Ocular Faith: … And the golden saints wept

Ocular Faith: … And the golden saints wept

25/04/06  ||  Lord K Philipson

I just have to quote some bullshit-supreme words from the
biography. This is the first line from the bio included with the quite
stylish promo-package that got sent to us ( I will get back to this line, believe me…):

“The music of Ocular Faith was born out of necessity”.

Oooooooooooooooookay… And then some horseshit:

“The goal was to add an element of experimentation and the give
the music an overall raw sound as heard in early Burzum and Throbbing
Gristle records”

And then more horseshit:

“The sounds themselves were taken from field recordings in
parks, wilderness, the city, and the Great Salt Lake; each of these
providing color and texture to an otherwise abrasive, yet at times,
majestic and beautiful music”

And the very same horse spreads its arsehole even wider, Grand Canyon style:

“As was stated previously, the music of Ocular Faith is
necessary. There is nothing out there that sounds like it. Its approach
to the simple brutality of what music can become to the eloquence of its
melodies when touching the souls of man cannot be understated. It is
ugly and true; beautiful and touching, and nothing expected; it is
Ocular Faith”

And again, the first line of the bio:

“The music of Ocular Faith was born out of necessity”.

Well, people…

My screwdriver was brought out of my drawer, out of necessity:

Mission accomplished.

That’s my fucken rating.

Oh, and Robb: We do have a hatemail-section.

  • Information
  • Released: Yes, unfortunately
  • Website: Ocular Penis
  • Band
  • Robb: vocalist, guitarist, “song“writer, percussionist
  • Jaa Bury: soundscape-artist
  • Tracklist
  • 01. And the golden penis wept
  • 02. Through the penis came penis
  • 03. Penisy
  • 04. The penis of kings
  • 05. A penis carried the child’s tear away
  • 06. A penis of autumnal fire
  • 07. My penis
  • 08. The mourning after (autumnal penis)

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