Decapitated – Rasta, Vogg

Decapitated – Rasta, Vogg

01/03/14  ||  The Duff


Decapitated. HNnnnnnnnnng. All four of my penises have exploded. This is my favourite band, period. The first time I heard “The Blessed”, I knew I had something special, I wasn’t even into death metal then, Dimmu Borgir was as heavy as it got – Nihility, The Negation and Organic Hallucinosis are all three records doubtlessly classics of the sub-genre. Here I interview vocalist Rafa and guitarist Vogg; this is a dream come true for me, I can’t tell you – follow us in to where they discuss the new record, guitars and amps, lyrics and tours. Please now hand me a towel.

GD: How have the past two-three years been for you guys?

Rasta: It’s been quite busy, we have been touring a lot around the globe to promote our last release Carnival is forever. Many good shows with amazing bands like Meshuggah or Lamb of god, and of course great feedback after the tours. We also reached for the first time Asia. What memories! Definitely good times!

How did your UK tour with Lamb of God go?

Rasta: As I said before it was great. I like touring the UK, there is always a good spirit there. Really crowded places, I think it was the biggest tour we’ve ever did. Lamb of God is a cool band, which attracts a lot of fans everywhere. Also they are chill dudes so everything went smoothly. We had big support from them and the tour crew. It was a great oportunity for us to show our music to some new people.


Are you fans of the American style of melodic death/thrash/groove whateverthefuck? Bands such as Shadows Fall, God Forbid and Lamb of God?

Rasta: You know, I’m fan of many bands. Almost in every genre of music you can find something good for you. I think its not about the genre or style, but more about if it’s good music or not.

Where do you think Decapitated fits with these bands on the global metal scale?

Rasta: I don’t like when people try to tag everything, like this is technical death metal, this is death core, and this is other one and etc… We play music which we feel, and we trying to put 100% of us into It.

I know our band is changing a little bit the “style”, for me it’s kind of a natural evolution. At the beginning they said guys were playing death metal, nowadays a lot of people think this is not the case. For me we play metal, if somebody wants to tag it different; ok let him do it his way.

Before bands like Origin, Necrophagist, Cult of Luna, Isis, Meshuggah, Nile and yourselves would come to Brighton, now this seems like but a distant memory. Is the UK losing its interest in metal?

Rasta: Honestly. You surprised me with this question because what I remember from the last tour and all tours we did in the UK is that it is one of the best places to play metal music live. I didn’t notice that UK is losing interest in metal, hell no!! Maybe because of some reasons, these bands are going to different cities now. But for sure you are not losing your good attitude to harsound.


How has “Carnival Is Forever” been received by the press?

Vogg: From reviews I saw it was mostly a very good response.I had many interviews and all people that I spoke with tell me that they are blown away about carnival – I hope they don’t lie. 🙂

Looking back, what do you think of that record? Was it a fond experience writing/recording it?

Vogg: I think Carnival is very good piece of metal. I’m very proud that we did it. After some time I can see some small details we could change but fuck it. Maybe sometimes we play a little too fast but everything else I really like. It was a very cool time to create those songs and also a nice time in studio. I’m proud of this record.

Please tell us about the new album. What can we expect compared to past records?

Vogg: The new record will bring something fresh to Decapitated world but also it seems that it will be a mix of everything of what is Decapitated now plus something new. I think fans of Nihility and Organic will be satisfied. We have some very fast songs, some totally atmospheric piece also some thrashy and haevy rock parts this time.

You’ve cited bands like Soulfly as influences in the past, a far-step from the Polish death metal scene. Can we expect anything of the sort on this record?

Vogg: I was never inspired by Soulfly. My main inspiration now is – Meshuggah, Strapping, Slayer, Fear Factory, Down, Gojira, Acid Drinkers.


Has it already been recorded? Where and who is at the helm?

Vogg: We start sessions the 10th of March in Hertz studio. We will do a mix and master in this studio too.

How many tracks have been written and when can we expect a release date?

Vogg: We will do about 8 or 9 songs and you can expect the new album in September 2014.

What rigs will you use for recording? For “Carnival…”, you used a combination, is that correct? Orange heads among others – how will this record sound?

Vogg: For Carnival I use Bogner and Crate heads with Mesa and Ashdown cabinets. This time I will see, I think we will use EVH gear – great stuff.

What can we expect for the artwork? Working titles?

Vogg: Still working on it, I cannot say more about it now.

Lyrically, you went to an outside source (a friend of the band?) for “Carnival”. Is Rafał expected to write the lyrics this time, or again will you entrust someone outside of the band?

Vogg: This time Rasta will write all lyrics

What is your amplifier of choice these days?

Vogg: EVH 5150


Tell us about your recent deal with Ibanez. What alterations to their models are specific to you? Why Ibanez?

Vogg: Ibanez are great guitars, I love them. Dino hooked me up with an LA custom shop and they’re treating me like a rockstar. I have finally a guitar deal I have dreamt about for years and I don’t want to change it.

You are also a fan of Washburn Dimebag models, no?

Vogg: I mean I was using Washburn guitars in the past and also Dean guitars but not anymore. I don’t want to be a Polish Dimebag :-). But seriously I want to play Ibanez guitars now – they sound great, look great and I have my own custom model so…

What influences made you develop your incredibly unique, choppy playing style? None replicate it with the exception of Soreption. Can you think of any others (please don’t say Vader)?

Vogg: If I would like to say what influences my style it will be too long to list. Many bands, many things in life, music education, everything man.

Three years on, we know you are a huge Morbid Angel fan, how has Ilud grown on you?

Vogg: To be honest I don’t care about this album – they like to do this – no problem. Anyway those guys already write the best death metal pieces and I respect them so much. They can do whatever they want now.

What bands are you keeping an eye on for 2014? Who would you like to tour with this year?

Vogg: I would like to tour with Gojira, Lamb of God, Cannibal Corpse and Slayer and of course Metallica 🙂


Tell us about the new drummer. I was delighted with Krimh – how do you feel this new guy compares?

Vogg: New guy is Michal Lysejko from Poland. He is a very talented and awesome drummer. Of course we need again time to play together to find our sound but its just about playing live and rehearsing as much as possible.

With a new album in 2014, what are your touring plans to promote it?

Vogg: I cannot tell you much now. We have Wacken Fest, Bloodstock, Summer Breeze for sure. Then we will see. And for sure after the new album we will do many many shows everywhere. But now I don’t know ay details with who when where etc

How is Covan recovering? Give him Global Domination’s well-wishes. We miss him.

Vogg: He is still in a wheelchair spending time at home. He doesn’t talk, doesn’t move – a prisoner of his own body. Totally tragic situation. Hopefully time and rehab will change something. – you can donate for his cause here if you want.

Any final words to your fans?

Be cool and see you after a show – we prefer whiskey and weed. All the best!!


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