GD’s verdicts – Best of 2012_Jaime Viejo

GD’s verdicts – Best of 2012: Jaime Viejo

18/12/12  ||  Global Domination

Colosso: Abrasive Peace 1. Colosso: Abrasive Peace

This album came of out nowhere and destroyed everything on his path.
Written and performed by a Portuguese gentleman, Max Tomé with the
collaboration of the insane Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork, Aborted, Scarve,
Bent Sea, Devin Townsend) on drums. This is a monolithic and vicious
album that has super tight songwriting while keeping the brutality
intact. This album pisses on top on the new boring Cryptopsy. Buy or die!

2: Dordeduh: Dar-de-duh

My two favorite members of Negura Bunget have released an amazingly
epic Black Metal album with Romanian folk influences that is dense but
highly enjoyable and innovative.

3: Neurosis: Honor found in decay

This is the band’s most accessible album and probably their best.

4: Abnormality: Contaminating the hive mind

Venomous, catchy, brutal and monstrous brutal death metal, that’s it.

5: God Seed: I begin

The black metal surprise of the year. “Evil” and “progressive” have fun playing together.

Major disappointment of 2012:

The Mars Volta: Noctourniquet

I absolutely love all the Mars Volta albums. To me, they are the
Led Zeppelin of this era mixed with Latin influences, one of those rare
bands that only L.A. can produce, multicultural and exciting. I never
understood this album, never grabbed me by the balls like previous ones.
Good ideas and some cool songs hidden under weirder-than-ever
production and arrangements.

Robbie Williams, “Take the Crown”, has been another huge
disappointment. I was expecting him to go back to the style practiced in
(2002), but he failed miserably releasing a sub-par collection of
terrible goofy (in a bad way) stale songs. He is still, one of my
all-time favorite singers. Love you Robbie!

Close but no cigar:

Meshuggah: Koloss

Kowloon Walled City: Container ships

Malignancy: Eugenics

Viaje a 800: Coñac oxigenado

Coffin Texts: The tomb of infinite ritual

Storm Corrosion: Storm corrosion

Code Orange Kids: Love is love/Return to dust

Conan: Monnos

Sylosis: Monolith

Azoic: Gateways

Best non-metal albums of 2012:

Robert Francis: Strangers in the same place

Father John Misty: Fear fun

Benjamin Biolay: Vengeance

Dr. John: Locked down

Bob Dylan: Tempest

Mark Lanegan: Blues funeral

Kendrick Lamar: Good kid, MAAD City

Swans: The sheer

Best Reissue:

Sleep: Dopesmoker

Best Live Album:

Keith Jarrett, Jan Garbarek, Palle Danielsson, Jon Christensen – Sleeper: Tokyo, April 16, 1979.

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