Audio Autopsy – May 2013

Audio Autopsy – May 2013

01/05/13  ||  Global Domination

Hypocrisy: End of disclosure Hypocrisy: End of disclosure


Lord K: It’s not like good ol’ Tägto knows how to
deliver shitty metal these days. Hypocrisy is a house hold name for
quality and even if I was never the biggest fan there’s no denying this
work-o-holic knows what he’s doing, be it death metal or more mainstream
stuff like Pain. “End of disclosure” holds tons of great shit and the
bass sound is killer. This album will keep the band at the high level
they have been for the last 100 years. 8

Habakuk: You gotta give it to them that after ten
seconds you know who’s playing. Never was a big fan though, but this had
some cool tunes. 7

CadenZ: The balance is here, again. Finally after
so many years, 15 to be exact, Tägtgren has again found the balance
between melodic, harsh, catchy and epic material. Welcome back. 8

BamaHammer: I immensely enjoyed “Virus” and
“Divinity”, and this one is no different. The reason, I believe, is the
energy Horgh brings to the table. He fits this band perfectly, and this
album is another fine piece of Swedish deliciousness. 9

Sokaris: Though the title track was kind of dull,
fortunately this is Hypocrisy doing what they do best. Big-chorused,
anthemic death metal with a melodic flair. Not exactly an “alien”
approach for them, huh? Ehhh… 8

Rotting Christ: Kata ton daimona eaytoy - Do what thou wilt Rotting Christ: Kata ton daimona eaytoy – Do what thou wilt


Lord K: Rotting Christ’s moniker was always better
than their music, but this piece here isn’t bad at all. Quite
pretentious and atmospheric with a million of things to discover. I am
surprised. This one will be a grower, mark my words. 7

Habakuk: I’ve never taken these guys seriously. I
mean, metal from Greece? I stand forever corrected. This is some pretty
epic shit. And there’s always Nuclear Winter (the band). 8

CadenZ: This album is as good example as any of the
first rule of songwriting: it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it. No
matter how cool a riff is, if not used properly, it will not fill its
role in the big picture. Or, as manifested several times on this record,
no matter how simple or banal your riff is, if you arrange it well,
play on its advantages, and use it at the right time, you will bring out
all of its potential and elevate the wholeness of the piece. Kudos to
Rotting Christ and their mature composing. 8

BamaHammer: Not everything needs a sequel. Apparently the brothers Tolis felt like “AEALO” needed one. And this is it. 7

Sokaris: About 3,498 albums in and Rotting Christ
show no signs of bucking their well-established trend of delivering
quality dark, atmospheric metal. It dips a little towards the end but
overall this is the album to beat so far in 2013. 9

Death Tyrant: Opus de tyranis Death Tyrant: Opus de tyranis


Lord K: Another new acquaintance from Sweden. The
names implies full-on originality so that’s what I am expecting. Not.
What Death Tyrant’s shitting out is death/black metal that holds up well
in this edition of Audio Autopsy. Real well, even. I am definitely
keeping an eye out for these fuckers coz they might be on to something. 7

Habakuk: Black metal, death metal, some cool
melodies, you have everything I crave. Marry me, Death Tyrant! We’ll
have our honeymoon in the paradise… of pain!, move to Niflheim and make
sure the world never runs out of little tyrants. 8

CadenZ: Out of the ashes of Lord Belial rise…Lord
Belial. If there ever was one genre to rule them all and in the darkness
bind them, it was Swedish death/black with bleak melodies a la 1990’s,
and Death Tyrant prove it once again. 8

BamaHammer: These guys are clearly off to a great
start. This album is deathy black metal the way it’s meant to be. I
hope they can keep it going. (Also, I hope they can keep the photos
coming. Their Metal Archives photo is either an epic failure, or it wins
the internet. I can’t decide.) 8

Sokaris: A tasty cocktail of extreme metal; dark,
heavy, thrashy, etc. Nothing that will blow your mind but they’d
probably serve as a great opener to better, bigger underground acts
while you grab your first couple drinks. 7

