Audio Autopsy – November 2007

Audio Autopsy – November 2007

01/11/07  ||  Global Domination

Fleshcrawl: Structures of death Fleshcrawl: Structures of death


Lord K: Fleshcrawl took me by surprise with this
album. It’s safe to say that they have their death metal under control.
There are catchy solos incorporated in the brutality which leaves a
fresh touch to it. Can’t say I’m too read-up on their past albums, but
if they are anything remotely close to this – I need to give them a
listen. 7

Ripper Bendix: I loved this band to pieces ever
since I listened to their “Soulskinner” album, and one of their outputs
even has fucken zombies on the cover. I don’t need more. Oh, and the
music kicks ass as well. Thanks. 8

Hanging Limbs: “Structures of Death” may be one of
the best death metal songs of 2007. In fact, this album has officially
become a resident of Goodmetalville… where it plans to become mayor and
cut taxes by 2%. 7

Stephen Fallen: There’s not enough variation for me
to really get into this, but it’s some solid death metal. “Structures
of Death” has much in common with the Sunlight stuff from the early
90’s, so take that as you will. 6

Eric Wright: Brutal death with a twist of melody,
using thick distorted riffs that still stand out, some of the songs run
together, but that’s okay, they’re pretty solid tracks. There’s also a
Grave – “Soulless”, don’t know if the band takes influence from that
album but it sure sounds like it. 6

Abyss: German death metal sounding like Dismember
if they had teamed up with J.C. De Koeijer (Gorefest) on vocals.
Conclusion: unoriginal as fuck, but perfectly acceptable after a beer or
three. 6

Dimension Zero: He who shall not bleed Dimension Zero: He who shall not bleed


Lord K: Dimension Zero is one of those bands who
actually should get a little more attention though it’s nothing I listen
to personally. Most of the time it’s definitely some take-no-prisoners
death/thrash (with a few slower tunes thrown in) with tons of
aggression, some neat melodies and quite hysteric vocals. A positive
surprise though, for sure. 7

Ripper Bendix: Dimension Zero are SO fucken underrated. Give this fucker a spin FUCKEN NOW and see what you’ve been missing out, you blindfold-wearing nincompoop fuck. 7

Hanging Limbs: Anything with Jesper Ströngbad on
guitar is bound to turn some heads, and this new Dimension Zero album is
no different. The riffing and melodies are superb (think old In
Flames), even if the album does sound like nothing more than a good
retread of 500 albums that came before it. 7

Stephen Fallen: Yeah, so this isn’t bad melodeath,
if you’re into that sort of thing. There are a couple of catchy tunes
and it is short and to the point (only 34 minutes). Nice. If “He Who
Shall Not Bleed” came with a coupon for 10 free tacos, I’d totally buy
it. 6

Eric Wright: These guys are fucken rebels, I mean,
just look at their promo photos, they’re standing in front of a brick
wall, one member even going as far as leaning on it! More melodic death
half thrash, but pulled off better than most of the others in the field,
having memorable riffs, nice catchy chorus hooks, a drummer hitting his
kit harder than I’d hit Alizee if I had the chance, their reputation as
a forerunner in metal is well deserved, even though I’m not a fan of
this kind of music I still enjoyed it for what it is. 7

Abyss: “Hah hah hah, staying alive, staying
alive…”. Was it really necessary to cover that one? Apparently DZ
thought so… me, I’m not so sure. But overall I’d say that Dimension
Zero’s third album is not the sucker-punch that the previous two albums
were, more of a jab-jab-hook that doesn’t really connect. Jocke sings as
vicious as ever, but the riffs and melodies aren’t really there. Still
better than Devian, for example, but DZ are capable of much better. 6

Endstille: Endstilles reich Endstille: Endstilles reich


Lord K: One of the bands we host a forum for.
Endstille’s a decent black metal band, for sure, but when it comes to
black metal – my heart is always with Dark Funeral. 6

Ripper Bendix: Endstille still kick fucken ass, know their black metal must-do’s by heart and STILL give me a fucken headache with their sound. I don’t know what’s up with this, but the frequencies fuck me up good. 8

