Audio Autopsy – October 2011

Audio Autopsy – October 2011

01/10/11  ||  Global Domination

Vader: Welcome to the morbid reich Vader: Welcome to the morbid reich


Lord K: You won’t ever get a bad album from Vader.
It’s impossible. No matter how many members get changed from week to
week, Peter’s capability to create killer death metal is always there.
High quality Polish steel. 8

InquisitorGeneralis: Welcome to the best Vader
record since “Revelations”. Lots of blasting and brutality here to go
along with some decent grooves. While not a return to classic form, this
is definitely a step back in the right death metal direction. 7

Habakuk: Like most Germans I think I’m not too keen
on any Reich returning, but for this one here I might just make an
exception. What a beast! 9

CadenZ: Feels like there’s hunger again in the Vader camp. “WTTMR
is certainly the best album they’ve put out in a decade. The
atmosphere, the adrenaline, the ambition…they’re all there. The kings of
Poland are back. 9

Revenant: Fucking
Vaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr. Oh yes, this I like. Clear
winner for this edition for mine. Top notch death/thrash, plenty of
hooks and new backing shriek vocals that fucken work. 9

Smalley: The biggest METAL-related
band here, this is the first Vader I’ve ever heard, and while the
heaviness is definitely here, the songwriting tends to drone, and the
riffs are a lil’ too clumsy for my tastes (i.e. lacking in catchiness).
Think I’d be better off with their older stuff. 6

Fleshgod Apocalypse: Agony Fleshgod Apocalypse: Agony


Lord K: It’s been a long time since I heard
something this… confusing. Every orchestra in the world entered the
studio when FA recorded this album and decided to play exactly
what-the-fuck they wanted on top of everything without listening to what
FA were doing (which is insane death metal) in the songs. Confusing to
say the least. And quite impressive. But mostly confusing. And I think I
like it. 6.

InquisitorGeneralis: I like my tech death, but this doesn’t really click for me? Too many keyboards maybe? I dunno, but I don’t really dig it. 4

Habakuk: Part of me thinks this mashup of brutal
death drums, orchestration and Septic Flesh is super awesome, in the
sense of the word. Part of me thinks this is a massively overpowering
listen. And part of me wonders where the guitars are. Listen to this
attentively (headphones?) or leave it be. 7

CadenZ: Keeping an extreme metal record with
symphonic elements away from the cheese department isn’t the easiest.
Fleshgod Apocalypse (best pornstar name ever) succeed in this. Heavy and
relentless, adorned with a dark atmosphere and bursting with ambition,
passion and skill. Best album to come out of Italy since… eh. Evah? 8

Revenant: I’m somewhat impressed and wanted to like
this more, but the guitars get lost in the mix making the songs sound
too similar to each other. Are there guitar riffs here? I can’t fucken
hear them. Also, that fucking singer needs to be stabbed in the throat
and have his vocal chords removed with rusty pliers. Seriously, fuck
that shit off. 6

Smalley: Not everything these frantic, symphonic
tech-deathers try to pull off works, but I still have to admire their
sheer ambition nonetheless. Absolutely killer drummer, too. 7

ICS Vortex: Storm seeker ICS Vortex: Storm seeker


Lord K: The guy with the best name around (Simen,
naturally) releases his first offering after getting the boot from
Borgir King. Quite mellow and absolutely competent, but it’s not
grabbing me by the pooper. He’s still got a great voice though. 5

InquisitorGeneralis: Who snuck a Lacuna Coil album in this month? The melodic, dickless crap sucks. 2

Habakuk: Whoa… hold on, this doesn’t sound at all
like a band I have never even heard of? Oh, a debut huh. Real fucken
great and atmospheric… progressive – black – metal? Stellar melodies and
unconventional but awesome clean vocals. Color me very impressed,
despite some sub-par songs. This is pretty much the only album this
month that goes beyond the mere mechanics. 8

