Audio Autopsy – March 2009

Audio Autopsy – March 2009

03/03/09  ||  Global Domination

Tribulation: The horror Tribulation: The horror


Lord K: And Sweden reigns supreme again.
Tribulation (you’ll never be forgiven for taking that moniker though –
there is only one Tribulation and it’s not you) is somewhat praised by
goatfuckers around the globe (well, make that “in small parts of Sweden)
and it’s easy to see why. They have some nice Slayer-ish moments mixed
into their old school death metal. And having all of these ingredients
together with a nice production (with a too low bass, of course) absent
of Pro-Tools (probably not, but hey) makes “The horror” the easy winner
of this edition. Tribulation fucks the goat, in the ass. Without a
condom. Dirty, dirty bunch of people, these ones… 8

Kampfar: Some idiot told me that Tribulation, now
that lot is all about old-school death metal. Wrong, fuckwit. Sure, they
do a nod towards said genre, style, whatever the fuck, but I’m not
exactly thinking Entombed, Dismember, Unleashed, etc., whilst “The
horror” is digitally spinning on my HDD. This
is black/death with some interesting ideas, and also a couple of neat
riffs, but I won’t spend anymore time on it. Again, too much meh. 6

Abyss: Really really good take on thrash, with a
few hints of darker stuff in it. While not all songs are killer I can
guarantee that you’ll find at least one great riff in each tune. 8

Seker: The horror, the horror… actually this isn’t
bad, so I can’t make that joke. It’s not good either, so I don’t have to
buy it! Picture death metal that really wants to be old school but
doesn’t possess the requisite time machine, throw in some thrash, and
you’ve got Tribulation. 7

Absu: Absu Absu: Absu


Lord K: We all know that America, the world police,
haven’t been able to spawn one single fucken good black metal band
during its sorry existence, right? Absu is, I guess, the closest we can
come to a decent black (though these guys aren’t exactly a full on
black assault) metal band. I was surprised that they actually made my
head go up and down (I’m lying) so many times as it did. I guess that
means they are actually doing something that could pass for decent. But
so is fucking a goat. I heard. 6

Kampfar: Mythological occult metal, which is how
Absu sums their music up in words, sound pretentious on level with an
art-critic, on pure cocaine, raving on about the brilliance of what
appears to be colors puked onto paper. The simple truth, however, sounds
a lot less worse. This is quality black metal not afraid to take a
couple of chances, as in stepping out of the genre, to keep shit
interesting. And while the Americans do bore me at times, utter
brilliance seldom at hand, “Absu” remains a sturdy release. 7

Abyss: Not too shabby American black metal, how’s
that for an oxymoron? Well, it’s true. Absu have always maintained a
surprisingly high standard, even when the production has wobbled a bit.
On their eponymous album they finally have a sound that does the songs
justice. Only problem is that with 12 full-length songs my mind kinda
wanders after a while. 6

Seker: Absu are by far one of the best American
black metal bands, but I’m not really feeling this album. It has some
good riffs, the progressive things are a nice touch, but it’s not as
over-the-top as past Absu efforts, and that was what made all of the
other Absu albums so special: insane vocals, a million riffs per song,
blazing speed… they always gave one hundred percent, and here it feels
like they gave around seventy. It’s not a bad album by any means, and
it’s definitely better than most of the other stuff in this AA, but I
can’t hide my disappointment, especially considering that this is the
follow up to “Tara”. 7

Cannibal Corpse: Evisceration plague Cannibal Corpse: Evisceration plague


Lord K: With the most irritatingly loud snare drum
this side of the millennium, Cannibal Corpse return with an effort that
sounds like any other Cannibal Corpse record as of late. I guess that’s a
good thing, they were just never a band I squirted semen to on a
regular basis, no matter the instrumental quality. “Hammer smashed face”
still stands as the best tune in these guys’ catalog. And yes, I know
that their trademark “blasts” are an integral part of their sound but
that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck as a blast. 7

