Audio Autopsy – October 2007

Audio Autopsy – October 2007

01/10/07  ||  Global Domination

In Battle: Kingdom of fear In Battle: Kingdom of fears

7.8 /10

Lord K: Damn, color me surprised. I never really
managed to get into the style of these guys, but with this album, In
Battle’s won me over. Odhinn’s vocals are fantastic and it sounds like
quite a bit of time was put into the writing for “Kingdom of fear”. In
Battle feels more thought-out now, more mature, if you will. To put it
mildly: I didn’t expect this strong a effort. By the way, “Follow the
allfather” is a fucken terrific tune and you can be sure that this piece
will be spinning at my place quite a lot. 8.

Ripper Bendix: And yet more death metal from ze
north. Is Elof still in the band? Nils is double fisting Dark Funeral’s
drums right now – that I know. And this stuff here sounds like viking
death. Technical viking death. With sprinkles. Yay, sprinkles! Meade
Meade yay! 7

Syrrok: This album just settled into the right
part of my soul for some reason. The bass sound alone (yes, the fucking
bass sound) was enough to win me over. I don’t know how these guys
didn’t stick with me before. This album absolutely crushes. 9

Hanging Limbs: I get a ton of Behemoth vibes from
these guys and that’s not a bad thing. The first few listens were
nothing special, but it has grown on me faster than a chancre. Their
vocalist should give lessons on how to do harsh vocals. He is one sexy
motherfucker. 7

Stephen Fallen: In Battle’s brand of black/death
metal shredded my face clean off and fed it to me on a soft shell taco. I
loved every second of it. 8

Aeon: Rise to dominate Aeon: Rise to dominate

7.6 /10

Lord K: One of the world’s finest death metal bands
return with their second full-length. Long gone are the repulsive
motorboat-kicks present on their debut and the production (courtesy of
Dan Swanö) is nothing but killer. At a first listen this one might not
seem as catchy as “Bleeding the false” but with time given – “Rise to
dominate” does just that, it rises to fucken dominate. Stellar
musicianship, incredibly catchy songwriting, full on technicality. But
most of all – PASSION. On the downside: With a
future looking so bright, their drummer joins Dark Funeral, moves to
some shit country for some chick and no one knows if he’s still with
Aeon or not. He will not be easy to replace if it comes to that, but I
seriously hope this situation is sorted faster than a blastbeat. Aeon’s
just too fucken much of a killing force to die on us now. “Rise to
dominate” is the proof. 9

Ripper Bendix: Again Aeon deliver a bloody steak of
raw deathmetallic goodness that won’t be leaving my fucken stereo so
damn soon and tastes fucken great with Tabasco. Blast speeds, groovy
midtempo shit, and a leatherlung of a singer who sounds like a
chainsmoking blowtorch. Yup. Gimme fucken more of that shit! Kill kill
yay!! 8

Syrrok: Perhaps the strongest effort on this entire
damn AA. To me this album sounds night and day different than the
last. The guys just hammer on this one. I think they’ve even convinced
me to sell my Mesa and go buy a PowerBall. Guitars are insane all over
this crispy bitch. 8

Hanging Limbs: Something tells me this album will
receive pretty high scores, but unlike my father’s gloved hand, it fails
to touch me down there. The music crushes elephant balls, but the
vocals can be rather repetitive and boring. I’d rather hear more of the
band fucking around with their instruments. 6

Stephen Fallen: Aeon lets loose another expertly
crafted cyclone of slightly technical death metal and… Wait, no more
motorboat kick drums!? I guess I can live with a more traditional, more crushing drum sound. I mean, if I have to. Sarcasm aside, I am
disappointed that “Rise to Dominate” sounds more serious than “Bleeding
the False”, there’s nothing here as obviously tongue-in-cheek or
gloriously over the top as “God Gives Head in Heaven”. Still, this is a
very good album. 7

