Audio Autopsy – June 2008

Audio Autopsy – June 2008

01/06/08  ||  Global Domination

Hail Of Bullets: ...Of frost and war Hail Of Bullets: …Of frost and war


Lord K: I love Martin van Drunen. One of
death metal’s greatest vocalists ever. I also love Ed Warby. One of
metal’s finest drummers ever. With those 2 forces in the same band you
know you are in for a treat. Hell, these guys could probably record a
dancing turd and it would still be good. Hail Of Bullets’ debut album is
a fine piece of sludgy death metal that I have covered in full here. 8

Kampfar: I still haven’t heard through all the
albums featured in this month’s AA but I’m nonetheless fucking sure “Of
war and frost” deserve the very top spot. This is fucking excellent
death metal, both churning and ripping, and of course with one of the
best death metal vocalists ever. Fuck, Van Drunen has such a distinct
and ace vomitgrowl, even Comecon could do nothing but turn out good (for
one album). I hail the bullets. 9

Hanging Limbs: The music is good, but “…Of Frost
and War” is made better by the fact that their vocalist sounds like a
psychotic Lemmy and they have the heaviest, most crushing buzzsaw
production I think I’ve ever heard. 7

Stephen Fallen: Great production, great drumming,
great vision, great vocals, great, great, great. The hype for HoB around
the GD campfire has been considerable, but it’s completely deserved. 8

Abyss: As I’m one of the five people in the world
previously unaware of Martin van Drunen and his vocal chords you could
say that I was a tad perplexed when Hail Of Bullets released their first
demo. Now, a full-length later, I couldn’t dream about having “Ordered
Eastward” (best intro in a long fucking time) or “Inferno at the
Carpathian Mountains” sung by anyone who doesn’t sound like he’s
throwing up after each syllable. Best fucking album, together with
Opeth, this month. 8

Seker: It’s a death metal concept album about WWII
featuring the talents of Martin van Drunen and Ed Warby. What more
could you ask for? This album grinds, blasts, and tramples over the
competition with such sheer negative force that it ought to be illegal,
or at least a controlled substance. It’s good to see that some of the
old guard can still slay. 8

Testament: The formation of damnation Testament: The formation of damnation


Lord K: A return to form? Hardly. When they thrash,
they thrash real good. It’s just a shame they don’t thrash often enough
these days. But hey, they still deliver competent metal by all means.
Exodus is way better though. 6

Kampfar: Testament, Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax
(with Megadeth sobbing in the background) was once thought of as the
ultimate thrash line-up, not anymore. Blame it on the rest, mow ‘em down
for all I care, “The formation of damnation” namely kicks fucking ass. 8

Hanging Limbs: I did not expect the first album of
new material since “The Gathering” to tear up this much face. The songs
are razor sharp and about as ferocious as a thrash band gets without
crossing into death metal. This might be Testament’s best lineup
(although “The Gathering” had some real winners) and their finest
moment. Time to break out “The New Order” and rediscover these thrash
legends. 8

Stephen Fallen: This is an excellent thrash album
with some of the most idiotic lyrics I’ve ever heard. And yeah, I know
this is metal and Rule #3 in the metal handbook is, “Ignore the lyrics”.
For some reason though, I can’t get past how childish Chuck Billy
sounds. It’s like, dude, you’re 40, don’t you have anything
more interesting to say? “The Evil Has Landed”, a rousing anthem about
9/11, is just embarrassing. It’s the sort of thing I’d expect from Toby
Keith, not my favorite Bay Area thrashers. 6

Abyss: Asswhopping thrash by those who are old
enough to know what the fuck it’s about. Not quite as magnificent as
“The Gathering” (the album, not the band, idiots) but fully on par with
most other thrash-releases in the past nine years. For further
elaborations, see my proper review. 8

Seker: Testament were never the best
thrash/speed/whatever band on the block, and this album is no exception
to that rule. You might want to check this out, but you should probably
get “The New Order” or “Souls of Black” first. 5

Opeth: Watershed Opeth: Watershed


Lord K: When Opeth do their death metal parts they
are close to untouchable. When they do their acoustic stuff I become
bored, at least most of the time. Nonetheless, this is everything you
know and love with Opeth. And therefor they remain at the same level as
always with me. By the way, there’s only one band that can write long
hymns that kills everything. We are called The Project hate MCMXCIX. Fucko. 7