Soilwork: The living infinite Soilwork: The living infinite


Lord K: Read this
for a longer breakdown of “The living infinite”. Soilwork’s
accomplished the seemingly retarded task of releasing a double album and
they did it in fucken style. Fans of modern, melodic metal pretty much
got their masters right here. 8

Habakuk: These guys obviously know their craft, but
there is a bit much going on for my tastes. And two discs of that is
just way too much. 6

CadenZ: Great riffs. Great drumming. Great vocals. Great solos. Great songs. Great production. Great band. 8

BamaHammer: I’ve never been a huge fan of the
melodic death metal sound, but I’ve always had a weird love for
Soilwork’s last few albums back to “Stabbing ze drama” for whatever
reason. With this one, the guys give you not one but TWO discs of excellent grooviness. 8

Sokaris: Soilwork and Children Of Bodom are both putting out decent music, did we go back in time twelve years? 8

Enforcer: Death by fire Enforcer: Death by fire


Lord K: Sweden’s heavy metal machine Enforcer is a band I have heard about without actually hearing.
Safe to say they are definitely living up to the old-school heavy metal
tag media’s put on them. This sounds incredibly 80’s and they fucken do
it well. If I didn’t know this was a band of the modern era I’d say
it’s any decent band from an era long gone that I would have loved when I
was a kid. That’s a huge compliment. 7

Habakuk: These guys love Exciter, but they
do it well! If you still shed a manly tear for bands like Heavy Load
and Virtue from time to time, this will be your thing. Modernization
worked pretty damn well. 9

CadenZ: Energetic old school speed metal played without abandon. Hats off for going all the way. 7

BamaHammer: Sometimes I dig these
Accept-on-crystal-meth bands. These guys are actually decent, but it’s
nothing I’ll willingly come back to. 5

Sokaris: Yeah, these guys are just trying their
asses off to sound like an 80’s speed metal band. But, damn, they do it
well. Metallica’s “Kill ‘Em All” meets Di’Anno-era Maiden. 7

Thyrfing: De ödeslösa Thyrfing: De ödeslösa


Lord K: Viking metal (Thyrfing’s brand of it holds
tons of keyboards for added effect) is getting older than the Vikings
themselves now. I don’t care if they have been going since the mid-90’s,
Thyrfing’s not for me. Amon Amarth gives me all I can handle with this
genre. 5

Habakuk: I was able listen to exactly one song of
this album, as the rest was not available to me. Should I still give it a
rating? Suuuure: 6

CadenZ: As the longship’s prow broke the heaving
waves, I gripped the railing and let the first rays of the dawn soak my
face with their radiance. It was as if the gods were smiling. It was a
good day. A good day to live, a good day to die. To the south the
horizon was dark with the sails of our foes. The search was over, the
end had come. Tonight we would meet our destiny. Except…we didn’t. (De
ödeslösa = The fateless) 7

BamaHammer: I’ve never really gotten into
Thyrfing’s stuff…until now. This is good. It’s Vikingy black metal
without so much of the accordeon and tuba. I’m going to check out their
back catalog too. 7

Sokaris: Thyrfing do Viking metal better than
everyone whose name doesn’t end in ‘oonsorrow and “De Ödeslösa” proves
that fings are looking up for the Swedes. If I were to nitpick (and I
will) I’d say the album gets a bit bloated and could benefit from some
sharper riffing to break things up. 8

Feared: Furor incarnatus Feared: Furor incarnatus


Lord K: I have been following guitarist Ola’s incredibly cool site
for quite some time and I am happy to give the fucken guy some exposure
here at GD. What he’s doing with Feared is some great fucken mixture of
different metal styles and I advice you guys to check it out right
away. I predict great things for this fucko down the road. 8

Habakuk: I don’t know how often I have heard this band before. The answer is NEVER, but it sure feels different. 4

CadenZ: Hm, hard to categorize, this. It’s like Nevermore’s evil big brother dabbling in bits of prog and death, and succeeding. 7