Hanging Limbs: The drummer is as imaginative as a
blank sheet of paper, but I love that ambient guitar tone, it makes the
songs beautifully miserable. I likey. 6

Stephen Fallen: I’ve always wanted to hate on a
Global Domination hosted band and now I finally can. Actually, I cannot,
because “Endstilles Reich” is some solid as fuck black metal. In fact,
it’s one of the best bm albums I’ve heard all year. Fungah, foiled
again! 7

Eric Wright: I’d never heard this band before, and I
was surprised to find out we host their official forums. Yeah, I’m
slow, but at least sitting here listening to this, I am enjoying a
beautiful slab of black metal that knocked me on my ass. I thought they
were going to be the standard tremolo picking type band, but they use
abrasive melodies and compliment them with the perfect chord
progressions, I’m just angry I had not heard of them earlier. 7

Abyss: For some reason I still haven’t fully
embraced this German black metal band, and I don’t really know why. They
sound consistently good on album after album, but I just keep
forgetting they exist. This album won’t change those facts. 5

Down: III Down: III


Lord K: I never, ever cared for Down. Their slow,
rockish approach is something I can definitely do without. There’s no
denying they do what they do well though, it’s just not my thing at all.

Ripper Bendix: SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE! Somebody wake me in fucken spring. 4

Hanging Limbs: Phil and I have a hate-suck
relationship: I hate him because he sucks. I wanted to hate this, but
instead I just don’t really like it that much. 5

Stephen Fallen: I loved parts of Down’s
previous two albums and this one is basically the perfect balance of
both. The result? I adore “III”. It’s southern rock/metal at its very
best and an Album Of The Year contender. 9

Eric Wright: Down III or:
How I Was Reminded Again By Phil Anselmo He Is From The South and To
Love The Groove. This is in my top favorite albums of the year, full to
the brim with riffs containing the perfect amount of groove, a great
performance by Phil, and just overall fun, if you are limited to buying
ten new releases this year, this would be one to get. 9

Abyss: I never cared for CoC or Crowbar. Pantera
was alright, I guess, and I loathe the “southern rock” sound. So imagine
my surprise when the key members from these three bands join together
in Down and actually makes me tap my feet. Slow at times, abrasive and
fast at others, but always full of groove. And I don’t think I’ve heard
Phil Anselmo sound this passionate and sober since… well, ever. I’m
pleasantly surprised. 7

Those Who Bring The Torture: Those who bring the torture Those Who Bring The Torture: Those who bring the torture


Lord K: If you heard any of Rogga’s 12 million
projects before this one, you know what to expect. Great vocals and
dirty death metal. Oh, and nice “Iron man” theft for the opening riff of
“Death came as a friend to them”. 5

Ripper Bendix: Okay! Now here we have a tasty
fucken treat indeed. Rogga is obviously still not too busy to be able to
come up with good stuff. Thanks for brightening my day a bit, bitch. I
will probably not ban you off the fucken forum any day soon. 8

Hanging Limbs: This has been the worst month of AA
in a long time. Every month I think that, but there are always one or
two bands that make it worthwhile. After hearing this tossed salad with
felch dressing of an album, not even “Tits: The Musical” could save
November ’07 from AA’s forgotten realm. 3

Stephen Fallen: Those Who Bring the Torture are
also those who bring the filthy sounding death metal. It’s not great,
it’s far from terrible, it’s… average. Nice vocals and the occasional
homage to the likes of Black Sabbath and Carcass push it up one point. 6

Eric Wright: Finally some old fashion death metal,
they way I like it, from forum f®iend Rogga, the death metal factory. I
can hear some Carcass here, some Impetigo there, some Repulsion for good
measure, with the magic touch of Rogga’s original riffing. and good
sense of direction. 8

Abyss: Great fucking death metal from Rogga
Johansson and his two henchmen. I don’t know if it’s the inclusion of
Ronnie and David, or if it’s just coincidence, but TWBTT
holds some of the best songs Rogga has done (which are a helluva lot of
songs if you count Ribspreader, Paganizer and Demiurg). Grinding death
metal with awesome groove, short but sweet leads and killer vox. What
more do you need? 8