Kampfar: I’m not entirely sure, as I am no expert
on this band, but I’m pretty sure “Watershed” (read: “Lotus eater”) is
the first time Opeth ever included blasts in their repertoire. A fine
album this, utter quality for sure, the only nagger being the metal
getting few and far between as the album progress. I was thinking of
handing out one point higher, but the increasing lullaby character made
me hold back. 8

Hanging Limbs: Aren’t people tired of the Opeth
thing already? Thirteen years later and Mikael is still overwriting, but
unfortunately he’s not writing “Demon of the Fall” or “To Bid You
Farewell” anymore. Still, I appreciate that they are playing mostly
metal again and truth be told, this is an extremely well executed album.
I doubt I’ll buy it, though, which means it’s not as good as anything
pre-“Still Life”. 7

Stephen Fallen: My feelings on this one are mixed. I
was hoping that “Watershed” would be the album on which Opeth finally
broke away from their decade old formula. It is… kinda. These songs
don’t feel as copy/pasted as some of their previous material and that’s
good. The band has also opted for an organic, live sound, and I like
that too. Many of these songs lack direction and urgency though. It’s as
if in the attempt to reduce repetitiveness, the band didn’t have enough
creative juice to fill up those traditional 10-minute chunks of
airtime. Sometimes you need to take a step backward in order to move
forward and I think “Watershed” is just that, a step back in quality
that will pay dividends down the road. 6

Abyss: Possibly the best Opeth-album since “My
arms, your hearse” and definitely equally as good as “Deliverance”. The
grandeur is in the details, give it time and “Watershed” will reveal
itself like a virgin after four Gin Tonic’s. 9

Seker: Omigod it’s so awesome that I want to cream
my pants and cry and shit… oh wait, it’s just Opeth. Never mind then.
Did you see that awesome use of contrast I just typed? Well, imagine
that, but for three fucking hours. Quiet/LOUD/Quiet/LOUD, FUCKING GENIUS! Now I’m gonna go flip a light switch on and off for a few days. 3

Coldworker: Rotting paradise Coldworker: Rotting paradise


Lord K: Coldworker’s second album is another really
fine display of grinding’n‘slashing death metal. All the way from the
“Reign in blood” theft for the cover to the great sounding production by
Dan Swanö, Coloradoworker’s got their shit nailed down real well, as
shown already on the debut. “Rotting paradise” feels more mature
compared to its predecessor, but I couldn’t hum a song by these guys if
my life depended on it. That doesn’t mean it’s any less killer. Coz
killer is exactly what it is. 8

Kampfar: Coldworker is, as pointed out by others, a
shit moniker. Their music, which is a safe variant of death/grind,
isn’t. But I’m far from turning into one of their avid fans, as they
often resort to tricks and treats I’ve heard a thousand times already.
This works when the (grind) band at hand is heart-failure inducing
angry, not so here. Safe as condoms made out of truck tires to say them
here Swedes have little to call their own. Put simple, the sound of
Coldworker is good but with little character. 6

Hanging Limbs: Above average death metal that does
little to push the envelope, but is still a solid album that hits hard
in all the right places. 7

Stephen Fallen: Look, it’s another solid death
metal outing for Coldworker. I’m not inspired to think of adjectives
beyond “brutal”, but it’s still a good listen. 6

Abyss: Coldworker’s second album proves to be
everything their debut was, only without the minor flaws. Yes kids, that
means that “Rotting paradise” kicks fucking ass on all levels. Vocals,
guitars, drums, bass, it’s all there. 7

Seker: Coldworker is a shitty name, but the music
is kinda okay deathy grindy blasty stuff. Not great, not terrible. A bit
too modern, but then again, I always say that. Pinch harmonics, fuck
off. 5

Ihsahn: angL Ihsahn: angL


Lord K: When it comes to post-Emperor bands, I
prefer Zyklon. Ihsahn’s one fucken talented dude though, there’s no
denying that. This pretentious album will take some time to devour in
its fullest, but it feels like I’m up for the task. It might very well
be a grower. With that said, “angL” gets a: 7

Kampfar: Ihsahn is extreme metal’s very own
definition of pretentiousness, period. Anyway, Ihsahn is not making a
fool out of himself here, as “angL” (pretto) contains many nice moments.
Expertly crafted, but I’m not entirely into the pottery, which is
progressive, not so extreme, metal. 6

