GD’s verdicts – Best of 2012_sincan

GD’s verdicts – Best of 2012: sincan

26/12/12  ||  sincan

Mgła: With hearts toward none 1. Mgła: With hearts toward none

sincan (Commander of the trve kvlt division):

This has actually been a quite interesting year in terms of evil
music and I must say that it wasn’t easy to select just five out of
maybe seven or eight worthy candidates, according to my preferences. But
here we are and the war between the second and first place was an epic
battle without mercy nor was there any sexy nurses in cute dresses. So
obviously the Polish panzer war hate machine named Mgła won this battle,
but as I see it they now march together with Marduk for a war against
more or less everything worth fighting. With hearts toward none is a record that I undoubtedly will use to fill parts of my life, on this planet, even in a distant future in the year of 2013.

Recommended song: IV

2: Marduk: Serpent sermon

Well, what can one say. Marduk is back after their little bland “Wormwood” and wow, they bring the heavy artillery!
What we have here is a record with many strong tracks which succeeds to
stand out in this inferno of darkness and death. I think that they
actually got a wider audience with this one, but there is still no
compromising at all! You will get cold and filthy but yet hard cock that
rams your ass so fast and so hard which most likely will make you shit
serpent semen during a long, long time.

Recommended song: Temple of decay

3: Winterfylleth: The threnody of triumph

Snow covered and epic black metal which also is pretty fucken
awesome direct from Great Britain, who would have thought this? I must
say that I actually had some troubles to finish this list since I had a
couple of albums I didn’t fully payed attention to, all I wanted to do
was to listen to “Winterfylleth”. Well, good that the winter is long!

Recommended song: A memorial

4: Weapon: Embers and revelations

This is some heavy black/death metal provided by a most deadly
Weapon. I really like that they have a modern touch in their music and
still sounds awesome in this time when modern and black metal doesn’t
usually mean something good. Canada delivers!

Recommended song: The first witnesses of Lucifer

5: Angel Witch

NWOBHM from 2012. It is something with this
album that makes me like it more than I should. Maybe it is like that
because the track “Dead sea scrolls” might be one of the best ones from
this year, and we also have the superb track “Witching hour” which also
makes the heavy metal fist say hello to the sky. Not all tracks on this
album is of the same high quality, but still this is something special!

Recommended song: Dead sea scrolls

Close but no cigar:

Deathspell Omega: Drought

A fine piece of music but the slower parts where the guitar is
twisting into your brain are to few and the speed is often high which
sometimes just removes their characteristic sound.

Burzum: Umskiptar

Not as good as Belus or Fallen, still a pretty good record
though. Too many parts where not much is going on, I was expecting more!

Nettlecarrier: Nettlecarrier

Black metal directly from Norway with the sound black metal
should have when it comes from Norway. If the songwriting just was a
little bit sharper with more memorable tracks this would be totally
shitfucking good. Maybe this is a grower, but it’s to early to say by
now. Paa vaare paaler deres hoder!!

Major disappointments of 2012:

Burzum: Umskiptar

As I said previously about Burzum, my expectations were really higher!

A Forest Of Stars: A shadowplay for yesterdays

I read interesting stuff about A forest of stars latest offering but
I found it to be a little bit as a circus, I fucken hate circuses.

Drudkh: Eternal turn of the wheel

They Still doesn’t sound as good old Drudkh as we all remember ‘em, such a waste of talent!

Black Sabbath didn’t play at the two occasions where I was
supposed to see them, I’m not blaming them though! But the way they’ve
handled Bill Ward is so fucken full of diarrhea that I don’t know where
to start for fuck Sharon in the ass sake.


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