Insision: Ikon Insision: Ikon


Lord K: Another one of all those bands that have
been around forever without me actually give a shit. To Insision: I
apologize. I should have listened to you fuckers earlier coz yer death
metal is fine. With a little more variation in the vocals (who are
great, don’t get me wrong) this would be even better. 7

Ripper Bendix: I am so bored by the general
mediocrity that I actually went off like a rectal eucalyptol suppository
while listening to this album. I am not a fan of deliberately mistyped
bandnames, because they are usually a promise for really sucky music –
but in this case I’ll let it slip, because Isnsisisosn rock my fucken
penis… a bit. 7

Hanging Limbs: Good for what it is, but unfortunately what it is is not good, so it is good at not being… good. 4

Stephen Fallen: A nicely paced death metal album
that’s filled with just enough variety to keep me interested. This song
is burly, that one is razor sharp, this one is fast and testicle… uh, technical, that one is slower and a little doomy and so on. Well done chaps. 7

Eric Wright: Insision, while not being spelling bee
champs, still smash out some pretty decent brutality. Sadly, even
though the riffs are nice and crunchy, they’re just not really that
amazing, I listened to “Ikon” and had no real thoughts on it, the band
put a lot of effort into the disc, I can really tell, it’s just nothing
worth listening to, because you’ve probably heard it hundreds of times. 5

Abyss: Brutal, yet not overly technical, death metal with awesome riffs and razor-sharp songwriting. 8

Blotted Science: The machinations of dementia Blotted Science: The machinations of dementia


Lord K: This “supergroup” (I hate that term. The
only time a band is super is when I’m playing with it) completely went
ape and decided to create an insanely technical and instrumental album
that is quite fun to listen to. At least once. The problem with
music like this, where it’s all about showing off the skills, is that
there are hardly anything that could be considered a real song.
It’s impressive as fuck and it’s cool to see how far people can go with
their instruments, though in the end it’s just a wall of flashy playing
and not much else. And that’s fine with me. 6

Ripper Bendix: Okay, that is kinda cool shit. But I
rather feel “taught” than entertained. Finger-breaking guitar and bass
stuff for advanced professionals. More of a primer than an actual album.
With people from Cannibal Corpse, Watchtower and Behold The Arctopus
you’re definitely not in for easy-listening stuff. Fucken help? 5

Hanging Limbs: This is what would happen if you
went to public school and your professor was Behold…The Arctopus, your
best friend was Sleep Terror, and Canvas Solaris stole your lunch money
every day. 5

Stephen Fallen: I’ve always liked Ron Jarzombek,
because he injects an honest sense of fun into his technical metal
meanderings. Blotted Science is his latest project and it’s one of his
best, with a nice balance between technical fireworks and simpler,
catchy parts. The bass/drum backbone is fairly straight forward and
provides a nice anchor for the times Jarzombek decides to go a little
crazy. Oh, and no vocals is definitely a plus, since there’s no whiney
prog-nerd to ruin the mood. Some songs lose me (“Activation Synthesis
Theory” is about 5 minutes too long), but overall it’s a fun experience.

Eric Wright: Most of the time technical wank bands
like this bore me, but Blotted Science are really a step above the crowd
since they have solid song writing, as well as being heavy and catchy.
Though sometimes the guitar wanking is laid down a bit heavy, and seems
to be fodder for guitar nerds to jerk off while watching Dream Theater
footage. 7

Abyss: If you think that the only thing wrong with
prog metal is the lack of… well, actual metal, then Blotted Science has a
brilliant solution for you. Fuck the vocalist, have Alex Webster of
Cannibal Corpse lay down some amazing bass-lines and hire the drummer
from Behold… The Arctopus. Oh, and it helps if your name is Ron
Jarzombek and you can play Satriani as well as Morbid Angel. This
month’s best and brightest surprise. 8

Darkthrone: F.O.A.D Darkthrone: F.O.A.D


Lord K: Once upon a time I actually liked
Darkthrone. That was when they did their “Soulside journey” album. After
that, they lost me. And I’m still lost. I dig the fact that they don’t
give much of a shit and their humorous approach while still maintaining
their cult status is impressive. With a production this would actually
be kinda good. 5

