Audio Autopsy – June 2011

Audio Autopsy – June 2011

01/06/11  ||  Global Domination

Vomitory: Opus mortis VIII Vomitory: Opus mortis VIII


Lord K: With some more variation in the material
than on previous albums, Vomitory’s delivered one of their finest pieces
ever with “Opus mortis VIII”. If you wanna know what death metal should always sound like and how to do it – here you go. They are called Vomitory and they fucken rule this shit with an iron fist. 9

InquisitorGeneralis: Vomitory know their role and
deliver blasty swedeath with no frills. I am not in love with this
record though and it got old, quick. Still decent, but I will turn to
the old stuff when I need my Vomitory fix. 5

Habakuk: Some things never change. Vomitory destroy
with determination, precision and just that tiny bit of thrashy
goodness that sets the memorable highlights. This should win. 8

CadenZ: Quality control is high, as we have come to
expect from Vomitory. A good, meaty production frames this slab well,
but I still don’t get the adrenaline kicks or goosebumps that are
required for higher grades. 7

Altmer: This is, surprisingly, the first time I
hear Vomitory. It’s pretty high quality death metal, but still I don’t
think I’ll spin it all that often. If you like the band, go for it, it
has everything a death metal record needs. No one should be disappointed
by this righteous piece of brutality. 7

Septic Flesh: The great mass Septic Flesh: The great mass


Lord K: I have seen quite some hype about this new
album and I guess it could be kind of deserving of it. There is a fresh
touch to things and a nice evil atmosphere to what they (“Septic Flesh”
or “Septicflesh”? Which one is it?) present on “The great mass”. Very,
very nice work, lads. I believe this one might even be a grower. 8

InquisitorGeneralis: Everyone thought “Communion”
was the second coming of Christ; I didn’t see it. “The Great Mass” is a
bit better (to me) but still nothing I am going to go insane over.
Melodic, extreme death metal will always interest me, but these Greeks
still have not completely won me over. 5

Habakuk: Some of this stuff sounds like it’s taken
from the last album’s recording session. And they ripped off the
“Requiem for a Dream” OST in “Pyramid God”. Fine by me though. 7

CadenZ: A slightly softer Behemoth coupled with
film music, symphonic and proggy stuff. Weird? weird. Good? Yes, partly,
but not enough to fully convince me. I’m hella disappointed that the
lyrics on “The Great Ass” don’t deal with Jennifer Lopez’s most prized
possession, so I’m shaving off a point. 6

Altmer: Epic. Powerful. Melodic. Heavy. Strong. Gargantuan. Metal. At. Its. Finest. These Greeks have done it again. 8

Demonical: Death infernal Demonical: Death infernal


Lord K: They pretty much got the classic Sunlight
Studios guitar sound down – that’s a positive. Their no-frills death
metal is also doing what it’s supposed to do, ultimately leading up to
making the aptly titled “Death infernal” disc a fine piece of brutality
with no surprises. If you can’t appreciate this you do not fucken
appreciate death metal in general. 7

InquisitorGeneralis: Decent but standard death
metal is the name of the game here. You like Facebreaker, Volturyon,
Grave, or Unleashed? You will like this. Seriously though; get a new
fucking name. 6

Habakuk: Nice, but haven’t Vomitory done this 10 years ago? 7

CadenZ: Quality death metal of the unsurprising,
but manly, kind. A bit one-dimensional, but clearly enjoyable. I love
the band name, it’s so… innovative. Like.. .Diabolical. 7

Altmer: “March for Victory” reminds me of “Once
sent…” era Amon Amarth. Bonus points for that. The rest of the album
isn’t bad either, but nothing I’d travel the world to see. Another
decent album in a strangely good AA round. 7

Scar Symmetry: The unseen empire Scar Symmetry: The unseen empire


Lord K: I still think “Pitch black progress” is
their finest hour, but “The unseen empire” is another showdown in
excellent musicianship and full-on quality. 7

InquisitorGeneralis: Bubblegum melodic metal
doesn’t completely empty my bowels, but there is no need for me to
anymore than what I already have. The same goes for you. 5

Habakuk: Sorry, but those ultra-soft clean vocals take all the edge out of this semi-heavy Gothenburg stuff. 5

CadenZ: Pop metal with amazing execution and the
best composers in this horrible genre. Still not even close to the
fantastic “Pitch Black Progress”, but not many albums are. 7