Demigod: Let chaos prevail Demigod: Let chaos prevail

6.2 /10

Lord K: Their debut, “Slumber of sullen eyes”, is a
fucken close-to-classic. After that one I thought the guys either died
or split up. Some other album surfaced a million years later, sounding
completely different to what we were used to. Then I thought the guys
either died or split up again. Now this one comes around and I’m still
puzzled these guys are still going, recording albums that I have no idea
who listens to. “Let chaos prevail” is a little uneven. They mix some
absolutely awesome shit (quite a bit of Vader in there – especially in
the vocals) with some not so awesome shit, in the end making this a
decent-to-good death metal effort on all accounts. But it’s not topping
“Slumber of sullen eyes”. 6

Ripper Bendix: Finnish Fucken Feath Fetal. Metal.
Death. I mean. Thing. Nice, fast and evil. I fucken like that but can’t
be fucken arsed to go in-depth because there’s ten more albums to listen
to here. Perkele perkele hurra! 7

Syrrok: At least the lead singer loves Vader. That
can only help. There’s about 8 strong grooves on this album, which are
much appreciated. There’s no reason to say anything bad about this
album, I should just be grateful I’m not hearing a dude crying through
the mic or some power metal band with a female vocalist. 6

Hanging Limbs: At first, the oppressive, bassy
production made everything seem muddled and undistinguished. While a lot
will get lost in the mix, after a few listens you will hear just how
good this disc is. Lots of insidious, poisonous-snake-waiting-to-strike
riffs. “God Said Suffer” is like no death metal song you’ve ever heard. 8

Stephen Fallen: This is the mediocre death metal de
jour. I mean, Demigod, “Let Chaos Prevail”? Psh, more like
Demiinteresting, “Let Yawning Prevail”. More like Demigood, “Let Other
Albums Prevail”. More like Demicock, “Let penis prevail”. MORE LIKE DEMIMOORE, “Let GI Jane Prevail”!!!! 4

High On Fire: Death is this communion High On Fire: Death is this communion

5.4 /10

Lord K: I’m not the least shocked that I don’t take a great liking in this. Ot even some
liking. It’s one of those bands I just knew what they would sound like,
and I also knew they wouldn’t be for me whatsoever. I’m very seldom
wrong when it comes to these feelings. I dig the muddy production and
that’s more than I can say about the actual style. It passes for “ok, I
guess, but nothing I’ll listen to again”. Some parts remind me of stuff
Entombed could put out, and I mean that in a good way. 4

Ripper Bendix: Okay, the cover kicks kinda ass but the rest ain’t my cup of tea. Drop drop yawn. 6

Syrrok: I mixed these guys up with Fireball
Ministry or whatever. A welcomed failure on my part as I’m diggin these
throwback metal stuff with a Lemmy impersonator on vocals. I’ll never
besmirch an attempt to capture thrash metal goodness and energy. 7

Hanging Limbs: Had a hard day and wanna rock out? Try Masto-Lite, a new product from the makers of Mastodon. 4

Stephen Fallen: My first thought on this album:
“Wow, did High on Fire always sound this much like Mastodon?”. There was
always a similarity, but the first three tracks of this album sound
like b-sides from “Remission” and it threw me for a loop. “Death…” is a
decent rockin’ metal album from the South, but the production is a bit
weak in the knees and the solos are generally lame ducks. Overall, it’s
like “Blessed Black Wings”, only not as good. 6

As I Lay Dying: An ocean between us As I Lay Dying: An ocean between us

5.2 /10

Lord K: I don’t think I have to explain what these
guys sound like, do I? It’s 2007 and they are from the United States.
Originality? Dead. Catchiness? Dead. The future of heavy music? Dead. As
long as all of these bands are around, there’s very little hope for the
scene. I fucken hate this New Wave Of American Bullshit Metal. And it
doesn’t matter that they include blastbeats here and there. “Forsaken”
holds a killer intro by the way, but in the end, As I Lay Dying is just
yet another boring band. Competent as expected, but ultimately about as
fucken repulsive as a bag of toe nails. 3

Ripper Bendix: An ocean between YOU
and me waving a cardboard sign reading “As I lay Dying – ten points”. A
deep fucken ocean indeed. Another CD to listen to once and then put
away. Good production – but the music on there honestly wasn’t really
interesting enough in the first place. Polish polish yawn. 6

