GD’s verdicts – Best of 2006

GD’s verdicts – Best of 2006

31/12/06  ||  Global Domination

On this day, the very last one of the year, we bring you
another one of our respected Best Of lists. Here are all the answers
you’ll ever need when it comes to the most superior albums launched upon
mankind in 2006. Let’s get down to business, bitches.

Vader: Impressions in blood 1. Vader: Impressions in blood

Lord K. Philipson (In Fucken Charge):

Vader’s as fucken determined as a crackwhore in Crackville. They
never let down, and “Impressions in blood” is another quality death
metal album of the highest ranks, and the finest this year.

2: Zyklon: Disintegrate

The Norwegian assault known as Zyklon knows how to sweep the
competition off their feet with their very own brand of semi-futuristic
death metal. And Secthdaemon is, without a doubt, one of the finest
vocalists in the scene.

3: Scar Symmetry: Pitch black progress

Scar Symmetry sports a fantastic growl with awesome clean vocals
while mixing sheer brutality, awesome musicianship and melody in their
music. This is the one album that really should put Scar Penis on the
map of Swedish metal.

4: In Flames: Come clarity

In Flames deserve every inch of success they get and I applaud
them for taking their style yet another step forward on this release.
I’m so looking forward to their next effort. In Flames delivers the
goods once again.

5: Necrophobic: Hrimthursum

I always had the hots for Necrophobic and “Hrimdimsimsum” is
definitely the finest album in their career, as well as the 5th finest
of 2006. They enhanced their blackened death metal quite a bit with this
one and should be really proud of what they achieved here. Satan is

Major disappointment of 2006:

Death Breath: Stinking up the night

Panzerchrist’s close to get this nomination with “Battalion
beast” but are beaten by Death Breath in the end. I just expected great
work from some great people who obviously forgot how to write great
music. Let’s hope for a better second round, if there ever is to be one.
I’m not sure they deserve it.

Vader: Impressions in blood 1. Vader: Impressions in blood

Chazz (ex-staffer/always a hero):

I always thought Vader was a cut above most of the other bands
on the European metal scene, even back in the day. I guess they figured
that even with the constant touring, people were not taking enough
notice, so they recorded and released one of the best death metal albums
in years. I’m really impressed that they can not only continue to put
stuff out, but after all this time, they can still put out such quality
stuff. Is there some Hall Of Fame these guys can be put into?

2: Yrkoon: Unhealthy opera

Yrkoon is yet another band from France putting out quality
music. Finally, a band manages to bridge the gap between old-school and
modern death metal without queering up the whole works. I thought the
effects on the vocals were a bit much, and the production isn’t crystal
clear, but given the material, it really shouldn’t be. Yrkoon gives more
than a couple of nods in general direction of Carcass and similar bands
during some of their brightest “melo-groove death” moments, and I dig
it. If they can top this album with their next, we are all in for a real

3: God Among Insects: Zombienomicon

Yeah, I know we host their forum, and one of the members of the
band may or may not be running this site, but fuck it, this one makes my
list. There were a lot of reasons I liked their previous effort, and a
few things I didn’t like, but everything seems to click here. No one
sounds like GAI, and they aren’t afraid to be
as downtuned, filthy, and disgusting as they want to be. “Zombienomicon”
holds one of the better drumming performances I’ve heard in a long
time, and the whole album is produced a lot more to my liking compared
to the first album. I’m so glad they didn’t stick with their original
plan of one album and one show and then killing the band.

4: Torture Killer: Swarm!

I’m not afraid to admit to actually liking those first two
albums Six Feet Under released, the ones with Alan West on guitar. It
seems Torture Killer does too, and their first release was a pretty
shitty tribute to that era of SFU’s career. Then they sign to Metal Blade, get Chris Barnes to record vocals on their album, and not only pay tribute to early SFU, but make the album SFU
should have followed up “Warpath” with. Every song features those
Obituary-style monster guitar riffs that would make Alan West proud, and
Barnes hasn’t sounded this “good” in years. As a bonus, there aren’t
any really bad songs, so this is a good album to just put on random and
let rip.

