Putridity – Andrea “Ciccio” Aimone

Putridity – Andrea “Ciccio” Aimone

02/08/13  ||  The Duff


Putridity are an up-and-coming outfit that has admittedly been circulating for a good eight or so years since their demo “Innate Butchery Aptitude”. Their last record on Willowtip Records “Degenerating Anthropophagical Euphoria” is frankly one of the best, heaviest technical brutal death metal records I’ve heard, one of my favourite death metal records period. That there is two periods following on from each other, and as anyone who has been in a serious relationship with a woman will testify, that is some seriousness right there. My attempt at misogynistic joviality aside (“what better place for such a thing than a Putridity interview?”, I hear you say), guitarist and founding member (once sole member) Ciccio is here to discuss their upcoming 2013 record, the Italian death metal scene and all other things Putridity

Global Domination: Could you give us a brief bio, your major influences, and general response by the scene as to what you’re about.

Ciccio: Putridity born in 2005 because of my passion with death metal. As long time friend with Dave we decided together to turn the project into a real band and start playing live. We recorded two albums, and we got a new one ready to be recorded. Now we’re a 5 pieces band, and we’ll get back soon on the stage to purvey some smelly shit again. Talking about influences, I’d say everything that smells. Main names could be, Disgorge and Enmity, just to name a few, but there’s plenty of bands that inspired my guitar playing specially stuff from the 90’s. I think there’s no more a real death metal “scene” nowadays, anyway I don’t really mind to what people think about us, we just want to play the most satisfying shit to us, and we hope to push the envelope in bad taste music. We just hope people into Putridity sound knows we’re true with ourselves.

What would you say are the leading bands of your sub-genre?

There’s still a lot of good bands that continue to spread the word since years, Disgorge, Malignancy, Defeated Sanity, Wormed, Condemned and the list goes on…

Where would you say the Italian death metal scene ranks compared to such, globally?

We got really good bands here in Italy, but I noticed hilarious things. I see people on the internet, talking about Italy like the land of death metal, hahaha! We’re just a bunch of assholes passionated with this shit, and in 20 projects you can recognize always the same few people.

Are you looking forward to the new Disgorge record?

I’m looking forward new Disgorge stuff since years! Can’t wait to spin it in my car! I hope they finally found the right line up to record some new inspiring shit soon.


How is your relationship with Willowtip? What made you sign to them?

Willowtip is really professional, and they got a really good variety of bands in their roster. I know that they did a really good promotion for our release.

What can we expect from Putridity this year in terms of a new record? Willowtip says it is due soon. Where are you thinking of recording it/where have you recorded it?

We’ll enter Dave’s rehearsal room soon. We got all the material ready to be recorded, so stay tuned.

Generally, bands that write such complex music take upwards to three years to release a new record, but these days exceptionally talented bands are taking on average around two. Do you think this is a result of changing financial climates or simply because people are becoming more passionate, more productive in times that promote enough misery so as to make death metal one of the most consistent of scenes?

I think that technology helped out this a lot. Is easier for everyone to record anykind of shit without losing too much money. And about the complexity of music, ok bands are fast about writing, there’s a lot of talented musicians in the actual “death metal” scene, but in my opinion, the amount of technicality is directly proportional to the enormous lack of the main thing that death metal were supposed to be: SMELL!

The artwork for the last record was phenomenal; not many metal bands pull off the colours pink and purple convincingly. What made you go with the artist and do you plan on using him for the next album?


Guang Yang is phenomenal for sure! To say the truth, he had the choice about colours, we just explained what we wanted to represent, but he did a great job in his personal style. When we seen Inherit Disease last artwork, we decided to contact him, and we’re really satisfied with it, but for the next album we got a new artist. We’ll make something different. You’ll see…

What was the response for “Degenerating Anthropophagical Euphoria” like?

That album took us fucking biblical times! We had all the tracks ready in fall 2009, so we had to wait a lot to release it, but I think people appreciated it. I don’t think we changed death metal genre but I hope we reminded to death metal fans, that this music got to be aggressive.

Was it a conscious decision to make it so much fucking heavier than “Mental Prolapse…”?

I am always conscious that I wish I’ll play heavier shit everytime I pick up the guitar! With “Mental Prolapse” I put all my old riffage, and I was OBSESSED with Enmity non stop sound, the production could be better tough but it was our first release and we’re still satisfied with it, I still love to jam that tracks! “Degenerating” is the continue of the first album, I always jam riffs and write a lot of stuff, when we were recording “Mental” I already had 80% of the next album ready, and this time we “team-worked” hard on the lyrics too We made it heavier? Perfect! We hope the next will be heavier again!

David (your drummer) is part of several other bands. Is Putridity his full-time gig? Is he still with Septycal Gorge? How is Septycal Gorge going? What other bands is he a part of, and what do you think of them all, Septycal Gorge included?

As I know Septycal Gorge are recording their third album, and I gotta say that their new stuff sounds more mature, but way more death metal wich is the most important point. Dave is a beast, he remembers all tempo changes from every band he plays for! He plays with us and Septycal Gorge, and he also joined Antropofagus as session drummer and he’s doing some studio stuff.

The production on the last record is a unique mix of barbarity, clarity and fuzz; are you still fans of brutal death metal bands that make you really listen in on every note played especially when the music is so unrelenting and frenetic?

Of course I’m still a fan of heavy shit, and I always enjoyed rough productions! I think actual productions, in everykind of music nowadays, lost their personal touch. Digital recordings are clear, but missing that feeling that old productions used to give you when you listen to it. I’ll be always fan of the old “pot snare” and “mosquito guitars”.


Give us a rundown of the gear used for the last record and now this new one.

Jackson guitar, Zoom G7.1ut, Brunetti amp, Vader cab, Ltd bass, Ampeg svt3 amp, ATS bass cab, Tama drums.

Are you endorsed? Are you looking for any endorsers?

Dave is endorsed by drum usa drums, axis pedals, evans drumheads, promark drumsticks and cympad, I got endorsement from InTune GP picks, best picks to play this kind of shit, check it out.

How have tours been over the last year? What are your touring plans for the future?

We been on tour in Europe with our mates from Sickening and Perverse Dependence. It was fun as always, we enjoyed a lot touring! Now we’re forward to record new shit, and we got plans for a EU tour with awesome lineup in fall 2013, but I can’t reveal other details for now.

Would you say Putridity are an original outfit, and if so, was it natural for you or did you have to battle it out to find your niche?

Putridity is what we learnt from the death metal we listened since we got into this music. So I’d say that it could sounds original, because is the combination of what makes us happy when we listen to this kind of music. Our stuff express what death metal should sound in our opinion, is our interpretation of what made us fan to this music, so it’s natural for us.

Any last words for our readership?

Thanks for your time spent here, keep spreading the verb of Putridity and supporting bad taste. Get ready for new shit soon, and come at our shows for a good dose of musical violence. JOIN THE BAD TASTE CAMPAIGN!

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