CadenZ: Simon Horseface, you have a nice voice. It is good enough to stand alone, meaning you don’t have to harmonize EVERY SINGLE MOTHERFUCKING PHRASE YOU SING. Thank you. Otherwise cool Norse record. 7

Revenant: This month’s grower. I didn’t like Ics’
voice so much on this to begin with, but after a few listens it won me
over. Music is top notch and there is plenty of variety. 7

Smalley: Some silly-sounding guitar work and mildly
annoying singing aside, this proggy disc is actually kinda good. Just
keep working on your sound, guys. 6

Revocation: Chaos of forms Revocation: Chaos of forms


Lord K: Quite the surprise this one. Revocation can
dish out some seriously fierce thrash at times, the problem is I can’t
for the fuck of me take a huge liking in the thrash of today. Still,
this is good. It would be better if they skipped the plague metal parts
you tend to get every now and then. 6

InquisitorGeneralis: Blasty, techy thrash with lots
of cool moments. I like this quite a bit. There is much more death
metal going on here than I expected. If you dig Arsis, Warbringer, or
Vektor you should definitely check these Massachusetts Minutemen out. 8

Habakuk: This generally modern affair has a few 80’s reminiscences I can appreciate, and that’s it. 5

CadenZ: Children of Bodom on US techcore steroids. Eat a panda. 5

Revenant: Revocation are one of those bands that
have been sitting on my “to check out” list for some time. I can safely
cross them out now. Wow, what a fucken disappointment. Annoying
vocals over some pretty uninteresting thrash. They have plenty of talent
and lots of ideas but it completely goes to waste here. 5

Smalley: Aimless, unremarkable, irritating metalcore/tech death with weak vocal-work. At least the drummer is talented. 4

Primus: Green Naugahyde Primus: Green Naugahyde


Lord K: One of those bands I will never, ever fucken understand. Do people actually listen to this and claim they like it? Seriously? No, they don’t. 2

InquisitorGeneralis: Not a bad record by Primus,
but without Tim Alexander on drums and any songs that equal the
awesomeness of the “Frizzle Fry” or “Sailing the Seas of Cheese” eras I
am not really too interested. Still, it’s decent. 6

Habakuk: Is this featured because of Larry Lalonde?
I don’t see any other reason, but if you’re a bass guitar lover, this
full-on funk album might appeal to you. There are some sick grooves and
absolutely unreal bass playing, this however comes at the expense of
sounding like the cover looks. 6

CadenZ: When you want to feel sane, Primus is your
friend. Remember to not put it on repeat though, some of the madness is
definitely contagious. 5

Revenant: Funking boring. 4

Smalley: Their first album in 12 fucken years is
actually pretty satisfying, fun, quirky funk rock with absolutely killer
bass work; just don’t wait this long to do the next record, guys. 8

Hackneyed: Carnival cadavre Hackneyed: Carnival cadavre


Lord K: This is that young German band, huh? What I
heard from them before wasn’t exactly impressive, but on this one they
have gotten the song writing in order quite a bit. Among the
Slipknot-ish (yeah, really) riffs that pop up here and there you will
find some good death metal. 6

InquisitorGeneralis: I smell Yyrkoon here, and that is good. But these guys don’t do death/thrash nearly as good as those defunct frogs. 5

Habakuk: Listening to this, I get a feeling surprises are absolutely not death metal. 6

CadenZ: Calling this one-dimensional would be like
calling 12 hours of jackhammer experimental prog. There are more keys to
play in, you know? Even though you love the thickest string (girth is
important) you could try to stay away from it once in a while. 3

Revenant: Decent enough, but the needle on my
excito-meter (a device I have devised to measure the level of excitement
experienced while listening to music) is giving a low read-out. Could
have done without the pig squeals as well. I only like those in the
bedroom. 6

Smalley: Not-bad death metal with some thick guitar
production, but it still doesn’t leave much of an impression. It’d be
better to be hot or cold than lukewarm, right? 5