5: Skinless: Trample the weak, hurdle the dead

I don’t think I’ll ever be a fan of the super-low, half-squealing, not-quite-pig
(but close enough) vocals that bands like Skinless uses and abuses, but
fuck it, the music is too good to pass this up. A step up in all
aspects of their previous work, including production, made this a keeper
for me. Equally grooving and blasting, with enough variety to keep me
interested in between. Not an easy thing to do in death metal.

Major disappointment of 2006:

Panzerchrist: Battalion beast

I don’t know anyone who didn’t like “Roomservice” and I was one
of many who had real high hopes for this effort. I’d even go so far as
to say “Roomservice” is, in my mind, a “modern classic” album. When I
finally got this piece, I thought someone made a mistake, but no, this
was the actual new Panzerchrist album. All of the awesome,
grooving death metal the band was known for had been replaced by basic,
by the numbers, “blackened” metal stuff. I’m all for going in new
directions, and trying new things, as long as the band in question is at
least equal to past efforts, but this just sucks. Besides the drumming.
The drumming is actually pretty fucken good, as I expected.

Anaal Nathrakh: Eschaton 1. Anaal Nathrakh: Eschaton

Ripper Bendix (ex-writer):

Anaal Nathrakh have always delivered everything I love about
reckless hatred to the fucken fullest. This album combines all of the
earlier aggression with some melody work and vicious breaks to fuck you
up for life. Definitely my album of the year for 2006.

2: Enslaved: Ruun

After being a fucken bitch to listen to, this album carved
itself into my brain like those funny springy worm things you get
everywhere after contracting syphilis.

3: Darkthrone: The cult is alive

This shit combined Motörhead with black metal and thus tickled
my nuts like a chinese hooker with yeast infection. I usually fucken HATE fucken Dark Throne with a passion, but this time the little fuckers pulled me on their side.

4: Ministry: Rio grande blood

Even though I think I didn’t score this baby as high as I
actually value it now, this album just doesn’t fucken leave my cd player
anymore! Some of this shit is eerily hypnotic.

5: God Among Insects: Zombienomicon

Even if K WEREN’T in this band I’d fucken love them for what they are: a bunch of crazy retards with WAY too many sick ideas at hand + a shitload of extremely great riffs and above all: ZOMBIES to fucken boot. If GAI don’t get your god damn ass in motion and your head banging, then nothing will! Noise filters are for fags, btw.

Major disappointment of 2006:

Terrorizer: Darker days ahead

Those fuckers should’ve left it the way it was. Instead of
creating an equivalent to “World Downfall” they fucken ruined the whole
thing for me. Well done… well done indeed.

Hank Williams III: Straight to hell 1. Hank Williams III: Straight to hell

Eric Wright (ex-writer):

Country made by a metal fan? A match made in hell if you ask me,
and this is an album I’ve continued to listen to since its release
earlier this year.

2: Blood Freak: Live fast, die young… and leave a flesh-eating corpse!

Maniac Neal is back again in this drive-in bloodfeast of a
feature, with clean and crisp production this time around. It uses a
slow goregrind formula with some psychedelic tones, makes this sleazy
piece of music one of the best of the year.

3: Frightmare: Bringing back the bloodshed

After releasing the fantastic “Midnight Murder Mania”,
Frightmare continues to push the bar of death/thrash. Picking up where
they left off, they explore movies such as “Sleepaway Camp”, “Friday The
13th, Part 2”, and “Silent Night, Deadly Night”, using thick and fast
riffs with an onslaught of grunts growls and screams.

4: Send More Paramedics: The Awakening

When the dead walk the earth, they shall form a band named Send
More Paramedics, and shall play the most brutal thrash ever put out in
many years. Jeff Walker joins them on backup vocals, and they continue
to do the zombie shuffle like old school ghouls, required listen for any
80’s thrash fan.

5: Melvins: (A) Senile animal

The Melvins may be one of the most consistent bands ever to
grace this planet. This time around they are joined with the band Big
Business, using two different drummers at the same time, and two
vocalists at the same time, who both have similar voices. A must have
for any fan of The Melvins.

Major disappointment of 2006:

Office Of Strategic Influence: Free

I was looking forward to this disc after their amazing debut
album, but instead of playing interesting prog metal with a subtle hint
of upper class, they just play the same boring crap every other prog
metal band puts out.