Altmer: Looks like they’re back on track after a
couple meh records. I’m actually liking this new vocal tandem now, Lars
sounds less annoying. It’s not “Symmetric in Design”, but then again,
there isn’t much in the genre that tops that album anyway. 7

Wolf: Legions of bastards Wolf: Legions of bastards


Lord K: Wolf’s ever-present problem is the weak vocals. Nope, they are not bad, at all, they are just weak. They sure can create some 100% heavy metal though, and I can’t help but dig it. 7

InquisitorGeneralis: A decent band, terrible
vocals, and a strong desire to be living after midnight while reciting
the number of the beast don’t do it for me. 4

Habakuk: Mixing Heavy with Metal? Brilliant! 6

CadenZ: Traditional heavy metal is a classic genre.
Unfortunately in Wolf’s case, traditional equals predictable. As in
predictable. But clearly the canis lupus boys know what the fuck they’re doing, and this is clearly listenable. 6

Altmer: Wolf serve the masses quality heavy metal.
They’ve got their formula, they don’t stray from what they do, they just
pump out the riffs and solos like no tomorrow. The singer has the
typical heavy metal qualities of being nasal and irritating, but hey,
par for the course, right? I don’t think what these guys do is very
original, but they’ve got their Judas Priest/Iron Maiden thing down to
the core. If you like heavy metal, you will undoubtedly enjoy this
record. 7

Demonaz: March of the Norse Demonaz: March of the Norse


Lord K: CadenZ got the moniker all figured out and
the Demonass himself sorta delivers some qualitative and heard-before
metal that does very little for me. 5

InquisitorGeneralis: I’ve heard worse in the
Viking-metal genre. Hints of blvckness combined with some melodic and
bluesy type shit make this moderately interesting… and enjoyable.
Seriously tough; get a new fucking name. 6

Habakuk: Not my style, but color me impressed, this
shit is actually quite good. Think Amon Amarth with a bit less Norsemen
cliché (don’t worry, it’s still there) and a slight black metal edge.
It’s catchy enough, but I doubt its relistening value a bit. 7

CadenZ: Demonass makes metal again. Very, very
polished metal. Every song marches on in mid-tempo, but unfortunately
the direction is circular and thus the same path is trodden deeper and
deeper. Jump off before you bury yourself. 5

Altmer: Above average black metal with a more
melodic tinge. Is this the guy from Immortal? If so he should probably
stick with this band. 6

Panzerchrist: Regiment Ragnarok Panzerchrist: Regiment Ragnarok


Lord K: I guess we’ll never get another “Room service”, huh? 5

InquisitorGeneralis: These guys set the bar too
high with “Soul Collector”. I don’t really get any of the awesome
elements from that record (a bit of melodic, interesting songs) here,
and that is a problem. Keep the Jesus death metal tank rolling guys, but
bring back the glory of previous records. 5

Habakuk: Decent, ballsy, full-frontal death metal. I
could easily imagine myself drinking beer to this. Oh wait, I am. But
it won’t last for twelve songs. 6

CadenZ: The brutal of bashingness in the way of
Satan’s! From faster of double basses, mediocre in riff is not harms;
when holy’s is deathed!!! Oh, right, these guys weren’t Italian. Pardon.
Random shit for the win. 7

Altmer: Half black, half death, full on boring.
Heard one song, heard ‘em all. That’s all there is to it. I’m not
familiar with their early works, but I hear they were revolutionary at
one point – if so, then this tepid mess of “let’s have every song sound
exactly like the next” is sure to fucking disappoint any fan of the old
material. 5

Pestilence: Doctrine Pestilence: Doctrine


Lord K: Hadn’t Mameli recorded “Consuming impulse”,
maybe we would have been spared the abominations he’s polluted the
world with afterwards. Extra minus points for the absolutely ridiculous
vocals. Death to false metal. 4

InquisitorGeneralis: I feel the same way about this
as I do the new Atheist; it’s decent but there is so much more
progressive, technical death metal out there that I like that this
really stands no chance of making an impact on me. The vocals blow hard
too. 4

Habakuk: Wow, that is one annoying intro. And shut
the fuck up, Patrick Mameli! Those screams are absolutely horrible! Once
you get used to them, they at least improve to “irritating”. The music
passes as okay as well, but still I wouldn’t buy this. If some no-name
band released this, no-one would care. 6

