GD’s verdicts – Best of 2013_gk

GD’s verdicts – Best of 2013: gk

28/12/13  ||  gk

Clutch: Earth Rocker 1. Clutch: Earth Rocker

This is a collection of high quality songs with a few surprises
in store as well as just being consistently fun and kick ass. Clutch
sound absolutely vital on “Earth rocker” and this is essential listening
for fans of the band but also well worth checking out if you’ve never
heard them before.

The Face, Earth Rocker, Crucial Velocity

Goatess: Goatess 2: Goatess: Goatess

2 years after Lord Vicar’s masterful “Signs of osiris” album,
Christian Linderson returned with the band Goatess and this is some
classic Swedish doom metal. If you’re into doom at all, then you need to
hunt this band down. Goatess has grown on me with every listen and
after spending a good part of the year with it, this is in my top 5 for
2013. Essential stuff.

Oracle pt.2

Ulcerate: Vermis 3: Ulcerate: Vermis

Vermis is just huge. All dissonant riffs, crushing power and a
claustrophobic intensity that pretty much melts my brain. Ulcerate
crossed traditional death metal boundaries on the last album and
“Vermis” is just a refinement of their sound.

Confronting Entropy

Voivod: Target Earth 4: Voivod: Target Earth

“Target earth” is better than I ever thought it would be. I’d
even say this is the best album the band’s done since 1993’s “The outer
limits”. It may not be an exact musical match to the older albums but
one spin of this and you know the spirit is the same and this is the
same Voivod.

Target Earth

Wolvserpent: Perigea Antahkarana 5: Wolvserpent: Perigea Antahkarana

This band was pretty good when they were doing ambient blackened
drones but their 2012 demo saw them changing their sound and adding
more dynamics. 2013 saw the band release the full length album “Perigea
Antahkarana” which is basically a reworking of their demo and this is
some beautiful music. The duo still use drones to create atmosphere but
add elements of black metal, sludge and folk in making an album that is
dark, haunting and completely captivating.

Wolvserpent: Perigea Antahkarana

Close… but no cigar

Dragonauta: Omega Pentagram

Dragonauta: Omega Pentagram

There’s an atmosphere at work here that takes its time in
unraveling but then effortlessly sucks you in. “Omega pentagram” gets
better with every listen and fans of doom or even straight up heavy
metal should really dig this one out.

Omega pentagram

Krypts: Unending Degradation

Krypts: Unending Degradation

“Unending degradation” is a great debut. The band has managed to
live up to the expectations set by the demo and the 7” and this album
is essential listening for fans of death-doom.

Unending Degradation

Avatarium: Avatarium

Avatarium: Avatarium

This is quite possibly the best thing Edling has done since that
second Krux album. “Avatarium” should appeal to a wide variety of metal
fans and not just the doom metal crowd.


Oranssi Pazuzu: Valonielu

Oranssi Pazuzu: Valonielu

This Finnish band has just nailed their sound third time around.
Psychedelic, slightly sludgy black metal with groove, great songs and a
superb atmosphere. Third time’s the charm and Oranssi Pazuzu prove that
on “Valonielu”.


Fister: Gemini

Fister: Gemini

Fister ‘s brand of dark, misanthropic sludge sounds great on
their second full length “Gemini”. This is some miserable stuff in the
best sense of the word.


EPs, Splits and Demos

T.O.A.D.: Endless Night

T.O.A.D.: Endless Night

“Endless Night” is the excellent second release from this
American band. T.O.A.D. or Take Over And Destroy play a sort of sludgy
death n roll that takes from doom, black metal and classic rock and
builds something that is entirely the bands own.

Endless night

Sepulchral Temple: Sepulchral Temple

Sepulchral Temple: Sepulchral Temple

Something of an international death metal project, this debut
12” is a very promising start. The 2 songs come across as a sort of more
atmospheric Bolt Thrower. Pity this is just 2 songs but shows plenty of
promise for the future.

Sepulchral Temple

Harm’s Way: Blinded

Harm’s Way: Blinded

“Blinded” is sludgy hardcore with big grooves and great songs.
Harm’s Way released a deadly slice of music this year and I’ve been
spinning this one non-stop.


Napalm Christ: 2013 Demo

Napalm Christ: 2013 Demo

This band mixes death, black and grindcore with a hardcore vibe
and a sludgy atmosphere. Worth checking out for some heavy grooves that
are just slightly off the beaten path.

2013 Demo

Coffins/ Noothgrush: Split

Coffins/ Noothgrush: Split

Coffins released a pretty dull full length album this year and
then they turned around and did this split with Noothgrush which is
pretty fucken awesome. Someone said on the board that Coffins should
just stick to making splits and 2013 had plenty of evidence to support
that opinion.


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