Twisted Into Form: Then comes affliction to awaken the dreamer 1. Twisted Into Form: Then comes affliction to awaken the dreamer

Consumer (ex-writer):

“Then Comes Affliction to Awaken the Dreamer” is the latest
milestone in the world of tech/progressive metal. It is technical as
hell, but never unnecessarily so. The guys in Twisted Into Form also
know the power of injecting simple and subtle elements into a
hyper-technical context. The smart layering and gorgeous melody on the
album put it heads and tails above the output of the masses of other
technical wiz-kids.

2: Agalloch: Ashes against the grain

“Ashes Against the Grain” is the most successful melding of
metal and post-rock to date. It is a tremendously atmospheric and
haunting album. Agalloch has crafted a group of mournful dirges which
have only been equaled in their ability to convey bittersweet aural
melancholy by Katatonia’s “Brave Murder Day” and “… For Funerals to

3: Keep of Kalessin: Armada

“Armada” is not just the best black metal album of 2006. It is
among the top two or three best black metal albums released in this
decade, thus far. Complex yet biting riffing, spot-on blasting drumming,
and varied vocal stylings coalesce to make this a dynamic and powerful
listening experience, although it is not black metal as your metal-head
elders would recognize it. It is an entirely original and completely
refreshing blast of blackness.

4: Borknagar: Origin

“Origin” is a completely acoustic offering which succeeds in
capturing the complex and epic essence of the Borknagar sound without
the aid of heavy guitars and proggy keys. The sound is instead filled
out by string and wind instruments and other assorted noise-makers,
including acoustic guitars and drums, of course. The instrumental and
vocal textures and melodies on “Origin” are just fucking stunning!

5: Darkthrone: The cult is alive

“The Cult is Alive” is the biggest surprise to greet me this
year. Until this album, I had not really been spellbound by a Darkthrone
album since “A Blaze in the Northern Sky”, and I had pretty much
written Culto and Fenriz off as has-beens. However, the hefty infusion
of punk and garage-rock influences into their sound was just what
Darkthrone needed to rise out of the stagnant waters which they had
dwelled in for far too long. The cult is fucking resurrected!

Major disappointment of 2006:

Celtic Frost: Monotheist

A plodding bore of an album. Maybe it’s good as a sleep aid, but
it is certainly not a worthy continuation of the legacy of the
once-great Celtic Frost.

Necrophobic: Hrimthursum 1. Necrophobic: Hrimthursum

Hanging Limbs (ex-writer):

After hearing this album, it’s hard to believe these guys have
been around for so long and aren’t huge. A perfect death/black metal
blend with razor sharp guitars and some of the best harsh vocals I’ve
heard this year. A thick, revealing production brings out clarity and
distinction from every instrument while laying an aural thumping.

2: Circle II Circle: Burden of truth:

I make it no secret that Savatage is my 2nd favorite band of
all-time. With that said, I can’t believe I haven’t heard any of former
vocalist Zak (Attak) Stevens’ “new” band until now. “Burden of Truth” is
a surprisingly modern metal album that incorporates enough Sava charm
to carry over that fanbase. This and Jon Oliva’s new album will keep me
happy until Savatage does their 25th anniversary tour I’ve been hearing

3: Agalloch: Ashes against the grain:

The gloomiest oak tree humpers in America release their first
full-length since 2002. This album contains some of the most effective
clean vocals you’ll ever hear. See my review
here. It would have been a 10/10 if half of the album’s 8 tracks weren’t pointless noise/atmosphere/bullshit.

4: Decapitated: Organic hallucinosis:

Having not been impressed with their first two albums and
completely ignoring the third, I was taken completely by surprise when I
liked the new tracks I heard on their myspace page. Insane technicality
and crushing production aside, “Organic hallucinosis” gives you
something rare these days: pure death metal that you will want to play
over and over.

5: Insomnium: Above the weeping world:

I’ve loved these guys since I first heard “The Gallery”.
Although Swedish melodic death metal has been done ad nauseum recently,
these guys manage to keep it sounding fun. Solid production and inspired
songwriting make it a great comeback from the slight disappointment
that was 2005’s “Character”.