Kampfar: The cannibalistic corpse is still very much at large, only a shame I’m not 12 anymore. I like, but fail to downright dig. 7

Abyss: Never been too crazy about this band, often
their offspring have been more interesting and to the point. While
anything Aeon has done kicks the CC ass on any given day, I must give
the corpse an A for effort. The instrumentation is damn impressive but
the songwriting are often left trailing in the dust. “Evisceration
plague” has a nice slow plodding grove though. 5

Seker: If Cannibal Corpse didn’t have all the
really gory imagery and lyrics, I doubt they would be anywhere near as
popular as they are. They’ve always been one step behind in death metal
innovation, taking what others pioneered and watering it down for mass
consumption. This album, like most CC offerings, isn’t that bad when
taken on its own: it’s got some decent riffs, it’s “brutal”, the
production is a little over-polished but it’s not terrible. It’s when
you listen to it in the context of every other death metal release that
its mediocrity becomes apparent. If you liked “Kill”, you’ll enjoy this,
but the rest of us would be better off listening to stuff like old
Entombed or Suffocation records. 6

Konkhra: Nothing is sacred Konkhra: Nothing is sacred


Lord K: So, the Danes are back. Hooray. I can’t
even find anything remotely funny to say about “Nothing is sacred” since
it’s all bland, tedious, well-executed and completely not giving me
anything at all. I say, fuck the goat, goat-fucker. 5

Kampfar: “Spit or swallow” is a damn fine piece of
pounding, ballsy, and also catchy Danish death. Therefore I love it.
“Nothing is sacred”, on the other hand, hasn’t secured a place in my
heart just yet. But I most certainly like what I’m hearing. Still
pounding, still ballsy, still catchy. I approve. 8

Abyss: I remember buying “Come down cold” by these
Danes just because Per Möller Jensen played on it and I loved his work
in The Haunted. I also remember being disappointed that it was nowhere
near as good as The Haunted. Konkhra are still around and they still
fail to elicit any sort of emotion or reaction from me other then
“Next!”. 4

Seker: Hail to the king? Fuck you! You’re not Bruce
Campbell; you’re just another boring death metal band in a sea of
boring death metal bands. 5

Criminal: White hell Criminal: White hell


Lord K: It should be criminal (hey, get the pun?
It’s right there for grabs, man. You know, the band is called “Criminal”
and I just said… never mind. Fuck the goat again, bitch) to come across
as this boring. Criminal play all of those second hand riffs most bands
throw away after coming up with them in the rehearsal room. And they
probably did it on purpose, which should be a crime (see, there’s
another pun. Criminal and crime, you know… Go fuck a goat) in itself.
Ok, so they can thrash at times? Well, so could Testament (at times)
even when they were in the shittiest period of their career. This
doesn’t mean they are any good, you know. There’s no denying Criminal’s
got some highlights though. Check out some of the riffage in the tune
“Crime and punishment”. 5

Kampfar: Some bands are criminally underrated, none
of the ones signed to Metal Blade are. Not that this lot of modern
thrashers hailing Chile as home are signed to Brian Slagel’s lifework
anymore. Massacre Records, I just learned, is their new home. Very not
interesting at all, and “White hell” isn’t exactly super interesting
either. It sports a fair amount of good riffs, fine solos, a healthy
amount of energy, you get the drift, but in the end here is still a bit
too much of the meh. Well played and produced meh, sure, but still meh.
Moo. 6

Abyss: All hail the mighty riff! Criminal worships
it and you should too. Angry death/thrash just the way it’s meant to
sound. Take The Crown minus the punk-vibe and you got Criminal. A given
hit at any party. 7

Seker: Holy shit, people from Pentagram play in
this band? Not the gay stoner band either, but the Chilean black metal
band from the 80s… the only problem is that this is boring and modern
“thrash” metal without the thrash. In other words, the opposite of
everything Pentagram stood for. 4