World Under Blood: Tactical World Under Blood: Tactical


Lord K: It’s a great achievement to be able to
throw in blastbeats de luxe into your music and still don’t manage to
make it sound the least brutal. I don’t think that was the point though.
Incredibly boring on all accounts. 3

InquisitorGeneralis: These guys can certainly play with skill, but uninspired tech/death/thrash is the best they can come up with. 4

Habakuk: Just as they fail to add anything to the
two cover songs, they fail to do so on grand scale with their solid but
not very interesting death/thrash. 6

CadenZ: Competing for the Worst Band Tim Yeung Has Drummed For Award, WUB
play some kind of mix between watered-down At the Gates-ripoff riffs
and metalcore, which is watered-down by standard. So unoriginal it
hurts. 4

Revenant: World Under Menstrual Blood play competent but somewhat uninteresting melo death and that’s it, period. 5

Smalley: “Tactical”‘s a weird mix of melodic/harsh
material, and doesn’t fully work due to that, but I can’t deny that some
of it does please me (against my better metal-conscience, or whatever). 6

Red Hot Chili Peppers: I'm with you Red Hot Chili Peppers: I’m with you


Lord K: RHCP fall into the same category as Primus, only RHCP actually create songs. The problem is they are always shitty. 3

InquisitorGeneralis: The Red Hots Brains’ are
completely fried, and it is clear they are stuck in a
pop/funk/easy-listening phase that certainly doesn’t do it for me. I’ll
keep loving the 80’s material and be a happy man. 4

Habakuk: Funkish radio rock I can perfectly do without. 4

CadenZ: No. No you’re not. 5

Revenant: Chilly Willie are back with vengeance
with another slab of stomping riffs, facemelting solos and crushing
brutality. Their trademark violent hate lyrics are again in full force,
possibly even even more horrific and nasty than they were on “Blood
Sugar Satan Magick”. This is probably the most intense album you will
hear all year. A ferocious noise assault that will leave you gasping.
(Why is this in AA?) 4

Smalley: Another funky record that I don’t know what the hell is doing in AA, but this one is pretty enjoyable. Not the best I’ve ever heard from RHCP, though. 7

Chimaira: The age of hell Chimaira: The age of hell


Lord K: Chimaira usually get lumped together with the mallcore/plague metal bands of the world. That’s not entirely fair. Or actually – it is. 4

InquisitorGeneralis: (As usual) too much melody and ‘core influences keep the good aspects of Chimaira buried deep in the pile of mediocrity. 4

Habakuk: This modern thrash is not half as bad as I thought, but modern thrash? Come on please, don’t be silly. 5

CadenZ: Aggressive modern thrash with
semi-forgettable riffs, OK production and very few highlights. The 90’s
influences generate an extra point. 6

Revenant: Typical American metal. Take Drowning Pool, add death growls plus a couple of heavier groove sections and that’s Chimaira. 4

Smalley: Pseudo-metalcore with weak production
& riffs, wannabe Alice In Chains clean vocals, and half-assed
“harsh” vox; instead of sounding like the proper demon, this dude just
sounds like he needs a fucken lozenge. 4

Death Destruction: Death destruction Death Destruction: Death destruction


Lord K: In Sweden there’s a little buzz about these
guys since they are a “super group”. I don’t know about that, but they
do know how to create some competent year 2011 metal. Crystal clean,
executed without flaws and so forth. And ultimately it gives me nothing I
haven’t heard before. 5

InquisitorGeneralis: Death. Destruction. Derivative. Dump. 3

Habakuk: Wolf Explosion! 4

CadenZ: Groove/death metal with nothing to offer in terms of songwriting, though the execution is good. Very, very mundane. 5

Revenant: Clearly Pantera and deathcore fucked, and
Death Destruction is their spawn. While Double-D generates some
pretty good groove it does get tiring after a while, particularly the
screamo vocals. 5

Smalley: Dull, unremarkable, “slam”-heavy dreck all the way to its rotten (hard)core. 5