Major disappointment of 2006:

Dissection: Reinkaos:

We waited 10 years for THIS? Remember when Dissection was dark, sinister, and FUCKING KILLED PEOPLE!? This album is a generic bucket of anal butter. (insert joke about frontman/waste of oxygen Jon Nödtveidt killing himself)

Amon Amarth: With Oden on our side 1. Amon Amarth: With Oden on our side

Syrrok (ex-writer):

Easily my top album of 2006. “With Oden on Our Side” took the
speed and melody of “Once sent from the Golden Hall” and mixed it with
the awesome song-writing of “Versus the World”. Add a top-notch
production to that and you have viking bliss. These guys deserve all the
credit they get and will get.

2: Vader: Impressions in blood

What a fucken surprise for me. I was never a Vader fan before
this album, and now I am one of their biggest. This disc is so crushing
and eloquent in it’s filth that it cannot be denied. This is pretty much
how death metal should sound.

3: Scar Symmetry: Pitch black effects

Masterful metal musicians with ACTUAL SONGWRITING SKILLS! Oh, for fucks sake, clones yourselves! Now!!!

4: Iron Maiden: A matter of life and death

Classic Maiden in a form that hasn’t been around since the late
80’s. And Syrrok loves the 80’s and metal spirit, both of which Iron
Maiden reek of.

5: Katatonia: “The great cold distance

This disc was everything I hoped for and more as a follow-up to
their classic “Viva Emptiness” album. Unique songwriting, Jonas’ awesome
vocals, and an undercurrent of heaviness below it all. Katatonia found
that “thing”.

Major disappointment of 2006:

Slayer: Christ illusion

This is not a “bad” album per se, but clearly the disappointment
of the year because all of the lines were in a row. Lombardo was back,
Kerry’s still fat, and Tom is smiling. But instead of writing the Slayer
album we were all waiting for they decided to instead record songs they
wrote 5 years ago in the back of some tour bus. I have a feeling the
next Slayer album will be off-the-charts awesome, but this one stunk up
the fucken night.

Mastodon: Blood mountain 1. Mastodon: Blood mountain

Farlus (ex-writer):

Ever since “Remission” was released and people started jumping
on the Mastodon bandwagon, each Mastodon album has come with more and
more hype, and the band has delivered every time. This album is just
phenomenal and meets my expectations in every way.

2: The Sword: Age of winters

Combine doom, psychedelic rock, and metal with some mythological
lyrics and you’ve got The Sword. This album just rocks on and on with
no end. If not for my boner for Mastodon, this would be at the top.

3: Amon Amarth: With Oden on our side

Though “Fate of Norns” was a bit of a disappointment for me at
its release, “With Oden At Our Side” immediately had me hooked and
showed me that Amon Amarth didn’t quite blow their entire load on
“Versus the World”. I can safely expect more good things from the band
in the future.

4: Vader: Impressions in blood

It’s fuckin’ Vader. Need I say more? You can always count on these guys to own your ass with quality death metal.

5: Iron Maiden: A matter of life and death

I usually don’t pay much attention to the likes of Iron Maiden.
They’re just one of those metal-defining bands that I never really got
into. But even I got into this album, and that’s definitely saying
something, especially at their age. These guys have still got the magic.

Major disappointment of 2006:

Lamb of God: Sacrament

When I heard the single “Redneck”, I had high hopes for this
album. The song was pretty kickass and had a good groove going for it.
My love for Pantera probably influenced my liking of the song.
Unfortunately, that was the only bright spot on an album full of
retarded bullshit. You can tell this band is running out of ideas and is
just putting out albums for the sake of doing so. At this rate, these
guys will soon be on Vh1 reality shows.

Motörhead: Kiss of death 1. Motörhead: Kiss of death

Rafal (ex-writer):

The world changes while Motörhead still stay in the same place.
On “Kiss of Death” they did what they always do, bringing a lot of joy
to my ears. I have heard this album like tons of times and I can’t get
enough of it. “Trigger” and “Sucker” are probably the most energetic
tracks that Motörhead have created in the last couple of years.

