Audio Autopsy – June 2013

Audio Autopsy – June 2013

01/06/13  ||  Global Domination

Overtorture: At the end the dead await Overtorture: At the end the dead await


Habakuk: If you’ve never heard death metal, here’s your chance! 6

CadenZ: Massive, continent-sized slabs of death fucking metal. The stench of rot is strong in this one. 8

Sokaris: Our monthly dose of Swedish death isn’t as
strong as some of those in the past but things are played competently
enough here. Decent riffing but this dog needs a meaner bite. 7

Ironpants: This months eye-opener for me, great vocals and good solid death metal. This will do until the next “Bloodbath” comes out. 8

Amorphis: Circle Amorphis: Circle


Habakuk: I want to like this more, but it has certainly been done better before. By Amorphis. The great leads keep it going though. 7

CadenZ: First half: more of the same half-hearted but decent material as on “The Beginning of Times”. Second half: NICE. FUCKEN NICE. 8

Sokaris: Another formidable offering from these legendary formless Finns. Gorgeous melodies, an increase in heaviness 8

Ironpants: To me Analmorphis is like my towel after
an hour long sauna. Wet, heavy, steamy and smell like an old man’s butt
crack. I’ve never fallen for their semi-sensual pseudo death metal. It
ain’t bad, but it’s not good either. 5

F.K.Ü: 4: Rise of the mosh mongers F.K.Ü: 4: Rise of the mosh mongers


Habakuk: Try-hard thrash that’s just not too great. 6

CadenZ: Thrash ‘til death!!!! 6

Sokaris: Corny-as-hell comic book thrash. It’s
party music but it’s served unpretentious and straightforward.
Sometimes extra cheese hits the spot though. 6

Ironpants: Oh man, I love this! This album allows
me to remember the good old days when thrash was the shit. Superb vocals
with excellent songs. This is how you do it! 9

Stone Sour: House of gold & bones part 2 Stone Sour: House of gold & bones part 2


Habakuk: Your existence has been noted. 5

CadenZ: Ballads with depth, ball-crunching riffs, a
modern drive and groove, and Taylor’s heart-on-a-sleeve voice on top of
all that shit. Makes for a fucken great modern rock/pop/metal album. I
wouldn’t have thought you could make music as accessible as this and
still keep your balls and integrity intact. Kudos. Fucken huge kudos. 8

Sokaris: I was genuinely shocked by how much I
didn’t completely hate Part 1 last time around. A bunch of curmudgeons
like us definitely aren’t the target audience but I respect Stone Sour’s
tendency to go all in. If they craft a hook they’re gonna push the
hell out of it, if there’s a solo they go full on 80’s guitar hero and
if there’s a ballad they’re gonna play it like they might never get laid
again if they don’t moisten enough lady parts by the second verse. 6

Ironpants: Mr Corey Taylor and his soured stones
surprise me again. Taylor is a fucken good singer, and the songwriting
isn’t shabby at all. Emo music for grownups. 8

Finntroll: Blodsvept Finntroll: Blodsvept


Habakuk: Man, it’s been a while. This band sure is a lot better than their godawful imagery. 7

CadenZ: For every record, this gathering of trolls
gets better. Once they were not much more than a curiosity, half a step
above a novelty act, but with “Nifelvind” and now this album they show
us some fucken awesome composing and arranging skills. The drive and
energy is there, as well as the catchy hooks, the black humor, and the
balls. Big, hairy, troll balls. 9

Sokaris: I think everyone knows what to expect at
this point. I find that your average Finntroll song has a good tendency
to have some brilliance in the songwriting but the lack of restraint
that gives them their adventurous spirit also tends to make them sound
really damn goofy in parts. 6

Ironpants: Like the seven dwarves in “Snow White”,
Finntroll oompa loomps away with another record. A slightly better
experience this time around as 2-3 songs was almost OK. 4

The Amenta: Flesh is heir The Amenta: Flesh is heir


Habakuk: Tough guy screams his lungs out to make up for lack of purpose in band. 5

CadenZ: Lu-lu-lu-lu-lunatiiiicssssshhhhhhhaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!! 6

Sokaris: I’ve not kept up with these guys since
their decent, if one-dimensional debut “Occasus.” It seems the overall
approach hasn’t changed but the focus is slightly more atmospheric and
this makes a huge difference. It meanders a bit but there’s an
enjoyable sense of unpredictability behind it all. 7

Ironpants: This is some interesting and fresh
stuff. I like the atmosphere and industrial touch. For me it’s a keeper.
I sense it will grow even more over time. 7

Killswitch Engage: Disarm the descent Killswitch Engage: Disarm the descent


Habakuk: These guys know their craft and nail it, but I guess I’m not a huge fan of it. 7

CadenZ: I choose to not hear the faint -core bits
and focus on the surprisingly solid chunks of metal that are served.
Great guitar playing, groovy yet precise. I think might be my favorite
band in this genre, which sadly doesn’t count for much. 7

Sokaris: Killswitch Engage are easily one of the
best bands of their kind. But bands of their kind tend to purvey in
ultra watered-down overly hook-dependant tripe. 4

Ironpants: They have reeled in their original
singer again and this time around they actually serve up some listenable
stuff…if you are a girl or a kid. Props for keeping the core down and
the metal up. 5

Sodom: Epitome of torture Sodom: Epitome of torture


Habakuk: Witch, Bitch, no sleep in Sodom. God, Shock, last night for Satan. Spell, Hell, this fight is blind. 5

CadenZ: George W. Bush called and wanted his IQ back. 4

Sokaris: Angelripper and crew soldier on to fairly
decent results. There’s some expansion in the city of Sodom, land being
developed in both melodic and aggressive territories. 6

Ironpants: I had very high expectations for this
one, as with many other albums before. Another thing I’ve experienced
several times before is disappointment. It’s astonishing how fast the
human brain can shift feelings. 6

Deep Purple: Now what?! Deep Purple: Now what?!