Syrrok: I feel as though I’m letting San Diego down
if I don’t give these guys a decent score. But I can’t fabricate
emotion towards an emotionless ocean. Zing. The dead giveaway that
you’re in for something less-than-gnarly is anytime you hear that an emo
band is going to incorporate “tons of thrash metal” into their album.
The drummer headbangs while he plays the drums as well, very impressive.
A solid step forward but still too much “daddy forgot to hug me”. 5

Hanging Limbs: If this were little league baseball,
As I Lay Dying would get the most improved player award. This is much
better than anything I ever expected to come from these guys. 7

Stephen Fallen: This band is trying to trick Lord K
by having 4 words in its name instead of 3. I’m guessing it doesn’t
work. “An Ocean Between Us” is metalcore that contains all the staples
of the genre; breakdowns, melodies and off-key clean vocals. I’m not a
‘core hater, but As I Lay Dying doesn’t give me anything I haven’t heard
before. Let’s all read William Faulkner instead. 5

Through The Eyes Of The Dead: Malice Through The Eyes Of The Dead: Malice

4.8 /10

Lord K: It’s nice to be somewhat blown away at
times, you know. With all the super-shit (hello C-187), all the total
shit (hello Prong), all the usual trend shit (hello As I Lay Dying),
it’s nice with a band that actually display some fucken balls. These
guys are a new experience for me and I’m surprised I never got around to
them before. The catchiness is there for fucken sure and so is the
brutality. The slightly disturbing kicks is something you get used to
after a while. So is the apparent overuse of Pro Tools corrections.
“Malice” is close to be a fucken killer album. Maybe next time…7

Ripper Bendix: Not fish, not meat. Deathcore de-fucken-luxe with emphasis on “death”, most of the time. Chugga-chugga yawn. 5

Syrrok: The addition of a new vocalist definitely
helped this band overcome some whiny tendencies on past album. The
riffing is still At the Gates worshiping to the worst degree but that’s
not always a bad thing. All these bands need to do is develop some
groove. Listen to rap, trance, ambient, whatever the fuck, to develop
something in your music that resembles groove 4

Hanging Limbs: If I put this album under my pillow tonight, will the Cliché Fairy come and take it away? 4

Stephen Fallen: Is “Malice” eleven tracks long or
is it just one boring song over and over and over and… well, you get the
idea. Melodic death with a few breakdowns and boy – does it make no
impression on me at all. 4

Nightwish: Dark passion play Nightwish: Dark passion play

4.2 /10

Lord K: Face it, Nightwish are hardly sucking the
biggest cock in this genre of music, that award goes to Epica. “Dark
Passion Play” was covered in full right here
some time ago. I suggest you read that for more in-depth thoughts. What
it comes down to with this album is that it’s the same old shit with a
new (better) vocalist (and I’m fucken NOT
referring to the male one, that guy is completely repulsive). Besides
the change of cumbucket, it sounds quite weak, semi-catchy and
pretentious as fuck. In other words, it sounds exactly like the
Nightwish you know, only not as good as they used to be in their earlier
days. 5

Ripper Bendix: Back then, when Tarja was still in
the band, I was ashamed to like them because the operatic vocals were so
over the top that it took a lot of courage (or Spock ears) to admit
liking it. Kinda like a guilty pleasure or something. You could listen
to this on full blast and try to play down your red fucken face of ultra
fag-shame. Now… “Dark Passion Play” is the first album with the new
singer. I can proudly say now that I am not ashamed anymore – because I
kinda fucken stopped liking Nightwish. Call me what you want, but this
crap is fucken boring – and prolly always has been, but the absence of
over-the-top operatic ululating monstrosities reveals the other
weaknesses. Oops yawn. 4

Syrrok: There’s no need for smart words or mentions
of past singers. The sad truth is that half of Europe is in love with
this kind of operatic female vocal shit, and Nightwish is always pointed
at as one of the best in the genre. They will continue to sell and play
fucken shows with tons of people. This album is like any other. 5