Cattle Decapitation: The harvest floor Cattle Decapitation: The harvest floor


Lord K: Unlike Cannibal Corpse these guys at least
got the blasts together the right way, if you know what I mean. What
fucks up Cattle Decapitation though is the fact that they actually
fucken bore me to tears most of the time. 4

Kampfar: “Humanure” is adorned by some of the best
cover-art the poor excuse of life known as humanity ever saw. So is
“Karma bloody karma”. And the tradition is steadfastly continued on
“Harvest floor”. As for the music, well, not much have changed in that
respect either. In other words, we are still talking grind with lyrics
and imagery more brutal than the actual music. It fucking rips alright,
just ask your grandmother, but this lot also includes something
resembling melodies here and there. Insect Warfare never did that. Ugh! 7

Abyss: The vegetarian death dealers seem to have
learned a new trick or two since their last album; both songs and the
parts that make up them are more memorable. I’ll never tattoo their name
on my forehead but they’re far from humanure. 6

Seker: Once again, Cattle Decap are trying to
convince us to convert to veganism by way of gore metal. At least when
Carcass did it, we got some great music out of the deal. This cleanly
produced harvest of boring is almost painfully bland (in other words, it
fits right in with the rest of the recent Metal Blade roster). 4

This Ending: Dead harvest This Ending: Dead harvest


Lord K: Debut album “Inside the machine” had some
terrific moments so I definitely looked forward to this release. Once
again Sweden proves that we rule everything when it comes to metal.
Perhaps This Ending isn’t the greatest example of this, but they still
kick all kinds of goatshit given the chance. The first album was better
though. They can suck the goat but not fuck it. 6

Kampfar: This album is a really rather tame effort,
melodic death thrash served with electronic garniture often ends up
being so. I think. 5

Abyss: Some kinds of death metal you just know will
sound much better live then on record, This Ending is definitely one of
them. They skirt dangerously close to Soilwork-territory but there’s
still enough metal in this concoction to make comparisons to Arch Enemy
and The Duskfall more accurate. 6

Seker: Read my Deathstars review and replace the words “Swordmaster” with “A Canorous Quintet” and “EP” with “album”. 4

Throne Of Katarsis: Helvete - Det iskalde morket Throne Of Katarsis: Helvete – Det iskalde morket


Lord K: How could I know this would be the given
winner of “The shittiest band in Audio Autopsy – March 2009” without
even hearing it first? Actually, they are up there with The Blackout
Suckfest when I think about it. Different styles, same suck. 1

Kampfar: The day after I first heard this album, I
sent a text message to Grimnisse, mainman and founder, in which I told
him that I thought of their latest as a rock solid piece of true
Norwegian black metal. And I meant it. Here and now, however, I hear
nothing but necro-treble. Fucking hell, I’ve obviously turned scizo all
of a sudden. 6

Abyss: Imagine a fork and and a spoon tumbling
around in a washing machine, that was my first reference when I heard
Throne of Katarsis but I soon realised that it was mostly shock compared
to the superslick and ultroproduced sound by Deathstars and Lamb of
God. Grimnisse (!!!) and his friends aren’t that under-produced, but
they definitely add some dirt and chips of bark to the dinner table.
With four songs clocking in at a total of 53 min it’s safe to say that
ToK go for the fucking epic approach to writing black metal and
surprisingly enough it works quite well. For managing to keep me awake
during 17 min of “Det iskalde morket” they get a piece of bark bread as
thanks. 7

Seker: This is some okay black metal. Darkthrone is better, so just listen to “Panzerfaust” instead. 5

Lamb Of God: Wrath Lamb Of God: Wrath


Lord K: These guys have definitely made some
memorable melodic pieces in the past, such as “Walk with me in hell” and
some other fucken tune I can’t remember the title of. There are no such
excellent songs on “Wrath”. The title is better than the material, the
drummer is better than the material, the vocals are better than the
material and last off; The Project hate MCMXCIX and Torture Division are way better than anything these guys ever wrote. That’s right, FUCK THE GOAT!!!! Lamb Of God is a good band though. Fuck’em. Lamb Of Goat. Haha. Fuck it. 6