Habakuk: How old are these guys again? Not bad, gramps, not bad. 7

CadenZ: Every other song sounds like DP are trying
to re-invent “Perfect Strangers”, with mild success. At times their age
is showing, but all in all this is a pretty decent hard rock album. 5

Sokaris: I always hate these. I have nothing bad
to say about Deep Purple and there’s nothing really wrong with this. In
fact some of the progressive flourishes are downright cool and it’s
great that there’s still some crunch in the guitars. I’ll just never be
a hard rock guy. 5

Ironpants: Derp People have been around since Jesus
was a toddler and I respect them for that. But, hello, shouldn’t they
have come up with something better than this in 8 years? On top of that
they ask us “Now what?!” Shouldn’t they have asked themselves that
question 8 years ago? Well, how about calling it a day, and move to
Florida? 3

Suicidal Tendencies: 13 Suicidal Tendencies: 13


Habakuk: I really like them, from time to time.
This album has its moments, too. But: if I hear the word “cyco” one more
time, I won’t guarantee for anything. 6

CadenZ: Crappy, one-dimensional production job.
Professional, tight, awesome musicians. Uneven songwriting and
arrangements. Cool attitude and feel. I’d rather see ‘em live. 5

Sokaris: It’s been thirteen years since the last
Suicidal Tendencies full length despite the band being active
throughout. “13” emerges like a cicada brood (look it up and enjoy the
nightmare fuel) except more unpleasant to listen to. 2

Ironpants: I wrote the review for this one some time ago, and when listening to it now, I feel exactly the same. But maybe a little bit better. 6

Volbeat: Outlaw gentlemen & shady ladies Volbeat: Outlaw gentlemen & shady ladies


Habakuk: If one band was the right one for a Western shtick, then it’s Volbeat. I am surprised how genuinely good this is. 8

CadenZ: I finally got it, singer Poulsen doesn’t
sound like Elvis or Hetfield, he sounds like Cher! But wait, what’s this
– sweet harmonies, falsetto and grit…ah, sorry, that’s just King
Diamond doing a guest spot on “Room 24”, the by far best song on the
album. The rest is some kind of mix between Van Halen-rock, pop chords,
sub-par Metallica riffs and the vocalist hollering like a moonstruck
witch from Eastwick who believes in life after love. 4

Sokaris: This is one of the most inoffensive bands I’ve ever heard here on Audio Autopsy. And that fucken offends me. 1

Ironpants: Volbeat suffers from the problem that
they are only good when playing a style that isn’t their own. In this
album it happens in the song “Room 24”. The rest is just singer
Poulsen’s voice reassembling a baby seal being clubbed while you’re
listening to mellow radio rock for pretend bikers and hard rock country
dudes. They are also getting softer and softer for each album. Be gone! 4

Amaranthe: The nexus Amaranthe: The nexus


Habakuk: How many layers of effects can you put on a single voice? Apart from that, decent, catchy femetal. 6

CadenZ: Eurovision Song Contest Metal (that rocks
as much as a limp dick) with Yngwie solos (that rock your lips with a
half stiffy!). I cringe and nod and hate and try to remember what being a
man is while I do like some parts of this nonsense. 4

Sokaris: The first song has a dubstep breakdown.
Take a retarded Soilwork, mix in the pop music from Final Fantasy and
cram in whatever the go-to style of electronica is for a Microsoft
commercial and… you quit reading at “dubstep breakdown” didn’t you? 2

Ironpants: Hi Barbie! Hi Ken! Do you wanna go for a
ride? Sure Ken! Jump in. Restart electroheart, Deja vu I fall apart,
life in plastic it’s fantastic! Oh, I’m having so much fun! Well Barbie,
we’re just getting started. Oh, I love you Ken! ❤ ❤ ❤ 2

Queensrÿche: Frequency unknown Queensrÿche: Frequency unknown


Habakuk: Not exactly terrible, but the re-recorded songs still have better songwriting. Bad sign. 5

CadenZ: More like “Urgency Unknown”. 3

Sokaris: Where’s the stupidly heavy stuff, Gee-off?
I don’t count the Rob Zombie with erectile dysfunction boogie of
“Slave” just for the record. There’s an okay sense for melody here and
there and I could see some of the general ideas being salvaged… by
throwing away everything else completely. This gets the lowest score
possible for the amateur night karaoke re-recording of “I don’t believe
in love” alone though. 1

Ironpants: I’m very curious about what went wrong
here? Queensryche was a great band once, and then old Geoff took a
crash-course in “The art of being a douche”. This is the lamest shit
I’ve heard for some time. And as a true egocentric diva he tops it off
with some re-recordings of older “hits”. Take a listen to “I don’t
believe in love”, and tell me that I’m wrong. 2


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