Runemagick – Nicklas “Terror” Rudolfsson

Runemagick – Nicklas “Terror” Rudolfsson

13/11/09  ||  Daemonomania


Runemagick has been making me a happy death/doomster for weeks on end with their awesome release “Darkness death doom”. So much so that I wanted to reach out and talk to (if not touch – damn) the band themselves. And sure enough, though they’re on hiatus for the moment Nicklas Rudolfsson wrote me right back. Our semi-spirited long distance exchange is below.

Global Domination: Hello Nicklas, and thanks for agreeing to be interviewed for the most accurate and unbiased news and information site in all of metal. Have you heard of Global Domination before?

Nicklas: Hello! Yes of course I’ve heard of it and I believe that I have answered one interview before for GD.

For those unfamiliar with your music, describe it to us briefly without using the words “death” or “doom”. Tell us about your influences, for example.

Nicklas: Morbid Necrovomiting Abyssic Infernal Exploding Mysteriiiiis Cannibalistic Blasphemy (of 777 southern winds) and Trollish Forest Annihilation beyond Vaginal Possession of Ravens in North of Scandinavian Damnations and Void Metallic Tunes in the Funeral Pyre of Pandemonium. Or some kind of metal. Influences is everything from Coroner to Black Sabbath to Morbid Angel and so on…

So the band name, uhhh, who picked that?

Nicklas: Ok, it was me. I know you don’t like it and probably you are quite right because maybe it’s not very suitable for our kind of music. But it was picked almost 20 years ago and I don’t reflect of it’s meaning and we have no “deep thoughts” behind it. Crap or not I kind of like it anyway, hehe…

You’ve been bringing the pain since 1991. What does it take to hold a band together that long? And I read that you are “on hold” – hope that isn’t a permanent thing!

Nicklas: Since 2005 it’s more like a project with no regular rehearsals or planned gigs. And yes it’s on hold now during 2009 and we’ll see if it will happen something new in 2010. We have nothing planned at the moment.

I just had my first taste of Runemagick with “Darkness death doom”, which is a monster. What should I get next?

Nicklas: I think you should pick the album released after, called “On Funeral Wings”. The sound is kind of shit because it’s recorded in the rehearsal room but the material is not so far from “DDD”.

Is being in a band with your wife tough? For example, how often do you have this conversation:

The Ball and Chain: Honey, your turn to do the dishes.

You: But sweetie pie, I’m just finishing up this totally evil keyboard part…

TBAC: Do it now.

You: But darling…

One angry stare later and you’re doing the dishes, the keyboard part left to languish forever!

Nicklas: Haha! To be serious, no problems at all (aka the band is on hold because my time is filled with work, dishes, diapers and dust sucking hahaha).

You listen to any Acid Witch? Incantation? I feel you guys are the superchild of these two bands, though you’ve been around longer than Acid Witch. So they must have traveled in time to father you.

Nicklas: Never heard of Acid Witch but I have listened to Incantation some years ago, are they still around? I must ask Google about Incantation.

You’ve been in about 200 other bands – which one of them is the best?

Nicklas: Hard to say which is best, probably some of the current more or less active projects like The Funeral Orchestra (If I am in the mood of sloooooow primitive riffing), Runemagick (if I am in the mood of long structure composing/riffing) and Necromagick (if I am in the mood of primitive death metal riffing).

Tell us how you REALLY feel about Iron Maiden. It is okay if you hate them. The Berlin Wall of Metal is coming down, my friend. No longer will we be ruled by the predominant view of what we SHOULD be listening to.

Nicklas: “Killers” is one of my fave albums since I was young and I have been to some concerts over the years. The first one was “7th son”… tour in Gothenburg. But I am not some fanatic Iron Maiden fan.

When you’re not sitting around hating Iron Maiden (which I’ve presupposed you do), what non-metal floats your boat?

Nicklas: OK I don’t like the Iron Maiden era with Blaze. Some non-metal: In Slaughter Natives, Raison Détre, Ulf Söderberg + lot’s of other stuff…

A classic dilemma – doom or be doomed?

Nicklas: I think i prefer doom, but I don’t play computer or video games very often. I sometimes play Day of Defeat Source. We are talking games right? LOL OMG ROFLCOPTER NOOB!!! To be serious I prefer DOOM! (np. Krux – “Sea of Dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom”).

2 guys and a horse Let’s talk about the tunes once again. On “DDD”, you use a clean uggg here and there, and some “spooky” keyboards which really serve to lighten the mood. Was that your intention, or did you want to keep things evil and I’m just misinterpreting it?

Nicklas: We use guitar fx and keyboard sounds/fx sometimes to create some kind of feeling or atmosphere that suits the journey of the riff. Sometimes in outro/intros as well.

You have Daniel “Mojjo” Moilanen on drums, according to my last bit of research. He was in The Project Hate, which is run by Lord K, who also runs this website. First question – whaddaya think of Mojjo? Good guy? Scumbag?

Nicklas: We don’t have so much contact as before but he’s a great skilled drummer! He’s also a true Finnish black metal emo, cutting lawn with hand-scissor listening to Blasphemy and Beherit!!!

How about The Project Hate? Like em? Dislike em? Never heard of em? It is ok if you don’t answer, as that might affect the chances of this interview ever seeing the light of day at Global Domination.

Nicklas: I heard some old material and if I remember correctly it was sounding ok, got to update my ears on them.

Okay, we’ll go instrument by instrument here. Your significant other really lays it down on the album I have. Is there something specific to Sweden that produces that fantastically crunchy bass sound, or is it a piece of equipment my non-musician ass should know about?

Nicklas: I don’t think we use some special equipment. All our recordings are low budget. Almost all sessions are recorded at the rehearsal rooms or at home studios with various result. Sometimes we have recorded some of the parts at Los Angered Recording (now Sonic Trains Studios).

Last but not least, the RIFFS. Oh unholy master, THE RIFFS! Where do you come up with 20 years worth of riffery, my friend?

Nicklas: One guitar, one amp and a lonely place is the best way to summon the riffs, the 2nd best place is jamming in the rehearsal tomb or recording place.

We’ll talk about lyrics as well. All evil metal albums need evil metal lyrics. Are your tunes about incantations, blasphemy, and darkened flesh because you feel they need to be to fit in with metal in general, are you writing them with tongue solidly in cheek, or are you dead serious about VENOM and DARKNESS and MAGICK?

Nicklas: Some of the lyrics has quite interesting stories but covered with darkness and necro. To be honest it’s the riffs and structures that creates the journey in “magick” for us, the lyrics are not so important. I’ll maybe go total instrumental with some project in the future…

If The Cardigans asked you to play some rhythm guitar on their new album, what would you say?

Nicklas: No, but the drums maybe (for a lot of cash!). For a second thought, I would probably say no, no interest in that kind of music.

Almost forgot, the most important part of any interview!!!!! Please rate the following bands from a 1 to a 10, ten being best. And say what food each band reminds you of the most.

Grave: 7

Candlemass: 8

Skepticism: – (never heard)

Foreigner: 0

Bruce Springsteen: 1

Fuckin’ Yngwie: 3

Vader: 5 (listened alot to their demo(s) when I was driving tractor at a farm as a kid)

Fuckin’ Hendrix: 8

GD Note: So much for the food thing.

That’s it. That’s all. Thank you very much for responding to my moronic questionaire. Anything we should be keeping our ears out for in the near future? And any last words for the assembled masses of GD?

Nicklas: Thanks alot for the interest in our little band/project Runemagick!! I hope to have some new stuff coming in the near future!

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