Coroner: No more color

16/03/12  ||  InquisitorGeneralis


Former staffer Baalzamon666 previously covered Coroner’s classic
early albums with grace, skill, and a mid-sized throbbing boner.
However, he is now (un)happily married, busy hitting on dudes, and not
on staff anymore so Lord K deleted his shit faster than a burning
hamster exits Daemonomania’s bunghole. That leaves me to at least say something
about one of the greatest technical thrash records ever fucking made,
“No More Color”. Seeing Coroner live at the Maryland Deathfest (has that
review been posted yet? Probably not, I’m moving a bit slow on that)
was truly one of the highlights of my concert-going life. Seeing them
play “No need to be human” was almost as sweet as the time I banged a chick on her period and slept in the Ragu for three months.
In english this time; it was fucking incredible. Coroner are fucking
incredible. “No More Color” is fucking incredible. This is an album any
fan of extreme metal music needs to own.


9.5. Coroner’s sound progressed with each record;
“R.I.P” is a straight-forward thrash assault while “Punishment for
Decadence” throws in spastic time changes and more complicated song
structures. “No More Color” retains the technicality of its predecessor
but streamlines the sound and style into a more focused, polished
nuggets of awesomeness. “Die by my hand” shows that Coroner did not lose
their thrash mojo after “Punishment for Decadence” and things here are
much faster and more frenetic than later, groovier (but still awesome)
records like “Grin” and “Mental Vortex,”. In his sexcellent coverage of
said Mental Vortex (staffer) Habakuk identified “Metamorphesis” as the song that summed up everything right
on that record. “Read My Scars” is that flag-waver for “No More Color”.
It has a sick, heavy main riff, an insane guitar solo, and superb
drumming from M. Night. Marquis. Coroner are the total fucking package
with only three members. Suck on that, every band with a shit-ton of
people who don’t do jack shit. “D.O.A” and “Tunnel of pain” are right up
there also in the hunt for techy, proggy, thrash perfection.


7.5 I think “Mental Vortex” has the best production
for a Coroner record, but “No More Color” certainly sounds good…much
better than the two albums before it! Some heavier guitars and an
overall cleaner sound (not too clean though) would be nice, but
I’m not complaining…shit sounds good in my Accord so I’m good. Ronald
McRoder’s vocals are also a bit too low, but that also is far from a
fatal flaw. While production is probably the weakest aspect of this
record, it still is solid enough to get the job done.


10. Tommy V is the fucking man. His playing on “No
More Color” is perfect; memorable, groovy riffs combined with frenetic
thrashing and solos make this an amazing performance. He gets bluesy on
“No need to be human”, shreds like a fatboy going through pulled pork on
“Die by my hand”, and just plain dominates “Mistress of deception”. The
guitar sound is gritty and heavy; a perfect fit for “No More Color”. I
would like a bit more volume from the guitars, but that’s just my fucked
desire for pain. I really can’t say that a single thing is wrong or not
done perfect here. Hence, ze 10.


9. After seeing him live, I now truly appreciate
Ron Roder’s role and impact on Coroner’s sound. He is rock solid as both
a member of the rhythm section and manages to provide backing
rhythms as well. When it comes to amazing bass players in power trios,
Ronny Rodeo has to be mentioned after you throw out the big names like
Bruce, Kilmeiester, and Geddy Lee.


8. Ron Roder is no Brucerob HalfordMcDickenson, but
his creepy, snarling vocals and sinister delivery have always served
Coroner well. They are a bit too low in the mix here, but that is not a
style issue. Overall, another solid performance by the Ronster.


10. I am giving Marquis Marky and the Funky Bunch a perfect score here because the drum performance, sound, feel, and are fucking perfect. Like Selma Hayek
perfect. From spastic thrashes (“Die by my hand”) to smooth-a-riffic
grooves (“No need to be human”) Marky is 1,000% on fucking point. His
strongest tracks are “Mistress of deception” and the amazing “Read my
scars”, but an impeccable drum performance is dealt out on each and
every track with no flashy tricks like hummingbird blasts or gravity
(bong) hits. The Marquis gets it down with precision kicks, awesome
fills, and a feel for groove and flow that is unmatched. Hence,


8. Sometime it is a little tough to tell what
exactly a Coroner song is about, but the lyrics are pretty fucking cool
nonetheless. Pain, suffering, emotions, evil chicks, and our true
satanic overlord ,the media, are all covered here. “No need to be human”
and “Die by my hand” feature the catchiest lyrics, mostly in the


7. Simple but effective is the way Coroner rolls in
this category. I give them credit for sticking to it after several
changes in style and musical direction. It gets the job done.


7. Coroner have never knocked it out of the park
with their covers, but this image of a sad dude holding his head in his
hands seems to work well enough. The fact that there is no more color
seems to have upset this guy, and he’s pussy for being sad about it.
Buck up, chump this is METAL!!!!!


N/A. Don’t have it.

Overall and Ending Rant

When I first applied to write here at GD, I send in a review of this
record as my trial run. I’d review “ No More Color” every fucking day
if I could, just like I would lick Katy Perry’s nipples every five
minutes for rest of my fucking life…if I could. If the production was
perfect, I would be tempted to drop a 10 on this bad boy. But, production and vocals holds it back slightly.
Still, it is a near perfect thrash record that shows everything that
could be accomplished in that genre while still maintaining heaviness
and aggression. This is the record that got me into Coroner, and seeing
some of these tracks live was a big part of arguably the best live
musical experience (Coroner at MDF ’11 is you
missed it, bitch) of my life. It is awesome that these Swiss guards are
finally getting the respect and admiration they deserve. Bottom line, if
you don’t have “No More Color” go fucken get it. This album is progressive thrash done right.


  • Information
  • Released: 1990
  • Label: Noise
  • Website: Coroner MySpace
  • Band
  • Ron “Royce” Roder: vocals, bass
  • Tommy “T” Baron: guitars
  • Marky “Marquis” Edelman: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Die by My Hand
  • 02. No Need to Be Human
  • 03. Read My Scars
  • 04. D.O.A.
  • 05. Mistress of Deception
  • 06. Tunnel of Pain
  • 07. Why It Hurts
  • 08. Last Entertainment

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