Hanging Limbs: Ihsahn is one of the most talented
men in metal and it shows on each album he puts out, even if they aren’t
always that good. This disc is a great showcase of his songwriting
ability and his ever-improving voice. That said, I miss Emperor. 7

Stephen Fallen: I honestly haven’t spent enough
time with this album to say anything insightful about it. Ihsahn is an
interesting artist and there’s more meat on these bones than I can
properly pick in a listen or two. My knee jerk impression is cautious
optimism. There’s a chance that, in a few months time, I will really
like this album. Right now, it’s a strong: 7

Abyss: I really like Ihsahn, I like his artistic
integrity, his past work in Emperor and Peccatum and I liked “The
Adversary”. Unfortunately I’m not sure I like “angL”. Spliced up into
separate parts all the songs have good elements that make sense, but put
together there’s a bit too much disparities in the flow and feel of the
songs. This is still 4 times better then most “experimental
progressive” extreme metal, but that is sorta like saying that eating
feces is “kinda unpleasant”. I’m still on the fence, I give it a
friendly rating for now. 6

Seker: shT sandwcH. 2

Grave: Dominion VIII Grave: Dominion VIII


Lord K: When I heard this album the first time at
vocalist/guitarist Ola’s place, the production didn’t sound this weird,
by far. It’s like someone put a huge, thick blanket over everything.
Imagine inserting cotton into yer ears before listening to any given
album and you are close to what I’m aiming for here. At least I guess it
can be described as “raw” and “old school”. The material is ok though.
Naturally nothing like their first 3 classics, ofcourse not, but Grave
are holding up their death metal well. It’s a damn shame that the
production kinda kills it, coz it would have been so much better and
deserving of a higher score if it was a hella lot more polished than
what is present here. “Bloodpath” kills though. 6

Kampfar: Grave’s formula was fine-tuned around
“Soulless” already, “Hating life” the only real deviation from it.
Anyway, “Dominion VIII” is a fine piece of death, with punch and power
to boost, though this sort-of jaded twat find their formula a bit
boring, same as with Dismember and their patented take on the style. I
respect both, of course I do, but prefer their old albums if I am to
indulge myself. 7

Hanging Limbs: “Hi, we’re Grave and we play death
metal music. We hope you enjoy it”. Better than Deicide, but so is
getting sawed in half. -1 for releasing an album that sounds like I blew
a speaker. 5

Stephen Fallen: Solid, unspectacular death metal.
On one hand, there’s a million other albums out there, everyone one of
them as good as this one. On the other hand, this is the one I’m
listening to right now and I’m enjoying it as I do all good death metal.

Abyss: Fat, filthy and fucking unchanging, that’s
Grave in a nutshell and we love it, yes. Like fellow countrymen
Dismember and Unleashed there’s not a whole lot of keyboards and
symphonic opera vocals to be found on “Dominion VIII”, but Grave manages
to take the same old riffs and twist them into new songs without making
them sound old. I look forward to having them obliterate me when they
open for Vader in the fall. 7

Seker: Well, they should have stopped at “Dominion
IV” or so, but I guess I’d rather listen to the new Grave than the new
Cryptopsy. Heard “You’ll never see”? It’s like that, but not as
awesome. 5

Textures: Silhouettes Textures: Silhouettes


Lord K: A new acquaintance, this one. Textures is
another band in the bunch who want to be real special, and at times they
kinda succeed. Look elsewhere for brutality, look elsewhere for trve,
grim and necro. Look at Textures for some fine display of musicianship
and some decent music. 6

Kampfar: I have been aware of Textures for years
already, though I have never bothered to sit down and take a good long
listen to their shit before now. Maybe I should have, for what I hear is
some fine tech-metal, meaning “Silhouettes” only contains small amounts
of (cock) cheese and worthless wankery. Then again, the vocals could
and should have been better. Too much of a core edge as of now, and I’m
not talking Driller Killer core. Oh no, more in the vein of fucking
Hatebreed. And, it wouldn’t hurt if they ditched their softest moments
altogether. 7

Hanging Limbs: These guys have the talent and
songwriting potential to be huge in the metal scene. Unfortunately, they
get lost in the abstract and devote way too much time to their
wannabe-FM radio clean vocals. Focus grasshopper… riff more like “State
of Disobedience”… and ye shall receive a higher score. 6

