GD’s verdicts – Best of 2012_Pr0nogo

GD’s verdicts – Best of 2012: Pr0nogo

25/12/12  ||  Pr0nogo

Hour Of Penance: Sedition 1. Hour Of Penance: Sedition


1. Hour Of Penance: Sedition

You know when you have an absolutely killer album. Sometimes you
know it when you first give it a spin, and other times the revelation
doesn’t come for another month or two. In any case, the genius of Hour
of Penance’s latest work, “Sedition”, earned them a well-deserved ten out of ten in my book. This is a release that is not to be missed. Not convinced? Read the review.

Recommended listen: Decimate the ancestry of the only god

2: Wretched: Son of perdition

I’m all for the bashing of deathcore, but Wretched just aren’t – not with “Son of Perdition”,
anyways. For some mind-boggling reason, people classify these guys as
deathcore despite them having shifted far, far away from that genre.
Hints and traces of their early foundations can still be found in this
record, but it’s vastly overpowered by musical brilliance and evolution.
Fuck religion, and read the review.

Recommended listen: Karma accomplished

3: Cattle Decapitation: Monolith of inhumanity

I’m very familiar with this record – mostly due to hearing it in
April, weeks before its release – and even though I gave it a ten out of
ten in my original review, it sits behind two other albums on this
list. Why? The answer is relatively simple: I don’t feel it’s deserving
of a bullseye score any longer. That shouldn’t stop you from checking
this album out, though, because Cattle Decapitation do not disappoint. Read the (outdated) review.

Recommended listen: Kingdom of tyrants

4: Aeon – Aeons black

“Aeons Black” is a last-minute but certainly not undeserved
addition to my list, beating Psycroptic out for first place. Aeon
demonstrate a mastery of their instruments, as well as respectable and
tasteful musicianship; they manage to be brutal while still carrying the
emotion and melody that we’ve come to love from death metal. The Swedes
know how to structure their songs! Read the review.

Recommended listen: Garden of sin

5: Psycroptic: The inherited repression

With this year’s release, Psycroptic have further cemented their
position as a powerful and technically-proficient death metal band
worthy of everyone and their mothers’ attention. Their attention to
detail, their musical skill, and their powerful and forceful sound
demonstrates to me what I already knew: these guys are awesome. A lot of
records could have landed this spot, but Psycockdick takes the cake.
And they eat it too, because they’re a bunch of fatasses.

Recommended listen: Deprivation

Biggest disappointment of 2012:

Spawn Of Possession: Incurso

When a band goes silent for six years, you figure they’re dead,
right? Not Spawn Of Possession! They decided to release their third
full-length, “Incurso”. Does it suck? Nah, not really. It’s just boring.
Who the fuck wants to listen to “deedeededuhleedeedeeduhlee” over and
over again? That’s the guitar, in case you idiots were scratching your
heads. And the vocals aren’t even above average, let alone
“good”. No, fuck Spawn Of Possession and fuck this record. When you go
silent for six years before releasing a new record, at least make it
worth the wait instead of just trying to demolish every mirror in my
house with a fucking eight-string or whatever.

Recommended listen: Where angels go, demons follow

Biggest surprise of 2012:

Eye of Minerva: Spherical perdition

Coming out of literally nowhere is Eye of Minerva, a death metal
band based out of Colorado. They hark back to the days of yore with
their first full length, “Spherical Perdition”, and while they
didn’t place in the top five, they were pretty fuckin’ close. They
definitely deserve honourable mention – both as a close contender, and
as a surprising one! Read the review and check them out here.

Recommended listen: Temples of abomination

Biggest ‘what the fuck’ of 2012:

Testament: Dark roots of earth

The only reason I even mention this record is because it’s
fucking retarded. I have respect for sir Billy and his entourage of
almost-“special” children that constitute Testament’s current lineup
(inb4 “TestAmenT HUAH \m/ 4evah), and I even enjoyed “Formation of Damnation”
to an extent, but this record is embarrassing and I have yet to see
someone here disagree. It’s not even superbly terrible, it just doesn’t
have an excuse to exist. There’s no reason it should be here. So, I
reiterate: what the fuck? This album is fucking retarded, and Billy’s a
fucking fruit for thinking he could release something like this.

Recommended listen: Trve Amerikan h8

Biggest record I didn’t give a fuck about of 2012:

Nile: At the gate of Sethu

Who the fuck’s Sethu? “Who the fuck’s Nile” would be a more
appropriate question. It’s not that I don’t know who they are – I have
some of their CDs, believe it or not – it’s that I don’t give a flying
froggy fuck about this band. Nothing they have made has stimulated me in
the most remotely sexual sense, and that’s bad news, because my cock
will come out for even the most average of the average bands. I guess
that explains a lot – including why this band doesn’t deserve my
attention. Some people claim this was everyone’s “fave to hate”,
whatever the fuck that means, but I haven’t even bothered to look at the
thing’s artwork, let alone listen to it.

Recommended listen: I dunno, whatever you feel like.

Close but no cigar:

Eye of Minerva: Spherical Perdition

As I said above, these guys deserve your time. They’ll take you back to the days of yore.

Goatwhore: Blood for the Master

My review will tell you everything you need to know, but suffice it
to say that Goatwhore delivered an intense kick to the jaw with this
album. Blackened death metal has sounded good before, and this is no

Murder Construct: Results

2012 is the year of Travis Ryan, I guess. With Cattle Decapitation,
he put out Monolith of Inhumanity. With Murder Construct, he delivered
this pulsating grindstone, and has used it to grind our eardrums into
nothingness. Great shit for sure, but it’s a tad short of the bullseye. Grind lovers ought to give it a listen, even so.

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