact
that they used symbols instead of their names when it came to crediting
who-did-what for the songs. But the booklet looks real nice. For being a
Black Mark release. Scumbag shit-label.

Overall and ending rant

8,5. While a few songs (“Black tears” comes to mind), in true
Edge-fashion, feels out of place on this recording it doesn’t prevent
the fact that “Purgatory afterglow” is a death metal classic. Coz after
all, despite songs like “Black tears”, the core of Edge was death metal.
I so remember spending a whole summer listening to this album, being
completely blown away by the production and the tunes. I still go back
to this one every now and then and it always puts a smile on my face.
“Purgatory afterglow” is the strike in the band’s musical bowling game.

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