Stephen Fallen: There are moments where I get
strong Devin Townsend vibes from Textures. And it’s Dev done well, so
you can bet I’m digging those parts. The rest of album is pretty
mediocre, but there’s a certain overall radness that will bring me back
to “Silhouettes” at least a few times post-AA. 6

Abyss: These dutch fuckers impressed me with
“Drawing circles”, but I had a feeling they needed a massive kick in the
ass in order to not sound lazy and unimaginative on their next album.
My feeling was right, this isn’t nearly as interesting as “Drawing
circles”. Maybe it’s the Dream Theater-vibes I get from time to time. We
all know Dream Theater sucks. 5

Seker: Semi-catchy Eurodeath named after a Cynic song. Pretty much what you’d expect, only with terrible vocals. 4

Mourning Beloveth: A disease for the ages Mourning Beloveth: A disease for the ages


Lord K: The day a doom band apart from Solitude
Aeternus and old Candlemass actually catch my interest is the day when I
will start growing old Nintendo games out of my arse. 3

Kampfar: “A disease for the ages” becomes a disease
for your ears after two songs or so, and that because the band at hand
found it wise to make the same song 5 times over. Hell, wouldn’t be
surprised if they have done so for the whole of their career. I sure
like me some doom, even some of what Mourning Beloveth has to offer,
but, even though the riffs are heavy and the growls pretty mighty, my
brain says meh. If you dig My boring bride, be sure to pop Valium and
indulge yerself. 5

Hanging Limbs: Like most doom metal, Mourning
Beloveth is pretty boring and you have to be in the mood for them.
Unlike most doom metal bands, Mourning Beloveth is actually melodic and
memorable enough to warrant a second listen. Swallow The Sun still leads
the pack, but these guys are worth your time. 6

Stephen Fallen: Some doom or whatever. It’s springtime, cheer up and go for a bike ride or something. 5

Abyss: Irish doom, not something I’m used to hearing since IRA
accepted their last ceasefire. None the less I find that Mourning
Beloveth definitely have shit going for them. A decent growler (a bit
heavy on the Stainthorpe in the growls), nice basswork and a heap of
bleak guitar harmonies. Nice work. 6

Seker: This is some sorta okay doom metal stuff
from the land of Primordial and potato blights. It’s definitely not “a
death/doom colossus beyond comparison” (they must have gotten these guys
mixed up with Asphyx), but it’s not too bad, especially compared to the
absolute shit I’ve had to review before it. 6

Kalmah: For the revolution Kalmah: For the revolution


Lord K: Heard at McDonalds: “Can I have a Happy Me(t)al, please?”. 4

Kampfar: Norther is Children Of Bodom light, Kalmah
is Children Of Bodom heavy, and both should disband already. Sure, the
music on “For the revolution” is well-played, produced and executed, but
I still wouldn’t care if this lot got electrocuted. Spare from the dude
doing the solos that is. 3

Hanging Limbs: I doubt this will be liked around
here, but fuck “around here”. Kalmah is melodic, catchy, and fun. Fuck
the haters, I wanna play. 7

Stephen Fallen: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. 4

Abyss: Death metal from the land of knives and
saunas, and since it’s not Atakhama you can bet your ass that there’s a
happy go lucky jolly sort of vibe to the melodies, no matter how much
blasting and growling going on. And then the huumpa-beats start…
Something’s wrong with the Finnish DNA. 4

Seker: More like for the revolution… in sucking
ass! Or, more accurately, for the revolution… in complete melodeath,
melancholic mediocrity! So, for the revolution in sucking ass then. 2

Destinity: The inside Destinity: The inside


Lord K: Can someone please trigger the kicks a
little and put them higher in the mix? I’m not the least irritated as it
is, oh no… And while at it, please insert some fantastically annoying
electronics and the obligatory clean shit vocals. Please? After that,
can you please, Destinity, take your fucken shit moniker, your shit
production, your hideously cheating drummer (who’s not completely
shit, but still hideous), your shit album and your shitty Year 2000
Metal Songs For The Kids and go fuck yourselves? Thank you. Much
appreciated. 3

Kampfar: Destinity deserves praise for sporting
aggression in their melodic death, though their dictionary needs a
check. Fuck it. Destinity sounds like a mix of (later era) Hypocrisy and
Darkane, all sprinkled with a healthy dose of French creativity. Like
it or not. I fucking do, ‘cause here is proper energy, talent and
general know-how at display. Some of the keys and effects sound a bit
cheesy, I admit. Fuck Eurovision. 7

