GD’s verdicts – Best of 2012_Habakuk

GD’s verdicts – Best of 2012: Habakuk

20/12/12  ||  Habakuk

Witchcraft: Legend 1. Witchcraft: Legend

Habakuk (la di da):

I’m not sure if I fell for this huge hipster thing here, but what
Witchcraft dish out on “Legend” is worth the risk. They’ve become more
accessible, catchier and louder, but I can’t see anything bad with that.
See, I’m a bit too young for the 70s, and if somebody manages to
translate that whole thing into a modern version – which is admittedly
lower on weed and fuzz – I might just dig it. That’s what happened here.
So while the real genre lovers might be disappointed over what
you could call commercialization, Witchcraft have gotten themselves a
new fan here.


Check ‘er out: It’s not because of you

2: Anaal Nathrakh: Vanitas

Not many bands can get away with so much over-the-topness as these
Brits with the shit name. See: the entire “suicidal black metal” genre.
The reason seems simple: this is listenable and well-written despite
incorporating the weirdest screams, electronic drums, samples and
effects and a huge wall of sound feel. And having those little bits of
melody worked into it just make it hopelessly bad ass. 2012’s truly
extreme album.

Check ‘er out: Of fire, and fucking pigs

3: Overkill: The electric age

I always considered these guys to be a solid, but rather rank and
file thrash outfit with a somewhat annoying singer. Well, give them a
few decades and they start churning out some serious quality. And
without recycling the 80s, mind you. Thrash album of the year? I would
very much think so.

Check ‘er out: Old wounds, new scars

4: Eluveitie: Helvetios

Normally, I wouldn’t go near anything “folk metal” if forced to, but
fuck did this catch me off guard in Audio Autopsy. I don’t know what
album this Will Cifer guy linked above listened to, but I have since
February(!) enjoyed this album – nested somewhere between melodic death
and folk – massively. Obviously some trve folk metalheads of
Middle-Earth find something to nag about on this, but I don’t get it.
Then again I don’t dress in chainmail and attend middle-age fairs. Me, I
hear nothing but hooks, consistency and intensity here. Rolls all the
right D20s for me, curiously.

Check ‘er out: Helvetios

5: Parov Stelar: The princess

What! No Metal! No! Electro Swing! Lounge! Yes, Parov Stelar, who
had already made a name of themselves throughout the last years, have
returned with a double album packed with a fine of melange of a brassy
20s feel and classy, unobtrusive house beats. Two discs, one of which
caters more to a somewhat loungy athmosphere, the other one being a
little more club-oriented, serve us with almost two hours of top-notch
material. Stunningly consistent, both can stay on repeat forever, yet
don’t lack in peak moments either. Be it through the stunning voice of
Lilja Bloom that makes some appearances again, some of the ridiculously
catchy instrumental lead sections, or simply a laid-back vibe, this shit
stays ace front to back.

Check ‘er out: Milla’s dream / All night

Major disappointment of 2012:

Ahab: The Giant

It’s hard to write much about an album that left you entirely
cold and you consequently didn’t listen to much, but yeah, I expected
more here. And exactly the same statement could be applied to the recent
Corrosion of Conformity. Hell, I don’t even remember the title.

Also awesome, by genre:

Old School Death Metal

Asphyx: Deathhammer

Chapel of disease: Summoning black gods

Grave: Endless procession of souls

Death Metal

Dying Fetus: Reign supreme

In Mourning: The weight of oceans

Nile: At the gate of Sethu

Pseudogod: Deathwomb catechesis

Psycroptic: The inherited repression

Doom Metal

Anhedonist: Netherwards

Evoken: Atra Mors

Heavy Metal

Accept: Stalingrad

Dawnbringer: Into the lair of the sun god

Rock, Stoner etc.

Orange Goblin: A eulogy for the damned

Torche: Harmonicraft

ZZ Top: La Futura

The rest

Marduk: Serpent sermon

Pig Destroyer: Book burner

Games you should have checked out for their soundtrack alone:

Hotline Miami

A GTA-like trip to Miami 1989, packed to the
brim with drugged-out violence – shaky screens, hallucinations, killing,
killing and killing, as well as an awesomely compiled, atmospheric soundtrack. If not earlier, the minute I shotgun cleared the dance floor, I was sold.


Technically not a 2012 game, its inclusion in the 2012 Humble Indie
Bundle V (where also I got it from) that provided it with massive
exposure warrants an inclusion. Whatever genre (trip-hop?) all that stuff is, it’s awesome.

Frozen Synapse

Yes, this is from 2011 also. I don’t care, it stays. Count the 2012
addon, if it soothes you. I played this game for around 2 months
straight IN TWO THOUSAND AND TWELVE and its music
has been on constant rotation ever since. It was dubbed the best
soundtrack since Deus Ex by some dude and I tend to agree. Cyberpunkish,
sinister dubstep like the best of ‘em.

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