Ripper Bendix: This album is a fucken trainwreck
from start to finish and confuses me even more than their previous
record – the quasi Motörhead one that I actually liked. What the fuck
are you doing guys? Seriously? 5

Hanging Limbs: The AIDSwielders are back with
another album not named “Transylvanian Hunger”. It’s an OK listen…if
your idea of quality music in 2007 is “Chainsaw Gutsfuck”. While the
punky rock’n‘roll aspect is moderately fun, the music is way too
one-dimensional and rehashy to hold up after even a few listens. 4

Stephen Fallen: What do I like about this album?
Well, its very existence angers true black metal fans, so I figure,
fuck, if you’re pissing off the pale hoard you must be doing something
right. Honestly though, this is a terribly mediocre experience. They’re
paying homage to Motörhead, crusty punk and NWOBHM,
but Darkthrone does not have a knack for writing songs about drinking
and fighting. “FOAD” is silly and kinda fun (as it’s meant to be), but
it’s also pretty boring. 5

Eric Wright: Let me start this one off by saying
the album cover is extremely shitty. It looks like something from a high
school art class, that barely got a passing grade. Now the sound, it’s
very strange, kind of like a black metal Judas Priest without the cock
sucking innuendo, and without the great vocals of Halford. Instead we
get decent heavy metal riffing with terrible clean vocals mixed with
some nice more traditional black metal vocals, I don’t understand where
Darkthrone were trying to go with this one, it’s part Hellhammer, part
traditional heavy metal, part GG Allin, and what ever the fuck else,
it’s okay, but I’ll stick with their classics. 5

Abyss: Darkthrone thinks you can all fuck of and
die if you don’t like this album, and for that I applaud them. Some will
whine about the influences of punk and rock’n‘roll á la Motörhead in
“F.O.A.D.”, but why the surprised faces? It’s always been there, and to
me it sounds ace. For lovers of Nifelheim, Craft and… Darkthrone. 7

Overkill: Immortalis Overkill: Immortalis


Lord K: They are still around?! For what reason?
Ah, believing it’s 1988 and thrash is the meal of the day still, that’s
why. And Overkill’s doing fine apparently, though I have a hard time
thinking someone actually rushes to the store to get the latest Overkill
disc, haha… 5

Ripper Bendix: Mediocre. Just like the rest of their fucken back catalogue. 5

Hanging Limbs: I think the guys in Overkill were the only people who knew their band was still around. 5

Stephen Fallen: 2 seconds in and bam, I’m bored.
Overkill was a great thrash band 20 years ago, but that was (duh) 20
years ago. I like a couple of their albums, but at this point it’s just
(do I dare?) over kill (yes, I dare.) And yes, I know, that joke as a predictable as an Overkill album. 5

Eric Wright: Eight years ago, when I was a young
chap, I saw the video for Overkill’s “Hello From The Gutter”, on some
metal television program, that was the kick start into my metal
obsession, so they will always be very special to me. I was nodding my
head through the first two tracks, but then on the third I was
devastated, that horrid “singer” from Lamb Of God had to pretty much
muck up the whole album for me by laying down some vocal tracks. The
rest of the album is good, nowhere near their old stuff, but enjoyable. 6

Abyss: Overkill? More like “Hard to kill”. These
guys must be like 250 years old by now. If only they had some sort of
relevance to the metal scene to warrant their existence, but alas, no.
Thanks for nothing. 4

Path Of Possession: The end of the hour Path Of Possession: The end of the hour


Lord K: Would this band be signed if it wasn’t for
Corpsegrinder doing vocals? Doubtful. Path Of Possession is a weak death
metal band with little-to-nothing to offer. It’s just going on and on
for no apparant reason. This kind of death metal bores me to the
fullest. 4.