Hanging Limbs: These guys are pretty damn talented
and deliver a slightly superior album, but have absolutely no soul. King
Diamond probably stole it, but at least he said “please”. 6

Stephen Fallen: Oh dear. 3

Abyss: Again with the fucking French!! Who the fuck
gave them permission to become the new Poland? And with that I don’t
mean that they fold under pressure faster than you can say “The
Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact”, no, I mean that they, for no reason, become a
goldmine for great death and black metal bands. Destinity, shoddy name
aside, falls under the former category and with some hints of Meshuggah
technicality and pissed off The Haunted thrash, I can’t but help dig
this. Best thing about “The inside” is the razorsharp songwriting and
composing. 7

Seker: There’s only a couple million bands that
sound like this. When I threw this shit on, I thought “Fuck you
Sweden!”, but then I researched the band and I was all “Fuck you
France!”, so fuck you France. Fuck you in your AIDS infested, synthy, thrash poophole. 2

Cryptopsy: The unspoken king Cryptopsy: The unspoken king


Lord K: It took quite some time, but with “The unspoken penis” Cryptopsy (previously pronounced crap-poop-sy)
have almost become listenable. The ex-fans are stark raving pissed
about some of the directions the band have taken with this one, which is
understandable since Cryptopsy fans expect nothing but gravity blasts
(one of the silliest names for a blastbeat ever) and shit songs. The
good thing in all of this is that I was never a fan and can appreciate
this “new” Cryptopsy more than any older version. 5

Kampfar: “The unspoken king” could very well, judged by the negative reactions, be named the “ABC
of how to lose all your fucking fans”. I must admit the samples they
released weren’t exactly ace, but the full deal reveals a Flo still
beating the shit out of his drums. So, not exactly Killswitch Engage
this. A shame about the horrid clean vocals, but apart from that I find
much to like here, dig even. 8

Hanging Limbs: For the record, Cryptopsy did not
sell out with this record. They are still the same shitty band that
they’ve been for some time, only now the vocals suck and someone with a
vagina plays keyboards. Good guess, but no, it’s not Flo. 3

Stephen Fallen: I was kinda surprised to learn that
Cryptopsy actually had fans to rebel against this new sound. It’s been
10 years since “None So Vile” and this band has done nothing of note in
the interim. This is a shitty album, where previous ones were merely
forgettable. In a strange way, that’s a step up, because at least I’ll remember this turd and the shitstorm that surrounded its release. 2

Abyss: “A guide on how to alienate your fanbase in 38 seconds”, courtesy of Cryptopsy:

1. Start “Bemoan the martyr” of Cryptopsy’s latest album.

2. Let play for 38 seconds.

3. Kill yourself.

I’ve never liked this band and despite changing style, I still don’t. Two points for musical skills galore. 2

Seker: You know how gay new Kataklysm is when you
compare it to old Kataklysm? There’s an even bigger gayness gap between
old and new Cryptopsy, and it sure as hell ain’t working in this album’s
favor. 1

Angel Blake: The descended Angel Blake: The descended


Lord K: Take a pinch of Katatonia minus the
excellent moody feelings they incorporate into their music. And
Katatonia don’t have as much vagina, though maybe that’s debatable when
you think about it. Then take a slab of competent but irritating vocals,
a dose of decent riffs and ideas, spice it up with some Danzig-esqe
influences and a 100 gallon plastic bag of quite shitty, irrelevant
material… There you go: Angel Blake. You can do without it, for sure. 3

Kampfar: The Crown was an awesome band, Angel Blake
isn’t even close. See, herein are two members who used to rock out in
the now defunct ensemble, namely Tervonen and Saarenpää. Safe to say I’m
very fucking surprised to find them in a power metal like band, and
that one fronted by one of the blandest vocalists ever. Hello, Mr.
Staleone. The music isn’t ace either, as it comes across as rather
powerless and defeated, but this lot would sure have been better off
without Mr. Staleone trying to do vocals. Fuck off. 3

Hanging Limbs: Is there some kind of Swedish law
that every AA must have some kind of mid-paced, semi-catchy, goth rock
bullshit? Is there an addendum to the law that it must also suck? Sweden
is a weird place. 4