2: In Flames: Come clarity

Have I ever gotten tired of their music? No, never. The album
proves their top-notch talent and over-the-top abilities to produce yet
another piece that has already been engraved in the history of metal.
Catchy riffs, great vocals and a lot of inner power that comes out of
the speakers. Thumbs right the fuck up.

3: Vader: Impressions in blood

Poland can be proud of Vader. They have travelled across the
entire globe, been to places no one ever heard about, but first and
foremost released albums that are absolutely the greatest. “Impressions
in Blood” is no exception, it’s hyper-fast and catchy when it has to be,
but aggressive and brutal all the time.

4: Katatonia: The great cold distance

Katatonia are peerless. There’s no other band in the world that
is able to pack a simple CD with this load of emotions. Each and every
song explores the human mind and magnifies the feeling of utter
hopelessness. It’s an amazing release by an amazing band. No more no

5: Anaal Nathrakh: Eschaton

It would take security forces and armies to stop these guys from
bringing armaggedon earlier than it’s supposed to happen. I have
followed the Brits since the debut album and man, they are now better
than eever. Anaal Nathrakh have pushed the bar of extreme a little bit
forward, and it’s an altitude available only for eagles. Black metal

Major disappointment of 2006:

Disillusion: Gloria

I was waiting for the damn album with my heart in my throat, but
when it eventually came out, I suddenly lost all my interest in
Disillusion. It’s music that flows in and out, like an avarage prog
metal album. I can say it with no remorse: “Gloria” is Teh Fucken Suck
of 2006.

Gojira: From Mars to Sirius 1. Gojira: From Mars to Sirius

Stephen Fallen (ex-writer):

What would happen if you took the creative intensity of Devin
Townsend, mixed it seamlessly with the stuttery technicality of
Meshuggah and then turned the whole thing into a fantastical prog-like
concept album about saving the environment and flying whales from outer
space? Well, you’d get an amazing listening experience and my pick for
Album of the Year.

2: Killing Joke: Hosannas from the basement of hell

After 25 years, Jaz Coleman’s industrial-post-punk-metal music
is as vital as ever and “Hosannas…” is a pissed off, tribal assault.
It’s both sad and heartening that the best protest music for this new
generation of retarded war and hatred was created by someone nearly 50
years old, but Coleman’s voice, both his singing and his message, is
stronger now than ever before.

3: Mastodon: Blood mountain

Another awesome Mastodon album? No surprise there. Every time
Mastodon gears up for a new release the expectations grow unreasonably
large and, somehow, the band always comes through. “Blood Mountain” is
more playful and proggy (and nerdy) than past releases, but still
uniquely Mastodon.

4: Drudkh: Blood in our wells

Before I got this album about the only thing I knew about
Ukraine was that one of their Olympic gymnasts was kinda cute. Now that
I’ve spent some time pouring over Drudkh’s blend of atmospheric black
metal and Ukrainian folk music… I still don’t know much. Still, it’s
difficult not to connect with the area’s people and culture a little
after hearing this amazing album.

5: Amon Amarth: With Oden on our side

Arty metal that expands minds and boundaries is great, but
there’s also something to be said for straight-up viking death metal
that makes you suck down a mug of beer, equip a plastic sword, place a
horned helmet on your head, invade a local Wal-Mart, rape a women’s
clothes rack and fend off a hoard of Irish attackers. Not that I’d ever
do any of that stuff, but if a security guard by the name of James
happens to read this: Dude, sorry again about the whole “plastic sword
to face” thing.

Major disappointment of 2006:

Disillusion: Gloria

“Gloria” exchanges the complex death/black/prog/folk of “Back to
Times of Splendor” for shorter, simpler songs that feature lots
electronic experimentation. I respect any band’s decision to defy
expectations and try new things, but oooops! With all their new ideas,
Disillusion forgot to make an album that didn’t, you know, completely

Mercenary: The hours that remain 1. Mercenary: The hours that remain

Desert Eagle (ex-writer):

This album is motherfucking perfect. I have been listening to it
pretty much non-stop since I first heard it. “Lost Reality” is one of
the best songs ever written.

2: The Acacia Strain: The dead walk

Heavier than my fucking dick, this album has groove and will
still beat your ass. Fuck yeah. Plus their lyrics are wonderfully

3: Scar Symmetry: Pitch black progress

Catchy as hell but still has those brutal growls. This cd still sees quite a few spins even though it came out early 2006.