Hanging Limbs: I’m not gonna pretend Nightwish is
the best band around, but the hate people have for them at GD is almost
comical. This chick has a decently pleasant voice and the music is
pretty catchy, but I can do without the male vocals. The album, like the
rest of their discography, is far from bad… especially considering that
Epica shit we had to review last month. 5

Stephen Fallen: What the fucking fuck. “Dark Passion Play”? So, that’s like a traditional Passion Play for Lent, only dark?
Wow, yeah, that’s clever. I don’t understand what Nightwish hopes to
accomplish by hiding their whiny, puerile gothic metal behind awful
orchestration. This band is an insult to elves, vampires, music and
well, uh, everyone. 2

Today Is The Day: Axis of Eden Today Is The Day: Axis of Eden


Lord K: I never understood this band in the past
and nothing’s changed. Let me use of one staffer Ripper Bendix’ past
comments… “What exactly is going on here?”. 2

Ripper Bendix: I love Derek Roddy! Despite all the noise and mathy riffing trend-sports. Noisenoise ouch! 6

Syrrok: Anytime you see the word “Eden” in an album
title, you’re almost always going to get some power metal shit. Not so
in this case, but it’s really no better. A fairly poor recording (to
keep it true?) that doesn’t do much for me. 3

Hanging Limbs: One of the only bands I find truly
extreme have unfortunately become a bit too laid back and nowhere near
as frightening as they once were. At their best, they were an
unstoppable mix of Converge, Melt Banana, Acid Bath, and Isis. I
probably wouldn’t buy this even if Stone Cold did in fact say so. 4

Stephen Fallen: When I first heard “Temple of the
Morningstar”, I was shaken. Today is the Day painted a sonic portrait of
the vileness that dwells inside everybody, and it was scary because I
could relate to it and I desperately wished I didn’t. The music hasn’t
changed much since then, but “Axis of Eden” sounds tired to me. I’ve
might have grown accustomed to Steve Austin’s tricks, or maybe he’s
simply relaxed a little. Either way, the result is a disappointingly
tame album. 5

Throwdown: Venom and tears Throwdown: Venom and tears

3.8 /10

Lord K: Hey Throwdown, Pantera called. They told
you to go fuck yourselves. Take As I Lay Dying with you. And the rest of
your worthless colleagues. 2

Ripper Bendix: Pretty fucken heavy for a quasi-Pantera clone. Walk walk yay? 7

Syrrok: Enough with breakdown and tattoo hard-metal-core. 3

Hanging Limbs: WWE metal that reeks of windmills and haymakers. I’ll see you in da pit, sucka. 3

Stephen Fallen: You know how in movies and on
television, when you clone someone and then clone the clone, the second
clone is always retarded? “Venom and Tears” is like the second clone of
“Vulgar Display of Power”. It’s exactly the same, only retarded. 4

Vendetta: Hate Vendetta: Hate

3.8 /10

Lord K: I’m not sure if I should tell you this, but
I actually loved “Brain damage” by these guys… You could say that the
love is not here anymore. Weak metal, weak vocals and titles like
“Hannibal” and “Dead people are cool”? You guys are not aiming that
high, huh? Congrats, you have succeeded. 3

Ripper Bendix: 80’s flashback and fucken Ripper goes all to pieces. Yes, I am THAT predictable. Fuck off.

Thrash thrash YAY! 7

Syrrok: Holy shit, I remember a time when I was
sitting in my flat with some buddies watching VH1 classic’s “metal
show”, and some Vendetta mid 80’s video came on. This chubby dude in
denim singing higher than one could imagine, in the desert with a bunch
of dudes just jumping around. For that alone I give these guys a 10.
For the music included on this album I give them a: 2

Hanging Limbs: There’s not much good to say about a
band whose vocals sound like a bad impression of James LaBrie’s (Dream
Theater) bad impression of James Hetfield. This album makes me want to
time warp back to 1988 so I can hear these songs the first time they
were written. 3

Stephen Fallen: “Hate” is some rather limp
Destruction/Metallica style thrash from a band that died in the 80’s and
should never have been resurrected. This fails to the capture the
spirit and sound of early thrash and therefore fails to capture my
interest. 4