BamaHammer: Metalocalypse vokills aside, these guys
aren’t half bad. The production sounds fake as David Vincent’s street
cred, but the riffing and groove is definitely there. 7

Sokaris: Too middling, it seems like it wants to
roar but it doesn’t. It seems like it wants to go in headier directions
but it doesn’t. They should change their name to Concerned About. 5

Jungle Rot: Terror regime Jungle Rot: Terror regime


Lord K: One of all these death metal bands that always surprise me when I hear the quality they offer but still
I don’t listen to them on a regular basis. Guess you could call it
being fed up with decent death metal, huh? Jungle Rot’s doing all good
but nothing stands out. 7

Habakuk: I should like this, right? Death metal for death metal fans! Well Jungle Rot, if that’s your only selling point, I actually don’t like this. 5

CadenZ: I haven’t heard riffs this stupid since the last Jungle Rot album. 5

BamaHammer: These dudes make generic death metal and have zero fucks to give about how you feel about it. Too bad it’s boring. 6

Sokaris: This is one of those bands I’ve put off
checking out for way too long, but this is some impressive stuff. Meat
and potatoes death with ultra-manly vocals. I predict fairly
comprehensive discographies of Bolt Thrower, Unleashed and Obituary in
these guys’ collections. 8

Kvelertak: Meir Kvelertak: Meir


Lord K: One of the more hyped bands as of late. I
never understood that said hype to be honest. Mixing rock and roll,
black metal and punk rock makes for a quite unique sound, but it also
leaves me a bit confused. Maybe I just need to dig deeper to understand
what Kvelertak’s about? 5

Habakuk: These guys are cool. I don’t get the universal hype around them, but they sure do something right. 7

CadenZ: The 70s influences are stronger this time
around, and I’m liking “Meir” a lot. The cocktail is especially tasty
when they pull out their Clever Arrangement Hat and make use of the
possibilities having three guitars in their line-up gives. Iron Maiden,
take note. 8

BamaHammer: This is the best Norwegian black metal
album ever. JK…velertak. See what I did there? I am genius. But
seriously, it’s decent punky black metal. If that hoists your longboat
mast, then by all means, have at it. 6

Sokaris: I sure do love black metal, I just wish it sounded really fucken happy. No one has ever said this. 4

Audrey Horne: Youngblood Audrey Horne: Youngblood


Lord K: You all know that voluptuous Audrey Horne
semi-slut from “Twin Peaks”. This is not quite as sexy, but the
Norwegians sure pull of their hardrock/rock’n‘roll quite well and it’s
far better than I expected it to be. Featuring some half-prominent black
metal people in their ranks too, in case that is important to ya. Guess
this is what they do when it’s boring to be too tr00 for school. 6

Habakuk: Get a band name that tells me what to expect, god damn. Anyway, with this slab of catchy, competent, good rock music I’m actually not happy about having only three songs to listen to. Damn you, Spotify. 7

CadenZ: Norwegian retro band influenced by Swedish
retro bands (Hellacopters, Mustasch) influenced by 70s hard rock. And
pretty good, at that. There’s definitely some radio potential here, but
with Audrey’s Horney balls still intact. 7

BamaHammer: I didn’t know Wolfsbane changed their name. Neat. 4

Sokaris: I always suspected Ice Dale was kind of a
cock-rocker, what with his perpetual shirtlessness and his Les
Paul-slinging, monitor-stomping presence amidst Enslaved’s more artsy
atmosphere. Not garbage but I hope this doesn’t detract from his much
superior main gig. 3

Hardcore Superstar: C'mon take on me Hardcore Superstar: C’mon take on me


Lord K: Vocalist Jocke once wanted my Torture
Division beanie. He didn’t get it but I have dug these guys ever since.
They do their party rock without flaws and I take quite a huge liking in
what they do. Especially said guy’s vocals are fucken ace. 7