CadenZ: Psychedelic death metal? Mameli sounds as
sick, hoarse and deranged as ever and the dark aura that surrounds
“Doctrine” is crushing. And the blasts… with one word, they are lovely. Ain’t that a macho fucken word for blastbeats. 8

Altmer: We’ve put out better death metal as a country. And man, those vocals are awful. This is how you shouldn’t do tech death. 4

Primordial: Redemption at the puritan's hand Primordial: Redemption at the puritan’s hand


Lord K: As fucken boring as I knew it would be. 3

InquisitorGeneralis: Blackened folk metal is better than humppa troll folk metal, but not by much. I will pass on this one. 4

Habakuk: This sounded quite promising and atmospheric until the System Of A Down vocals started. What a letdown. 5

CadenZ: The new effort of Ireland’s finest surely
deserves more listens, but at first glance I must say I’m not
overwhelmed the way I was with both predecessors. Quality stuff of
course, but not as heartbreakingly convincing and mountainously epic as
hoped. Hoping for a grower. 7

Altmer: Sort of black, sort of folk (minus the
gay), sort of quite good. I dunno about how this holds up on repeated
spins but it seems to fall in the same category as its predecessor “To
the nameless dead”, and that was a fine piece of work too. 7

King Kobra: King Kobra King Kobra: King Kobra


Lord K: I didn’t even now these fuckos were still
around. The semi-classic album “Ready to strike” is a great hardrock
piece. They are ofcourse not recreating those days with this one, but
still it’s a trip back down Memory Lane when hardrock was Teh Shit. 4

InquisitorGeneralis: With a name like King Kobra, you know this has got to suck. The fact that it is throwback 80’s hair-glam garbage makes things even worse. 2

Habakuk: Never has “doing nothing wrong” sounded so
bland. I like me some good old fashioned rock music, but this sounds so
heard-before it’s not even funny. 5

CadenZ: Textbook glam metal, complete with the 80’s
snare sound ov doom. Adequate vocalist, good guitarists, average
song-writing. Not as king as the name suggests. 5

Altmer: Hard rock done by hard rockers who clearly
only like hard rock. Originality count below zero, good riff and solo
quotient hovering somewhere around the average. This is the kind of
music that doesn’t turn me off, but it doesn’t really turn me on either.
And I like being turned on. 4

Illdisposed: There is light (but it's not for me Illdisposed: There is light (but it’s not for me)


Lord K: These guys really hit the spot with their “4657464-WHATEVER
album some years back, then they fell back into the old habits of
creating quite irrelevant half-brutal metal. This one is a step back on
the right path though some of the electronics used sound out of place
and completely unnecessary. 6

InquisitorGeneralis: Keyboards + synths + brocore vocals + metalcore style = one big steaming pile of shit. 2

Habakuk: “Modern” doesn’t necessarily mean
“shitty”, but it sounds a bit too much like background music for
computer game videos. Illdisposed have come to kick ass and chew
bubblegum, but they still have a bit too much gum left. 6

CadenZ: Usually, tough guy vocals can go suck some
Christian’s ass somewhere, and the rule applies on this disc as well.
Lose the moronic synths as well, and focus on writing catchier tunes
instead of “blinging” up dull mediocre shit with keyboards and whatnot,
‘cause there’s some good stuff buried underneath all the Scheisse up
front. 5

Altmer: Wow, those vocals are irritating. The rest
of this is Soilwork knock-off music, which leaves me a bit ill-disposed
towards this band. But hate it, I certainly do not. 5

Norther: Circle regenerated Norther: Circle regenerated


Lord K: Habakuk said it best. The only question is: isn’t Children Of Bodom for girls as well? 4

InquisitorGeneralis: Finland seems like a cool place (no pun intended), but Norther and bands like them just don’t have enough umph
for me. Like fellow Finns Children of Bodom, Norther is too weak to be
heavy and to heavy to be weak. Make sense? No. Well, fuck off. And skip
Norther. 4