Kampfar: I expected yet another American shitcore
orchestra, but Lamb Of God, although not very fantastic, is quite far
from being such a life draining experience. 95% of their material is
blatantly stolen from other artists, such as Metallica, and the vocals
are kind of annoying, yet I somehow manage to think of this effort as
quite alright. Must be the drugs. 6,5 but since this is AA, it gets a: 7

Abyss: The LOGgers have always come of as very
influenced by Pantera and Machine Head and various other american
muscle-bands and on “Wrath” not much seem to have changed. There’s still
very little variety to be found and subsequently, it’s hard to stay
interested for 45 min. I know many people dig this band and good for
them, but since I know there’s better music to spend money on, Lamb of
God will just have to keep going without me. 4

Seker: Lamb of God shows me the wrath. I show them the inside of the recycle bin. Say hello to the Deathstars for me! 2

Dead Man's Hand: The combination Dead Man’s Hand: The combination


Lord K: Wake me up, here comes to shitstorm! Fuuuck, I am
awake and I’m obviously forced to listen to Dead Man’s Penis. Lucky
fucken me. Imagine tons of shit riffs, shit songs and some buckets of
shit growls in between irritating screamier ones… Congrats, Dead Man’s
Cumilkshake is here, spoiling your evening with some E-league thrash.
Like you couldn’t guess with a moniker like “Dead Man’s Hand”. What the
fuck. It’s bound to be made mockery of. 3

Kampfar: Dead Woman’s Vagina consists of 5
Norwegian metal musicians obviously into thrash sprinkled with a bit of
death, a dash of melody, and also a tea-spoon’s worth of filth. I not at
all feel like killing myself with a screwdriver while listening to what
they have on offer, but I do feel, and also know, that they have more
than just a couple of miles to venture before I start singing praise to
their silly name. 6

Abyss: Take almost everything I wrote about
Criminal only reduce the thrash with 5% an raise the death metal with
10% and you’re spot on. But despite their similarities DMH
falls short compared to Criminal and that is down to one thing.
Criminal sounds like they’re about to keel over and die with every riff,
DMH are not. 5

Seker: I’m getting kinda tired of this modern metal
bullshit. How many boring riffs can you write? It doesn’t matter,
because no one is fucking paying attention. The music is well-played,
but that’s about all you can say. 4

Deathstars: Night electric night Deathstars: Night electric night


Lord K: I hate everything Deathstars and I haven’t
even heard them up until now, I think. Ok, time to re-evaluate my
opinion since what these poseurs are creating is some quite ok non-metal
with shitloads of keyboards and whatnot. I get Depeche Mode vibes (not
that I ever heard them, I’m fucken metal, you know) at times in the
midst of some Pain-ish material here and there, spiced up with some
really Clawfinger-ish vocals occasionally. Yeah, this all sounds weird
in text, but it makes sense when you listen to it. Deathstars actually
got this cheese factory down. It hurts me to admit that these synthetic
penises actually are among the better ones in this edition. Fuck the
goat for that. Too. 7

Kampfar: This bunch of twats are dressed up to look
like gay SS officers from space, but they sound exclusively gay. Gay as
in: gothic-emo-depressed. If a mix of Marilyn Manson and The Kovenant
sounds like a neat idea to you, get the fuck out of here. 2

Abyss: I used to hate this band, part of me still
does. Or at least, still wishes it could hate them. But just like
Hardcore Superstars, which I used to loath until ““Dreaming in a
casket”, I’m forced to admit that Deathstars latest album fucking sticks
in my head. At least 3-4 songs which is about 5 more then I could
tolerate previously. “Night electric night” and “Via the end” are both
damn good songs. Unfortunately the band has trouble keeping their own
mix of Rammstein-marching and Tiamat-gothrock varied enough to last very
long. That said, just them being able to make me give a score higher
then 4 is an achievement. 5