Ripper Bendix: Okay okay, you’ll get one point Corpsegrinder bonus – but not more! And spend it wisely. Preferably on something exciting. 6

Hanging Limbs: Metal Warriortron – GO! Commence stalling of intergalactic robowarrior thrusters. Diverting course to Planet Gleeb XLV. Prepare for deceleration! 4

Stephen Fallen: PoP is the proper acronym for Paths
of Possession, but PooP is a much more accurate one. This is actually a
big step up from the last PooP album, it’s still pretty fucking boring.
The first song is okay and the rest are, well, the same. Blah. 4

Eric Wright: How does Buttgrinder have time for two
bands and all those World Of Warcraft characters? I don’t know, but the
chorus and bridge for Memory Burn gave me shivers down my spine,
something Cannibal Corpse has not done for me since he’s joined. I don’t
know how these songs are so much fun, he must have cast his level sixty
magic death metal spell on it. 7

Abyss: This is Corpsegrinder’s melo-death
sideproject outside of Cannibal Corpse, right? The reason I remember
this is because I thought the last album sucked as well. Mediocre stuff
with childlike melody-lines. 4

Devian: Ninewinged serpent Devian: Ninewinged serpent


Lord K: Devian’s got some ex-members of Marduk in
the line-up, but it sounds nothing like said band, just to make that
clear. I don’t really know in what category to place this to be honest.
It’s not exactly brutal, it’s not exactly grooving, but it moves in an
ok fashion with a guitar sound and kicks that take over the whole
soundscape. I expected absolutely nothing from Devian so I’m not
disappointed, but I’m also not pleasantly surprised. 5

Ripper Bendix: Isn’t this Legion’s new project that
used to be called Rebelangels or something? I really expected more, but
it’s still okayer than the rest I reviewed so far for this edition.6

Hanging Limbs: What the hell? The intro made me
think this would be a somewhat melodic doom parade through Dirge Town.
Instead I got a decent, if overly generic, death metal album. 3

Stephen Fallen: The chorus one of Devian’s tunes, called “Remnant Song”, goes like this: You can’t save us, and who the fuck would want to be saved!?
I do, save me! I want to be saved from bears, rabid possums, foods high
in trans fatty acids and this below average, black/melodeath piece o’
garbage. 4

Eric Wright: This release would have been much much
better if they stuck with the thrash bits and left out the corny
melodic stuff that thousands of bands saturate the market with, only
about 1/6 the melodic segments are actually pulled off very well, the
rest I’ve heard done and I’ve heard done better. 5

Abyss: Legion and Emil from Marduk have resurfaced,
and with Devian we’re offered brimming goblets of blood and blackened
death metal. Some of the guitar-lines sounds a hell of a lot like their
previous band, and other parts sounds decidedly 90’s Sunlight. Not a bad
offering, but I’m still somewhat underwhelmed. The next album could be
killer. 6

Demiricous - Two Demiricous – Two (poverty)


Lord K: So, this is the band that someone
from Slayer praises all the fucken time? Why they would view this band
as any better than the millions of bands sounding exactly like this will
forever be beyond me. Maybe Slayer sees something in their thrash/2000
metal that I don’t. For what it’s worth, Demiricous is just another band
that makes no difference whatsofuckenever to me. And the vocals are
poor as hell, not to say irritating at times. 5

Ripper Bendix: Their previous album was called
“One” and should’ve been a defining number for their album outputs.
Heard this shit thousand times before. NEXT! 5

Hanging Limbs: Wasn’t it Confucious who said “The
final swing is not a drill, it’s how many people I can kill”? If it was,
then consider Demiricious some righteous fuckin’ philosophers.
Otherwise, listen to “Reign in Blood” and remember why you started
headbanging in the first place. 6

Stephen Fallen: I like the word “demiricous”. In
fact, I’m going to start using it to describe things that are tasty.
Sadly, Demiricous’ album is not very demiricous. Average death/thrash is
all that’s on the menu and it ain’t worth $14.99. Seriously, this is
all noodles and no meat. Not even a potato could save it. 4

Eric Wright: Demiricous’s “II” is a huge step up
from their debut album, but it’s still nothing that titillates me, with
some corny breakdowns, and no memorable riffs, they mainly fly through
this disc using their kinetic energy and aggression, but that alone is
not enough to make this something I’d want to listen to again. 4

Abyss: Obviously these guys sound a lot like
Slayer. But unlike Slayer, Demiricous doesn’t have a “Raining blood” or
“Dead skin mask” in their discography. Hell, they don’t even have a
“Disciple”. Next time; more songwriting + less posturing = less yawns
from The Abyss. 4

