Execration – Kevin “Drumdefiler” Elrod

Execration – Kevin “Drumdefiler” Elrod

07/12/12  ||  Averatu


Execration are a BDM outfit from Colorado US of A. Their latest album “The acceptance of zero existence” is a hefty slab of tech laced audio psychosis. Drummer and driving force Kevin “Drum Defiler” Elrod and I took some time to sling insults at each other.

Global Domination: I thought I was going nuts listening to your new album until I realised you have not one, nor two, but three guitarists in the band. What, the flying fuck?

There are only 2, someone on metal-archives is confused. I thinks it’s because our old guitar player Colin gets credit on the song “Awake the Darkened”. We wrote that when he was still in the band a couple years ago. There are a few songs that we chose not to put on the new album, but this one made the cut

Still, it sounds like three guitars. Might it have something to do with this? What the heck is this thing?

UFO sighting, Baldy number 1

Ha ha, this is Shawn’s 9 string bass that he built just in time for Las Vegas Death Fest this year. He started his own company (SVS Designs) building high end basses, specializing in those that can stand out against guitars while still playing bass. That bass in particular is fucking huge.

Well that explains it, kinda. Thats some busy bass playing, on top of some freaky hectic drumming. Do you guys gel like the standard rhythm section, or do you have you own approach?

Yeah, Shawn and I definitely have a strong bond with rhythm. He tends to play a lot between my bass drums and the guitars to pull certain parts together. A lot of the time during the writing process, we will record scratch guitars tracks and I will take notes to read at practice. Sometimes I’ll even write stuff out with a drum program like Drumkit From Hell and Shawn will figure out a bass line to put in there.

That raises another question, when I record stuff I riff to a click and all the rest gets added later, drums, bass keys etc. Where do you start? I don’t see you guys using a click with the constant changes going on?

We use a click to record everything starting with scratch guitar tracks even though it is a pain in the ass sometimes. I think the biggest amount of time changes we have in a song is maybe 13. I do the drums in 1 full take on each song but obviously not the first take. I think this gives it a human feel while staying pretty tight. We do leave some mistakes in the recording so it’s accurate to a “live show” feeling. I don’t like the superhuman mechanical recordings that some bands do.

Oh, only 13 changes? Las Vegas Death Fest, quite a drive. Was it worth it?

Yeah it’s about 800 miles from us, definitely a drive. I think it was worth it for sure, the prefest was even packed and fuckin nuts!! We seemed to get a pretty good response and performing live is our favorite part of what we do. Besides that, it’s always like a brutal family reunion/giant party!

How often do you get to gig?

It just depends on what’s going on with us and sometimes who’s touring around. Probably 10-15 shows this year. We would love to have decent tours and we would really like to have some sort of management to get us on tours.

You’re from Colorado. Is there really a hotel up there like the one in “The Shining”? That book freaked me out.

Yeah it’s called The Stanley. It’s in a town called Estes Park up near Rocky Mountain National Park. Definitely a histrionic ghostly type of vibe when you’re hanging out there. Great place to visit for a couple/few days and get away from the daily bullshit routine.

The Stand was also mostly set in Colorado. Would it make a good post apocalyptic outpost?

We definitely believe so. We live at the base of the mountains and all have our own sort of getaway areas. We also love the right we have to keep ourselves armed to the teeth.

You signed a deal in 2009 and had to wait 3 years to get out of it before you could do your second album? I know I would have been violently frustrated.

We were definitely frustrated but it worked out for the better I think. Most of us have other projects that help take up spare time too, so it helped out. The bad thing is that extra time took some focus away from Execration. The good thing is that when we got back into focus we got more serious than we’ve ever been. Execration is the #1 musical focus for all of us.

Pa rum pa pum pum, Baldy number 2

Have the new label been treating you well?

Well actually Comatose released our demo and first full length, A Feast for the Wretched. Seemed like a good idea to go back for this album since I trust Steve and know he likes to get shit done

Who’s the ding bat responsible for “Falling thru the portal”?

Ha ha ha, that was sent to me as a joke from our bass player. He thought it would be funny to fuck with me when we had a tight deadline to stick to for a final date. I put it on the album as a joke to him. It’s just a big inside joke, but everyone fucking hates it. Oh well

We’re thinking of doing a feature on “the worst solo’s of all time, I could nominate it along with Manowar’s Black Arrows among others.

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Or maybe most falling down drunk bass player (not in a bad way though). We’ve both played shows that we don’t remember much of a couple years ago.

Global Domination firmly ascribe to the principles of nepotism. What other projects are you guys involved in that don’t suck?

Well I’ve played drums (only live) for Nightbringer off and on for 5 years. Shawn has been doing his project Despondency(based in California) for a long time. He also played in a few other bands. I did Dismemberment with a few old members of Execration. Shawn and I played in Bohemian Grave with Wyatt and Jerred for awhile. I did a couple shows with Expurgate as a favor with almost no practice at all. We have more projects coming up too.

Where do we go to learn more about you wackjobs?

At live shows. We like to drink and smoke with our friends and fans. We always hang out and shoot the shit with people before and after we play.

And don’t we all love free stuff, jip we’re all fickle consumers, and Execration oblige by giving us a whole album for free !!! Thats brutals!!!

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