4: Deicide: The stench of redemption

You know I always kind of considered Deicide as a novelty act
since they pretty much sucked but I appreciated what they were going
for. Now that they actually have competent guitarist, they fucking own.
God damn, and it only took them like 20 years.

5: The Faceless: Akeldama

I’m still jerking off to this one.

Major disappointment of 2006:

Trivium: The crusade

I call it a disappointment because I’m disappointed they made another album. Fucking kill these idiots so it won’t happen again.

Enslaved: Ruun 1. Enslaved: Ruun

Tiago Bonamigo (ex-writer):

This is an album that even in its most aggressive moments
manages to sound beautiful. I’d dare to say Enslaved is the most
relevant band in extreme metal nowadays. I really think they are
breaking barriers and I can see Enslaved albums being regarded as
masterpieces for years and years from now. Album of the year for me.

2: Negurã Bunget: Om

Transylvanian food must cause some brain damage. This album is
really weird and is really a rollercoaster ride getting used to it. The
first listening session is pretty much like losing your flower, you’re
not quite sure what happened, what went through where and you’re still
not sure of what you liked best in it, but it felt good. But as with
sex, it gets better with time and you’ll understand it more and more.
Bad analogy for an album full of furry ugly Rumanians. It is nothing
like sex, more like Tetris then.

3: Summoning: Oath bound

I wish I had a sword and my neighbours were orcs, so this album
could be the soundtrack of my life. Except for that cute chick at the
4th floor, the one I would take to be myyyyy precioussss. Hell yeah, I’d
have her ring. C’mon, this might be RPG metal, but it is so fucking cool. I love Summoning. I love Austria for breeding Summoning. And I hate orcs.

4: Falconer: Northwind

I know that this particular album should be dubbed as camembert
metal or muzzarella metal, but all hail cheese. Those who fail to get
what that album is about can fuck themselves for all I care. I loved
every single second of it and it is probably the album I’ve heard the
most this year. Mathias Blad has a hell of a voice, the songs are really
catch and Weinerhall is at the top of his game. It is an album I strike
warrior poses to when I sing along with it and it is so cool to see
such a cheesy piece of music with antichristian lyrics. It is like
sticking a Care Bear in the ass… OF CHRIST!

5: Katatonia: The great cold distance

Ok, I might be going emo with this one. And that confession made me depressed.

Major disappointment of 2006:

Disillusion: Gloria

The name of the album is what one was hoping for, the name of the band is what one gets.

Keep Of Kalessin: Armada 1. Keep Of Kalessin: Armada

The Abyss (writer) :

Not only the best album of the year but also one of the
strongest black metal albums released in the past 5 years. The
songwriting, the performance, the vocals, everything is top notch. I bow
my head to the black uncharted.

2: Celtic Frost: Monotheist

No one thought it was possible. Not after “Cold lake”. But
Celtic Frost did it, they made what might be the best “come back” album
ever done. Dark, oppressive, claustrophobic, with just enough references
to the old to please longtime fans and enough modern elements to feel
relevant in 2006.

3: Gorod: Leading vision

The best band you never heard of and the next big thing from
France after Gojira. Well, at least in a fair and just world. In the
real world Gorod will remain fairly unknown but as long as they keep
playing groovy, memorable technical death metal with jazz-influences
I’ll be a happy camper.

4: Anaal Nathrakh: Eschaton

What Keep Of Kalessin achieves with subtle grace and grandeur,
Anaal Nathrakh does with pure, cold, white hate and vindictiveness. This
is beyond black metal. This is the downfall of all you hold dear.

5: Scar Symmetry: Pitch black progress

Just when melodic death metal was about as dead and unanimated
as Paris Hilton’s soul, out steps Scar Symmetry and revives the corpse
and takes it for a hell of a ride. Fantastic songwriting with choruses
to die fo. And on top of it all: Christian Älvestam’s incredible voice.

Major disappointment of 2006:

Cult Of Luna: Somewhere along the highway

Not bad per se, but compared to earlier masterpieces this is a
letdown. You’ve just lost the game, boys. You can do so much better than

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