The Duskfall: The dying wonders of the world The Duskfall: The dying wonders of the world


Lord K: Swedish ABC
metal. As innovative and surprising as a Samantha Fox poster in 2007.
Nicely executed, sure, but also ultimately dull. This one will enter the
bin as soon as I’m done listening to it. 4

Ripper Bendix: How many melodic death metal bands ARE
out there? I am familiar with The Duskfall, and they pretty much always
sounded like this. The problem is that you have to do a little bit more
to keep people excited. Go for the clitoris! 5

Hanging Limbs: The Duskfall will be labeled
metalcore, when in fact “shitty metal” would be a more apt description.
Not even I can defend this monkey job. 3

Stephen Fallen: You say, “Meaty!”, I say “Ochre!”, “Meaty!”, “Ochre!”. Yeah! 4

Eric Wright: Ahhhhhh more melo-death, my first AA
and I’m being driven insane. Sounds like Soilwork, In Flames, and Dark
Tranquility, don’t know what else to say. 6

Abyss: Moving further away from their roots as
melodic Gothenburg metal, The Duskfall now includes elements of
rock’n‘roll and heavy metal, and suddenly they’re almost listenable. Not
my favourite band by far, but not as boring as they used to be. Thank
fuck. 5

Helloween: Gambling with the devil Helloween: Gambling with the devil


Lord K: What a coincidence, we just celebrated
Halloween. It sure as fuck was far more fun than listening to this
travesty. My regular review of this shit album got a 2,5, we don’t do
half’s here, so they unfortunately have to get a: 3

Ripper Bendix: No thanks. I have kinda grown out of the happy-la-la period of my life. 4

Hanging Limbs: I expected worse from a band that
hasn’t impressed me since 1996. Thank god I didn’t expect better. Much
like In Flames, Helloween continues to sound more and more like they are
influenced by those they influenced. 5

Stephen Fallen: I’m might have liked this power
metal if it weren’t for the unbearably weaksauce vocals… Fine, I still
would have hated it, but not as much. 3

Eric Wright: K hates this album, and I love it.
When we reviewed this together, it was like a metal episode of The Odd
Couple. I still think it deserves that eight I gave it, so if you like
some riff heavy power metal, look into this. 8

Abyss: This is Helloween’s equivalent to Kiss’ entire discography. Redundant crap. 2

Xasthur: Defective epitaph Xasthur: Defective epitaph


Lord K: Anyone claiming they like this tr00 and
grvm bullshit deserves to be run over by a bicycle until they die out of
boredom. That will take a long, long time but will, in the end, be a
far more pleasant thing than listening to this pile of utter feces. 1

Ripper Bendix: Go.Away. Even getting fucken flu shots is more exciting than this. 1

Hanging Limbs: Bleak, wrist-slitting black metal
from the bowels of sunny Los Angeles. Despite the forced, obnoxious
production, I can see why people like this one-man band. It’ll never hit
my cd player, but it makes good background music and is actually rather
soothing, à la old Darkthrone. 4

Stephen Fallen: There’s a lot of hate for the American black metal scene and idiots like Xasthur serve to justify it. “Defective Epitaph” might
have been a decent copy of Norwegian bm, but it’s buried under a
production that is shitty even by black metal standards. It’s not
artistically filthy, it just sucks. Xasthur wants people who spell trve
with a “u” to hate this, and I fucking do. Mission accomplished. Want
some good American black metal? Check out Wolves In The Throne Room. 2

Eric Wright: I’ve never been a fan of Xasthur, and
this release did nothing to change that. They’ve (well, technically, he)
progressively gotten worse, I still think the “band” is a joke on the
black metal elite dickheads. Almost every song is about suicide, Malefic
should stop writing his emo poetry and just finish it, he does have
that noose in his promo pictures after all. 2

Abyss: Bleak and nihilistic. Could it be black
metal? What’s more surprising is that this album from the U.S. (!)
one-man band is actually really good. Often eschewing speed, blastbeats
for ambiance and drone-like sounds; Xasthur proves that evil is to be
found in the small suicidal details as well as in the explosive displays
of wrath. 7


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