Trivium: In waves Trivium: In waves


Lord K: That title tune is the best thing I have ever heard from Trivium. What I mean by that is that Trivium is still a stinker. 3

InquisitorGeneralis: I like this more than I should, for melodic metalcore’ish type shit this is not so bad. 5

Habakuk: It really is ironic. I couldn’t find words
why this isn’t great, until their Sepultura cover reminded me how it’s
really done. If you are a false don’t entry. 5

CadenZ: Although the -core moments bring bile to my
mouth, there’s some potential in the thrashy riffing. Certainly above
average in its genre, which means it’s still quite shit. 4

Revenant: This is everything I hate about modern
metal, from the pansy clean vocals to the ridiculous over production.
No surprise that Trivial have changed their sound to suit the modern
trend, they never struck me as a band with a true identity. 2

Smalley: Yup, Trivium still sucks; thanks AA! Keep away from covering Sepultura too, pretty please. 4

Edguy: Age of the joker Edguy: Age of the joker


Lord K: Guys, the first tune is actually called “Robin Hood”. Joker indeed, huh? 3

InquisitorGeneralis: Power-crappo wankery of the worst kind. The Ed Guy blows. 2

Habakuk: We all agree that when a song is called “Robin Hood”, the reviewer can stop listening? Oh, it’s track one! 3

CadenZ: Poppy, sing-along power metal. From
Germany. Tobias Sammet has a good voice, but the songs are beyond gay
and I’m not feelin’ like it tonight, guys, so please put your dildos
away. No “Age of the Poker” this time. 3

Revenant: This is awkward. I kind of like this.
Man, I feel like I’ve just been caught masturbating at work. Yes, I
fucken like it, ok? Yes, even the childish dick jokes in the lyrics.
Shit. 6

Smalley: I ain’t one for power metal anymore, and this gigantic cheeseball isn’t about to change that one bit. The joke’s on us. 5

Kittie: I've failed you Kittie: I’ve failed you


Lord K: At one point I actually liked a song by
Kittie. It was called “Paperdoll” if I’m not mistaken. I can dig the
gal’s clean vocals to some extent, but the poor (wo)man’s metal they
produce is absolutely redundant. 3

InquisitorGeneralis: You’ve failed me once again,
Kittie. I think I may have liked one of their songs ten years ago, but
this shit is too bland for me to stomach. I give these gals a few nods
for trying, but not succeeding. 3

Habakuk: No… women make me uneasy. 4

CadenZ: Yes. Yes you have. 3

Revenant: No Kittie, not “failed” me, you’ve “surprised” me. Seriously, is this the same Kittie that produced this abomination? This is a millionfold improvement from the Kittie I remember. Still not great though. 5

Smalley: Failed is right, not that Kittie has ever not done that. 3

The Devil Wears Prada: Dead throne The Devil Wears Prada: Dead throne


Lord K: CadenZ is really saying it all. This is horrific. 2

InquisitorGeneralis: Skinnyjeancore sucks, and these guys are right at the front of the line with wet lips and pampered haircuts. Yuck 2

Habakuk: With that moniker, I expected the absolute worst. It’s not that terrible, but still pretty much paint by numbers angsty metalcore. Pass. 4

CadenZ: What a surprise. The band with the gayest
by far moniker this month turns out to be emo metalcore. I am fucken
stunned. What’s even more surprising is that they are a rip-off off the
bands that created this shit. I. Am. Speechless. 2

Revenant: Let me check the suck checklist: Christian? Check. Metalcore? Check. Look like complete fucking douchebags? Check. Dumb shits? Check (read how they got their band name in Wikipedia for a good laugh). Do I need to go any further with this? 1

Smalley: Shut the FUCK up already, strangled chicken-singer. The fact that they even considered
their current band name, much less decided to stick with it over any
other option, should tell you all you need to know here. And if doesn’t,
get the fuck off this site. 3


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