Prong: Power of the damager Prong: Power of the damager

3.6 /10

Lord K: Lemme see… This doesn’t sound like “Cleansing”. That means this band is stuck firmly on the road of suckage. 3

Ripper Bendix: A weak output by a band that
should’ve disbanded years ago. Or if they had previously disbanded they
should have stayed fucken split. Whatever. Plod plod YAWN! 3

Syrrok: Regardless of your view on Prong, you have
to admit that when you hear Tommy Victor’s vocals – you know it’s Prong.
Immediately. A true lesson for all metal bands in how originality
sells. How the hell is Prong still even around? Yes, probably because
of one song they did forever and 10 days ago. But they’re still here
and making normal rock metal. 5

Hanging Limbs: I guess in 1993 or so, thrashy
alternative metal like Prong or Helmet would’ve seemed pretty heavy. In
2007, it just sounds like bad proto-nu-metal. 3

Stephen Fallen: Stephanie: “Oh my God, you guys haven’t changed since High School!”

Prong: “Oh, cool.”

Stephanie: “No, it isn’t.” 4

War From A Harlots Mouth: Transmetropolitian War From A Harlots Mouth: Transmetropolitian

3.2 /10

Lord K: I think these guys got into this
edition just becoz of their cool name. After listening to this album of
insane, competent but mediocre death metal rhythms and weird
arrangements, I am actually sure of it. 4

Ripper Bendix: I have no fucken clue what is going
on here. I want to go to fucken bed but this album is still running and I
should probably get up and turn my stereo off. Lazy lazy yawn.
Goodnight. 2

Syrrok: Terrific band name there. Very original. Screaming and weird stops in the music. Yeah, that’s totally jazz, and weird. 3

Hanging Limbs: Less focused than a schizo-affective
midget having a seizure while burning alive on a ship being swallowed
by the abominable sea beast they call Kraken. 4

Stephen Fallen: These guys are trying so hard to be
cool that they will never, ever achieve it. “Transmetropolitan” wants
to be satire and it wants to be original. The problem is, all the
musical ideas are copy/pasted from other bands (DEP
and Converge to name a few) and the “humorous satire” is heavy handed
beyond redemption. If all of that won’t dissuade you from purchasing
this album, one final warning: There’s fucking pig squeals. 3

C-187: Collision C-187: Collision


Lord K: I have a review at this site that explains my thoughts very well on this shitfest. Click me
and you’ll know why you should stay far, far away from this fucken
piece of crap. Another proof that talent does not equal good music. Fuck
off. Forever. Don’t believe the (actually non-existing) hype, C-187 is a
fucken disgrace. A disgrace complete with gangsta rap bullshit and
hideous song titles. 2

Ripper Bendix: Advertisement: “This is a mixture of Death, Pestilence, Cynic and Atheist! Whee brain metal!” The sad truth: “This is a mixture of one good song and thirteen others that kinda sound alike. Whee, I am bored to tears!” Lesson learned: “Fuck advertising – it’ll just cause false expectations!” Blah blah yawn! 4

Syrrok: Having never been a super fan of
Pestilence I wasn’t necessarily banging at hell’s door for any of their
members to release something new. But not only did we all get something
“new” from a Pestilence guy, we got some RAP
thrown in. It’s as if Pestilence was frozen in time around their demise,
or around 1991 when “187” was referenced in every rap song. Very fresh
stuff. The tunes just don’t’ sit that well. 4

Hanging Limbs: This is the biggest waste of talent I
have heard in 2007. It sounds like something Mike Patton would make if
he wore a black military cap and moonlighted as a spin-kick instructor
in Harlem. 2

Stephen Fallen: Just for the record, C-187 has
Patrick Mameli (Pestilence), Tony Choy (Athiest, Cynic), Sean Reinert
(Death, Cynic) and Tony Jelencovich (fuck this guy). I mention it,
because name recognition is the only thing “Collision” has going for it.
This is a momentous disappointment, a disgraceful waste of talent and a
complete Turd-o-Rama. 3


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