Stephen Fallen: The descriptor “dark heavy metal”
is almost always a euphemism for “shitty heavy metal”. Dark is one of
those words people fall back on when they can’t think of anything
intelligent to add to the conversation. Dark means mediocrity, it means
the product at hand is a vacant lot of anti-creativity, it means a child
is trying to add maturity to something mired in immaturity. Dark is
also the condition of your stools if you eat a lot of blueberries. Angel
Blake is definitely dark heavy metal. 2

Abyss: Reunite The Crown, please? Because this
isn’t anything at all, neither good or bad. No wait, strike that. It’s
definitely closer to bad then good. Imagine a souped up Bronx Casket
Company with less going for them, that’s Angel Blake. 4

Seker: Oh look, another post-Crown project. It’s
about as good as the other ones (read: it sucks). No, naming your band
after a Danzig song ain’t gonna get you extra points. 3

Dokken: Lightning strikes again Dokken: Lightning strikes again


Lord K: I hope lightning strikes Dokken dead. Twice. 2

Kampfar: I would like to inform Don Dokken that his
band’s music, while well-played and professional, has lesser balls than
Wham, and that after a sex-change operation on their gay behalf. And,
why the voice-overs? It’s not like the net has been teeming to hear Don
Dokken tell about his love life, or lack thereof, for the 248th time. In
addition it sounds like their Italian label found the least suitable
cunt and made him say the line without practicing first. Bottomline is:
fucking predictable as 2+2 this. Fuck off. 2

Hanging Limbs: There’s not much to be said about a
band whose best song was written for a horror movie sequel. At least
it’s better than last month’s Whitesnake snoozefest. 4

Stephen Fallen: Hahaha, man sometimes I wish it was still 1984. Okay, I don’t ever wish that, and this album is crappy. 4

Abyss: This is where I slam this album to pieces
and compare Dokken with obscure death bands that are sooo much better.
Right? Nope, this is where I say that had this been Global
AOR-domination I would’ve said that this is almost decent rock, like a
weak and puny Thunder. Either way it doesn’t belong on GD. Besides,
Demilich is sooo much better! 3

Seker: Well, you could listen to the new
Dokken album, but then I’d probably have to call you a faggot. You
faggot! Why don’t you go listen to something good, like Deep Purple or
something? 3

Deicide: Till death do us part Deicide: Till death do us part


Lord K: The Deicide of today is a disgrace. Not
even Glenda’s vocals are good anymore. And Ralph Gorilla’s solos are
still the most misplaced ones in a death metal band ever. The
production makes Grave’s “Dominion VIII” sound like something by
Timbaland. It’s been 13 fucken years since Deicide released something
noteworthy (“Once upon the penis”), you could safely say that it’s time
to terminate this poor excuse for a band coz they have pissed long
enough on their legacy. 3

Kampfar: Deicide is nowadays a shit band, and this
much due to a once fine growler not committing suicide, as he indeed
promised to. The vacuum cleaner approach of Mr. Cunton is mixed so loud,
and is so mind numbingly generic, it makes it really rather hard to
concentrate on the music beneath. Hand him the rope, tie him up even,
for this band would be better off without his shit. I kid you not, his
babbling and moaning is for Deicide the equivalent of CO2 to your lungs.
Fuck off. 3

Hanging Limbs: It’s hard to believe Glen Benton is a
legend in the death metal scene. Bentoncide’s last disc was pretty
good, so this is a major disappointment to even the most casual fan
death metal fan. If only death will do this album and me part, then by
all means, run me through with a butter knife. 3

Stephen Fallen: Hey now, before we all shit on this
album, let’s at least praise the band for putting some boobies on the
cover. Bravo, chaps! Maybe a horny 13-year old kid will buy it to beat
off to. No one is dumb enough to buy “Till Death Do Us Part” to listen to it. 3

Abyss: After a brief peak with “The stench of
redemption” it’s nice to see Deicide back in mediocre territories.
There’s very little in the way of memorable songs and Glen sings worse
then ever. Bravo! All is right in the world again. The fact that I rate
this equal to Dokken really says more about Deicide than Dokken. 3

Seker: Fuck off Ralph Santolla fuck off Ralph
Santolla fuck off Ralph Santolla fuck off Ralph Santolla fuck off Ralph
Santolla fuck off Ralph Santolla… and fuck you too Glen and Steve and
Jacky Jack from shitty Cannibal Corpse for ruining one of the best bands
around. 1


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