Seker: Reform Swordmaster and develop the sound you had on your first EP. Then we’ll talk business. 2

Escutcheon: Battle order Escutcheon: Battle order


Lord K: Want absolutely horrible melodic semi-black
metal? Look no further. I’ll keep looking for other things. One of them
is gonorrhea. And a goat to fuck. 2

Kampfar: Amon Amarth is about 48 times better than this Dutch, and also boring, quintet. Give up the ghost already. 2

Abyss: Escutcheon sure takes me back to the 90’s.
If it weren’t for the fact that I was barely aware of metal then, but
I’m taking about the sound of the bands then. This is a mix of the
melodic black metal (sling-black for you swedes) Dissection and Naglfar
dished out mixed together with the early Gothenburg-sounding death bands
like Eucharist and Edge of sanity, While it may be a decade too late
and have definitely lost the whiff of freshness along the way, this
isn’t really terrible. just sort of redundant. A nice piece of
nostalgia, down even to the production, but not much more. 5

Seker: Holy shit, something that doesn’t absolutely
suck! Holy shit, a guitar sound that actually sounds like a guitar and
not the Fruity Loops guitar synth! Holy shit, I’ve heard this stuff
before, and it was called Unanimated, but I guess this is okay! Holy
shit, it gets a: 7

Chaoswave: Dead eye dreaming Chaoswave: Dead eye dreaming


Lord K: This is all you need to read, you cum-guzzling metal wannabe who doesn’t know how to fuck the goat. 3

Kampfar: So, exactly where is the fucking chaos?
Nowhere to be found is the answer, so I scream to them here Danes: You
bunch of filthy liars! Yeah, yeah, you could probably play better stuff
on your pubic hairs than I could on even the dearest of instruments, but
my farts are still of a much more interesting nature than your heavy
metal with socks in its pants. And will be so to the very end of time.
This is what proper, Muhammed drawing Danes speak of as spasser metal. 3

Abyss: This shit just have to be Finnish… Jebus Christ this is awful on so many levels. Stay the fuck away. 2

Seker: The only thing worse than Lacuna Coil is a band trying to be Lacuna Coil and failing. 2

Ephel Duath: Through my dog's eyes Ephel Duath: Through my dog’s eyes


Lord K: What. The. Fuck? This album must have come right thru my cat’s ass. 2

Kampfar: I once played “A Dog’s Life” on PS2. It
was a strange game, very so, but still a lot less, and then a lot more
less, pretentious and fucking try hard than this here stinking Brie
named “Through my dog’s eyes”. This is not an album, it is cheese glazed
with canine sperm. 3

Abyss: About a dog? A concept album about a fucking dog? You’re fucking kidding me?! Fuck off. 1

Seker: No one cares about your damn dog, you pretentious piece of shit! 3

The Blackout Argument: Remedies The Blackout Argument: Remedies


Lord K: I just had a blackout argument with myself
as for how I should destroy this cd. I came to the conclusion that the
most fair way would be to hack it to pieces with Cannibal Corpse’s
collective penis. Fuck off forever, you will never fuck the goat. The
Blackout Argument, my fucken vagina. Die. 1

Kampfar: This shit band sounds as if unable to win
an argument against anyone, that including a Siamese twin with Downs. As
for the music, think an anaemic version of Killswitch Engage shorter on
talent than a decapitated midget shot up on heroine. And the suckage
knows as emo is of course very present. Fuck off. 1

Abyss: Lemme guess: Lifeforce Records? Bingo. And
you all know what that means right? Whiny emo-screamo-nemo bullshit
fucking crap. I’d like to take a drillbit to each and every person
working at Lifeforce and don’t stop drilling until I can feel the
cranium rupturing on both sides. I hate you all so fucking much for
making me listen through your drivel for god knows how many hours with
your no-good sucktastic armada of never ending shit bands. Die. 1

Seker: I wish there was a blackout right now so my computer would turn off and I wouldn’t have to listen to this. 1


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