Habakuk: This is a fan of 80s rock speaking. You are not very good at it. 5

CadenZ: First I was like, what the fuck?! Then I was like, yeah, what the fuck. Then I kinda liked it. 5

BamaHammer: Does the world really need another band
like this 20 years after it stopped needing bands like this? And every
time I read that album title, I get angrier. 2

Sokaris: Take it. C’mon Me. 3

Illnath: 4 shades of me Illnath: 4 shades of me


Lord K: I’m not too familiar with Illnath but
obviously they have a chick doing vocals on top of their melodic death
metal. Sure, you can draw comparisons to Arch Enemy based on that and
this style isn’t too far off from their heavier moments, to be honest. I
kinda dig it, but I always had a hard time with chicks doing harsh
vocals for metal bands. 7

Habakuk: Bla bla Metal with Black Metal vocals. 5

CadenZ: I haven’t heard riffs this stupid since the last Jungle Rot album. 4

BamaHammer: 50 shades of gay. 2

Sokaris: Take a shot every time someone mentions Arch Enemy for this one. 4

Lordi: To beast or not to beast Lordi: To beast or not to beast


Lord K: It’s embarrassing that a band like Lordi
actually get recognition. If it wasn’t for the over-the-top image no one
would give a shit. Me? I give zero shits either way. At least you can
laugh at it. 3

Habakuk: Listening to this right after Kvelertak is
literally impossible to pull off. The small similarities only make it
more obvious: balls-wise, the two bands are worlds apart. 3

CadenZ: DUN DUN Flaccid. DUN DUN Cock. DUN Hallelujah. 3

BamaHammer: Definitely not to beast. Thanks. 3

Sokaris: Aren’t these guys on their sixteenth
minute yet? There’s not enough foam around for these guys and Gwar and
guess who was here first? 3

Bon Jovi: What about now Bon Jovi: What about now


Lord K: I used to absolutely love Bon Jovi
when I was a kid. That was some time ago, to say the least. Jon and his
fellow homos have been releasing quite a few albums in their career and
everyone stopped giving a fuck after “New Jersey” (or possibly “Keep
the faith”). This one is not going to re-establish their 80’s fame but
it’s a decent rock recording and Jon’s vocals still hold up. 4

Habakuk: First of all, I guarantee you I’ll be
forced to listen to the opener at the next Oktoberfest, so it’s
personal.It’s hard to say what’s worst though – endless “Amen! AAAMEN!” crooning? “BABEEYY, BAABEEYY”? Using US Army slogans as a chorus? I don’t know, but I do know America doesn’t get uglier than this. Shut. The fuck. Up. 1

CadenZ: Jon Boner can sing. Why use auto-tune,
then? ‘Cause it’s hip? Here’s a news flash for ya: it never was. Not
even around 10-15 years ago when it was hip. Also, third tier Coldplay rip-off songwriting doesn’t help. 2

BamaHammer: “Slippery when wet” was 27 years ago. Think about that. The guy’s got enough money. Please don’t give him anymore of yours. 3

Sokaris: No. Never. 1

Bring Me The Horizon: Sempiternal Bring Me The Horizon: Sempiternal


Lord K: BMTH is a fave band for us here at GD. We praised the fuck out of their previous record and now it’s time for another dose of incredibly talented “metal”. Yeah, you know I’m fucken kidding. BMTH
is still absolute teenage garbage and I am throwing up a little with
every second that passes while listening to this. There aren’t words
that can justify how much I despise bands like this. 2

Habakuk: Bring me cyanide. 3

CadenZ: When adolescent penises clash in the moshpit of all that is gay, “Sempiternal” is born. 2

BamaHammer: Bring me Peter Pan. 1

Sokaris: I tried to listen to Bring Me The
Hair-Iron’s new album Sempiternal but all I got was some mash-up
recording of an infant weeping, a shitty drum software tutorial and some
first year guitarist’s demo riffs played through weaksauce distortion.
These assholes sell enough to show up on the fucking Billboard charts
so surely they’re not this bad, right? 1


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