Habakuk: Children of Bodom. For girls. Fuck. 3

CadenZ: Worst kind of Finnish shit metal, teenager
angst coupled with mindless look-at-how-fast-my-fingers-can-go guitar
leads. Yes, that’s right – Children of Bodom-wannabes. While CoB pulled
this style off with flying colours earlier in their career, Norther lack
the song-writing prowess. Actually, they lack song-writing – period.
And the vocalist sounds like an amplified torture chamber filled with
goats experiencing the last seconds of their lives. Not so good, that
is. 3

Altmer: Children of Bodom, Mk II. Slightly less
chaotic and better songwriting. And it grows on me like mushrooms.
That’s not a good thing. I hate mushrooms. And to my surprise this album
isn’t even as bad as mushrooms. But it’s still in no way anything I’d
wrestle my family mushrooms over. 6

Kingdom Come: Rendered waters Kingdom Come: Rendered waters


Lord K: King Kobra’s got more venom in their fangs than this here King-colleagues. Also, that’s a shitty drum sound. Fuck you. 3

InquisitorGeneralis: Kingdom Come and come and gone and their bland, generic heavy metal wannabe NWOBHM suckness has gone with them. 3

Habakuk: Since we don’t get a metalcore album in an edition for once, we get more mediocre hard rock or what? Pass! 5

CadenZ: The world’s second most annoying snare
sound has been found. “St. Anger” still sits securely on the throne,
though. Fucking horrible guitar sound as well, and don’t get me started
on the delay applied to the guitar solos… ungh. With a production that
isn’t done by a deaf incontinent sea bass, this boring heavy metal
outfit would only suck. Now shit’s unbearable. 2

Altmer: Who ordered this 80s hard rock platter? I’m
sending it back to the chef, it’s all stale with mouldy cheese and a
bit of old sausage here and there. These guys don’t exactly sound fresh,
invigorating or recent. It’s not bad, but it’s dull, boring, and like I
said, stale. 4

Lake Of Tears: Illwill Lake Of Tears: Illwill


Lord K: Eh… I can understand why that lake is
filled with fucken tears. It had to hear this crap. Listen to the title
track and have a laugh at those incredibly silly vocals. And while
you’re at it, laugh at those silly riffs too. They are all over the
album. Both of them. 2

InquisitorGeneralis: I can’t even begin to describe
what type of metal (term used loosely) this is. It blows, don’t listen
to it. It’s like a The Cure tried to make an album with Dream Theater.
Is that clear enough? 2

Habakuk: Just because you have a thick Scandinavian
accent that doesn’t mean playing Alkaline Trio with an “evil” twist is a
good idea. 4

CadenZ: I liked LoT sometime in the ’90s. I must’ve
been on crack, or they’ve “evolved” into something not even remotely
reminiscent of their elder albums. Dorky songs with moronic arrangements
and a constipated vocalist with the world’s worst English pronunciation
skills. “Gunnaahh gett yoo nexttt…” 2

Altmer: What… just what? The vocals are magic
alone. It’s like trying to combine screechy German heavy metal vox with
something that tries to sound like Candlemass, but ends up holding the
middle between that and rehashed Maiden riffs. But that singer is no Rob
Lowe. And what the fuck is up with the band name? This is not
dooooooooooom, guys. But you’re doomed. To suck. 3

Leave's Eyes: Meredead Leave’s Eyes: Meredead


Lord K: If you want something completely
irrelevant, useless and without emotion – look no further. The cunt’s
vocals have always been absolutely thin and worthless and this… eh… band is a fucken joke. I could have used this for the Pestilence album as well now when I think about it. ZING! 2

InquisitorGeneralis: Folk and symphonic metal FUCKING BLOWS! Why won’t anyone listen to me??? AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! 1

Habakuk: Wow, how much I hate this shit. It’s not
epic, it’s not interesting, and it was never a good idea to mix metal
with opera to begin with. And your cover looks like a Magic: The Gathering card. 1

CadenZ: I understand the need for contrasts and
variation in this kind of epic, pretentious metal; but inserting
atmospheric “breathers” once a minute kills all the drive and energy
you’ve created thus far in a song. Moronic arrangers. One song of this
is enough for a lifetime. 3

Altmer: I should hate this. Instead, I’m just
indifferent for some odd reason. There’s nothing exciting about this
record, but at least it sounds like they tried to do things here. And
it’s better than what Within Temptation put out nowadays. But Liv
Kristine still sucks. That woman needs more power. Yes, despite all the
Disney and Braveheart qualities to the music. 5


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